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John's Rocket Motor Collection

Updated 07/22/2020. Added many brands. Most photos re-done.

Below are pictures of my rocket motor collection. Sizes include 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 18mm, 24mm, 29mm, 38mm and 42mm.

Brands/Makers include: (click on name to jump to that section.)

Propellant type is either composite, black powder (bp) or other as noted.

Part of my motor collection.

ACS Reaction Labs Motor

My ACS Reaction Labs H motor. it is ~42mm diameter! (Actual 41.275mm / 1.625"). Composite. The ejection charge was removed before I it, so the disc with motor designation got lost. Any further information would be appreciated.

Aerotech Motors

My Aerotech E6, F60, and F41 motors. All 29mm composite.

Caps of the motors.

My Aerotech D8 prototype. Purchased from Jim Flis of Fliskits. 18mm, composite. I have a modern, fired Aerotech 18mm motor as well. (not pictured.)

I have modern, fired Aerotech 18mm and 24mm motors as well. (not pictured.)

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Apogee Motors

I have a couple Apogee 10mm black powder motors, an A and a B. Both have been fired. I also have an 18mm composite D, also fired. (not pictured.)

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Canaroc Motors

My Canaroc motors (B14-6 size). 18mm black powder.

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Centuri Motors

Centuri 13mm 1/4 A4-4M motors, blue in color, 2.75" long. Black powder.

Centuri 13mm A4-4M motors, including spacers to bring them to 2.75" length. Black powder.

Centuri 13mm B4-3M motors, 2.75" length. Black powder.

Centuri 1/2A6-0S Short 18mm motors. Black powder.

Centuri B8-7 Enerjet 18mm motors. Black powder.

Back of the Centuri B8-7 box.

Loose 18mm Centuri motors, including "SuperCs". Black powder.

18mm Centuri C6-3 motor, blue in color. Appears to have been installed in a rocket when the rocket was painted. Black powder.

29mm Centuri Mini-Max F94-7 motor, 3 views including nozzle. Black powder.

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Coasters Motors

My Coasters Atom Jet and Super Jet motors. E?, F11-0 and F15-0. 29mm. Black powder.

My Coasters Atom Jet and Super Jet motors, view 2 showing NAR and (NRA - SIC) designations. Note that both F motors are 0 delay, indicating boosters.

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Composite Dynamics Motor

My Composite Dynamics Pro-Jet E20-4. 29mm. Composite.

Views of the nozzle and cap ends of the Pro-Jet.

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Crown Rocket Technology

My Crown Rocket Technology F67-4 motor. 29mm. Composite. Note the notice of responsibility in the bottom view, along with the fact that it calls out Small Sounding Rocket Systems as the maker.

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Estes Rocket Motors

My Estes C10 Prototype. 18mm black powder. The end cap can barely be seen. This motor is filled to the top.

My Estes D48! Prototype. 24mm black powder. Same length as the current Estes E motors.

The HUGE nozzle of the D48.

My Estes Coldpower motor. This motor used freon for propellant, and had a balloon that expanded into a tube slightly larger than the motor, and held a spring assembely that would pop the parachute when the motor was empty.

Another view of my Estes Coldpower motor. I had a link to pics of a static test of one of these motors, but it no longer exists.

My Estes UFO Power Kit, containing 6 C6-0 motors for the Estes 6716 ready to fly UFO. Black powder.

Back of the Estes UFO Power Kit.

My package of Estes 24mm E15-6 Cobra motors. These motors were notorious for almost always CATOing. I've heard that certification was revoked from these due to that issue. Black powder. I also have packages of Cobra A10 and D12-5 motors.

My tube of Estes 1/2A6-0S booster motors (sealed). Early Short 18mm black powder motors. Estes made a nosecone that fit this tube. The tube is quite heavy, according to a post I saw online.

My two Estes Diamond tubes of motors. B14-0 and B6-0 18mm black powder boosters.

Examples of the B6-0 and B14-0 motors from the tubes above, along with a C6-7 of a similar vintage. The B6 appears to be dated 5/14/1976 and the B14 is dated 3/15/1974. No date visible on the C, so it may be newer.

Two views of my Estes 13mm 1/2A3-2T motor, blue in color. In the top view, a date of 5/15/72 is visible. Black powder.

Two views of my Estes 24mm D11-9 motor. Black powder. Note the long 9 second delay. I am not sure what SLD means, but maybe Super Long Delay. I'm also not sure of the cause of the discoloration on the motor. It came that way.

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Flight Systems, Inc. (FSI) Motors

My FSI C6-0 18mm black powder motors.

My FSI E60-8 24mm black powder motor. Note the Nov. 1994 date.

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Industrial Solid Propulsion

My ISP 29-60 RMS 29mm reloadable motor system casing. Industrial Solid Propulsion is or was the parent company of Aerotech. My Dr. Rocket closures fit perfectly on this. It's labeled and not etched, so I won't risk flying it.

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Mach Industries

Three views of my 18mm A3-4 Mach Industries motor. Made in Slovenia. Black powder. Appears to have a graphite or dark clay, very smooth nozzle. Note the mis-spelling of "buster" instead of booster.

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Model Products Corporation (MPC)

MPC 2.75" 13mm A3-4m black powder motors, 4 pack. Note that General Mills owned MPC when these were made.

MPC 2.75" 13mm B3-7m black powder motors, 4 pack. Note that this pack and the above pack include wadding.

Back of the Minijet package. Same for both A and B motors.

MPC 2.75" 13mm 1/2A3-5m black powder motor. The only one of the 3 sizes shown on the back above that I don't have a whole package of.

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Model Rectifier Corporation (MRC)

MRC Tracker 2 pack B4-2 18mm black powder motors. The plastic nozzles are also igniter retainers.

Back of the above package

MRC FX Low Thrust Smoke engines. 6mm diameter, black powder.

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ProDyne Hurricane Motor

My ProDyne Hurricane motor. 29mm black powder. Likely approximately an E. Phenolic case.

Another view of the ProDyne motor showing the warnings.

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Propulsion Industries

My Propulsion Industries F57 motor. 29mm composite. The case appears very similar to Aerotech cases.

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My Quest 18mm B6-4 motors. The top one had a loose label and I could see printing underneath, so I peeled it off. As can be seen, the Quest motors are really MRC motors, that were made in West Germany. I am not sure what this does to the NAR certification. Also note that the Quest label says "Made in U.S.A." even though it wasn't. These motors came in a Quest starter set.

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Ravenna Rocket Research

My Ravenna Rocket Research D33!-5 rocket motor with its instruction wrapper. 29mm composite. Fiberglass case.

Two views of the Ravenna motor. The top shows the motor with its igniter, along with the warnings. I am not sure why it says Class "C" explosive. Class "C" is the category used for most model rocket motors. Note that they usually say "toy propellant device."

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Rocketflite Motors

My Rocketflite F50SS (29mm) and H220SS (38mm) Silver Streak black powder motors. Cardboard cases with metal liners or rings at top and bottom. The H220 is the largest black powder motor commercially available. Note the warning about the 25 foot flame. This is due to whatever gives the silver streaks in the exhaust.

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Small Sounding Rocket Systems

Three views of my Small Sounding Rocket Systems E45-7 29mm composite motor. Note the date of 4/7/79. Also note that in the line about certifications, contest is crossed out. It was that way when I got it. Note the same warning as on my Crown motor (made by SSRS.)

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U.S. Rockets

Photo of my U.S. Rockets G140-12 24mm motor, with an Estes D12-3 for length comparison. Composite.

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Vulcan Systems

Two views of my Vulcan G50-6 29mm motor. Composite. Fiberglass casing. Note the Jan 1990 date.

Two views of my fired Vulcan H115-8 38mm motor. Composite. Note the date of 8/1/87 and the delay time corrected from 15 to 8.

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