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Supervisors meeting, 1/6/98

In January of 1997 I delivered a letter to each supervisor explaining a serious problem between the County and Chumash Medicine people or the 'antap' concerning their developed skills of hypnosis. My continued efforts to motivate the supervisors to understand that County residents are being hypnotically influenced while unaware have been unproductive.

The cover-up of a mass insanity here in 1876 has created a serious contemporary problem. The insanity was caused by the 'antap' attempting to force an official understanding of their abilities to influence the human subconscious mind with ancient forms of hypnosis. The County authorized massacres, murders and tortures of the Medicine families in 1876. The 'antap' then used their skills of memory control on the Medicine community to defeat torture causing them to be unconscious of their sacred knowledge. The mass insanity also began a decade long effort, dedicated, by the District Court to understanding what had happened, producing approximately 1000 court case files. There is now a poorly covered void in the Court records for those years. Public ignorance caused by the County not making those records available has compromised the well being of County residents.

A request from the County to the State legislature in March of 1876, seeking funds to build a mental hospital, corresponds with irregularities in the supervisors minutes for the same month, causing me to file a civil complaint of negligence naming the County of Santa Barbara as a defendant along with a Chumash Medicine man. Since that time the County has used its power to manipulate general law, degrading the function of the Court and civil code by causing a dismissal of the complaint against it.

Utilizing their skills of hypnosis compulsively, the Medicine people unconsciously influence the subconscious minds of County residents. Medicine children hypnotically enlist young people in the County schools who are later utilized in scenarios with others in exercises of control.

On December 18th I mailed a letter to many County schools and other County agencies concerning these facts, asking them to communicate with you, to urge you to make the County responsible in its duty to the health and welfare of County residents by finding the truth through Court case number 220298.

On the 26th of December an article quoting UCSB graduates concerning genetic testing of Chumash Medicine people and point Conception was in the newspaper. DNA testing of Chumash people was started in the 1980's by John Johnson using old records originally created to register tribal families in the early 1900's. Fearful Medicine people, suspicious of registering as tribal then, are now confronted with scientific evidence based on deficient records that supposedly prove they are not Chumash. Their inability to be conscious of their knowledge prevents them from defending themselves or their heritage and forces me to speak for them. I do so with information provided by their extensive oral histories while under their hypnotic influence.

Replace the destroyed Court case files of 1876 and prevent a reoccurrence of mass insanity by allowing an official understanding of the Medicine peoples hypnosis through my civil complaint. Please direct the County Council to file a MOTION TO VACATE the granting of the County's demurrer on October 27th 1997.


Supervisors meeting, 1/27/98

It has been a year now that I have been trying to inform the board of supervisors about a serious problem in this county concerning unconscious hypnotic manipulation of county residents. Today I bring a signed statement from George Skuse who has been in the County jail library and personally seen the arrest and booking records for the years 1876 to 1878. There are 650 arrests and bookings for that 2 year period listed as "crimes of insanity".

Mr. Skuse knows it is true that he has been hypnotically influenced. Not because he remembers being hypnotized, he knows it is true because of actions he has taken that are beyond coincidence which prove to him he is involved. He is willing to speak this morning but has lost his right to do so because of probation. I ask the chairperson to read my letter to Sue Gionfrido of the probation department concerning frauds, which are a part of the current demonstration of the Medicine communities hypnotic control, that threaten to seriously compromise Mr. Skuses probation status. Please try to protect him and support allowing him to speak here.

I also bring a statement from the Clerk of the Superior court showing there are 327 insanity actions for the entire period of 1856 to 1909. The booking records show there are perhaps several thousand crimes of insanity for the same period. The discrepancy in these documents prove that something very serious happened here in 1876. That proof is something that should motivate you to support a full understanding of what has happened and could happen.

The timing of an article on December 26th 1997 denouncing the ancestry of Chumash Medicine people and the fact that my mailing, of 36 letters 8 days earlier providing constructive notice directly to County schools, has not received one inquiry, indicates to me that their may be an active policy of denial in place resulting in communications that effectively black out my efforts to protect County residents with information.

Included in that mailing is a single page titled, "Understanding the Native American Medicine Person." I have submitted 12 copies of all four of these documents with the clerk.

January 13ths Board meeting in Santa Maria dealt with the transition of drug and alcohol recovery programs from social services to mental health. Last year I attempted to inform the mental health department of the severity of the problem caused by Medicine people instructing county residents who are in a hypnotic trance to "not do things." Things like alcohol and drugs. When speaking to the subconscious mind these instructions have the opposite effect and instead create alcohol and drug addiction. Ignorance or denial of the practices of indigenous people, who use potent forms of hypnosis, prohibits constructive communication with the department of mental health and missing court records insure ignorance and support denial.

The Medicine people have done these things while trying to help. These things are done compulsively without control because of the psychological injury endured in the escape of torture authorized by the County 120 years ago. They have asked me to help you understand how the accumulation of hypnotically reinforced stigma keeps them unconscious of their sacred knowledge or their purpose of protecting love and life. Respect the Medicine people because they are trying to become responsible. Please try to join them.


Supervisors meeting, 2/10/98

On January 27th I provided the board with copies of a statement documenting the existence of official records in the County jail library showing 650 crimes of insanity between 1876 and 1878. In two years of arrests and bookings there are twice as many crimes of insanity than there are insanity actions in 53 years of court activity. Clearly there exists, in the public record, a huge gap created by missing court case files. Extraordinary evidence supporting my extraordinary claims of a mass insanity, involving over a thousand people, caused here in 1876 by Chumash Medicine people working to create an official understanding of their religion of hypnosis.

The County of Santa Barbara should be investigating these missing records to determine if my warning of a repeat mass insanity has merit. If the truth of the past and the injury of the Medicine people are not understood, public health and welfare could be further compromised.

Another item provided on the 27th was a copy of a single page called "Understanding the Native American Medicine Person." That single page describes how these sophisticated people teach their children, in a hypnotic trance, from age 2, to induce a cataleptic trance on other children by the time the medicine child is 8 years old. This was also included in my mailing of December 18th to many county schools. That single page describes exactly what this activity looks like so that teachers, students and parents might inform themselves and recognize this activity the Native Medicine people practice unconsciously. It is the best and only protection that can be provided to this community in lieu of the Medicine people being conscious of their hypnotic skills. Parents hearing what I am saying now should go to the school that their child attends and request a copy from the principal. This unconscious hypnotic activity could become prominent again, depending on the outcome of this contemporary effort of the Medicine people to be understood.

To summarize the injury that these people endured and still suffer, I will list, in general, the last 150 years of acts against the Medicine people of the Coastal band of the Chumash.

The many serious misalignments at city intersections are caused by Haley's sabotaged survey of 1853. Sabotaged due to the refusal of the city to allow one cross street, Anapamu, to point at the Chumash Winter Solstice Shrine. The Natives realized that it was not their shrine denied, it was the associated knowledge of hypnosis they practice as a religion.

To prove the validity of their knowledge of the subconscious mind the Medicine people later caused the mass insanity of 1876.

In retribution with intent to eliminate, massacres were conducted on the Medicine families who then used their potent skills of memory control on themselves to evade torture making them unconscious.

Next, the many hundreds of Court case files that contained the proof of the effects of their natural knowledge were hidden from the public then destroyed in 1959.

Now a deficient register of tribal people from the early 1900's is being used in conjunction with DNA testing to say who is tribal and who is not by people who are not tribal. Members of families who left for generations to avoid death are now confronted with this tribally divisive matter created by DNA testing.


Supervisors meeting, 2/24/98

It is important for me to help you to understand how divisive DNA testing is to the Coastal band of Chumash people. First I will ask parents who are watching to go to their children's school and ask for a copy of "Understanding the Native American Medicine Person".

Now I will try to describe the ruling elite of the Medicine people, the 'antap'. The 'antap' are an ancient organization existing only during conversations between individuals, in a very deep trance, acting on post hypnotic instruction. The densest of childhood programming, originating with ancestors from a 100 years ago as well as information tens of thousands of years old, is programmed into Medicine children who might serve as 'antap' later in life.

Medicine people are at least 7 times more sentient by using their subconscious minds in the way they do. A verbal history is very much the sentience of the past known again through the chain of bearers. Perhaps 3000 pages of information can be remembered for life for the right purpose. The Medicine people have that purpose, the protection of love and life. The richness of the emotional content of the past is known and expressed again and again. The histories compulsively passed on by the local Medicine community unconsciously share horror with the next generation who must look helplessly at the truth concerning these missing court records. Records of the mass insanity of 1876 and the truth of the resulting massacres on Medicine families punctuate a form of grieving totally unknown to the people of modern culture. This is why burial sites are so important to these people.

The mass insanity was created to inform this County and protect residents from the compulsive hypnosis of the Medicine people. Trying to be responsible then, they are still trying today by informing me of what has been going on in my life and forcing me to confront the County of Santa Barbara in Court through case #220298. The County has dismissed itself from Court along with responsibility for perhaps thousands of missing court case files.

Documents in your possession indicate we have more than twice the arrests for crimes of insanity in official booking records in 2 years as we do court case files in 53 years of court activity. Each booking and arrest for a crime of insanity should, by law, be accompanied by a court determination of sanity.

The chiefs of the Chumash tribes were usually Medicine people. Now they cannot define their ancestry with their sacred knowledge so they cannot define their leadership. Their people consciously dispute who is to lead while they unconsciously agree in a limbo of duality and dysfunction. DNA testing aggravates this and if continued without addressing the truth, it may place residents in danger. The County has been negligent in the past and many court cases files are missing. Now it avoids responsibility for injuries caused by keeping the public ignorant of the hypnotic abilities of the Medicine people.

People such as myself who know they have been manipulated as children by the hypnosis of Medicine people are rare, but people suffering from it are not. The County may prefer to allow residents to suffer instead of helping these Native people to become conscious of their knowledge by allowing the truth to be known. If the County cannot face the truth, at least stop the DNA testing of Chumash people. Do not attack them in this way.


Supervisors meeting, 5/26/98

The producer of X files, Chris Carter was right in that Santa Barbara is the last place where things that resemble the events on his show will happen. Its going to happen all over the country first.

Two days after I spoke last week a young man killed his parents and another student in their school in Springfield Oregon. It is significant that this is the first such event of this type on the west coast. As far as I can tell, this is the sixth incident of this type in less than six months. Pearl Mississippi, Fayetville Tennessee, Paduca Kentucky, Jonesboro Arkansas, ST. Charles Missouri.

In Springfield Oregon a young man demonstrated how far the anger children know for their parents when they realize the parents aren't working to protect the future for the child. If we are going to teach ecology to children we should take meaningful actions to protect the environment or they will know our hypocrisy and eventually be angered by our inaction, our indulgence.

It should be clear to you that something serious is happening and if there is a chance that re-entering civil case number 220298 can stop these serious events from happening, this county should do it immediately. No one has ever denied that many, many case files are missing from the public record. Acknowledging the truth of what happened here in 1876 in court can stop these things and more from happening.

The county has demonstrated in a number of ways that it is absolutely unwilling to allow the truth to be known. I have two questions that are very reasonable that this board should ask itself.

Do you want to know the truth even though it is something you do not want to know? (Note: This line came from the TV show Millennium) If you don't, how can you know the truth is not being used against you.

The reason these things are happening is that our environment is being destroyed by our actions and all the laws of government are having no effect. The Medicine people are sacrificing these young people to demonstrate to you how far they can make behavior go with their ancient skills of hypnosis and knowledge of human nature. If they can make people do these things it will be comparatively easy to influence people to act in ways that increasingly protect the environment.

This knowledge is the knowledge that made Native people all over the world, for many thousands of years, happy in the hardship of their materially primitive lives.

Protect us, allow the truth of the Native Medicine people and their ability to influence the subconscious mind to be known.


Supervisors Meeting, 6/2/98

Again after speaking to you and to the public through my three minutes here, the newspress has an article diffusing or confusing the information I try to bring. Native American Medicine people have hypnotically influenced children and others around the Nation because this county will not admit the truth concerning perhaps as many as 1000 court case files, insanity actions, that are missing from the public record. These are the records we use to understand our mistakes, the most important records we keep.

On January 22nd 1997 I delivered all the supervisors a letter providing constructive notice of the reemergence of the Medicine peoples efforts to create an official understanding of their ancient forms of hypnosis and knowledge related to their Winter Solstice shrine, Anapamu or Rising place. I asked to show you slides of the shrine located in the foothills. Within a few months there was an article in the newspress written by Neil Graffy, counter to established knowledge, stating that Anapamu might be a low hill by the high school.

On December 18th letters were mailed that included copies of "Understanding the Native American Medicine person." to many schools and county agencies. Eight days later there was an article denouncing point conception as the western gate and the ancestry of Chumash Medicine people. On January 20th I presented the board of supervisors with a statement proving the existence of arrest and booking records for Santa Barbara county in the period of 1876 to 1878 showing 650 arrests for crimes of insanity. That is a two year period whereas a letter from the clerk of the court states that a total of 327 insanity actions exist for a 53 year period. There's three hundred missing cases.

Twenty six days later, February16th there was an article in the newspress about arrest and booking records from 1880 forward. Now as this school violence has hit the west coast there is an article five days after I explain that this young man killed his parents and another student because he was angry, that hypnosis was used to exploit his nature. The article has lists of warning signs and statistics for expulsions related to weapons in schools. A day or so earlier Bill Cirone is quoted in another article regarding the raising of children, "schools and police can't do it alone!" It is clear our society is in trouble as we lose our ability to relate the purposes of life to children.

The Medicine people would much rather be using their knowledge to help people but are exclusively unconscious and compulsive with its use so Native people suffer from the medicine peoples uncontrolled hypnosis as well as everyone else. Why do you think there are so many problems with drugs and alcohol on the reservations? Medicine people unconsciously trying to help their people with "don't" instructions. Don't smoke, don't drink, don't do drugs and so on with the opposite effect. The Native people want the Medicine people to stop and the Medicine people want to stop but they cannot until the truth of these missing court case files is known.

The leaders of the Medicine people, the 'antap' feel that without their knowledge of the subconscious used to help people to change, to protect the environment the future of their children is going to be seriously compromised. The future of all life.


Supervisors meeting, 6/16/98

On June ninth I left copies of a motion to disqualify the Judge in civil case #220298 as he is prejudiced against me and the conspiracy using me to force an official understanding of the ancient forms of hypnosis used by Native American Medicine people. The motion was denied. The counties motion for dismissal from the same case, October 27 1997 was granted. Please honor the pledge of allegiance, justice for all.

After the gay pride event here a few weeks ago I realized I have been informed by Medicine people that they have been practicing ancient forms of population control here in America by giving, to children, original instructions creating homosexuality. It is done unconsciously to control population and as a programmed, inverse form of retribution by their ancestors. The Daws act of 1864 is best understood as a law protecting Native lands from being taken through exploitation of tribal laws that gave land to the husband of a Native woman. Native women liked the sexuality of European men although they used the native women to take Native land. Most of the eastern tribes lost their land in this way.

The Medicine people have mixed their anger at this history into our denial of their knowledge of hypnosis, their religion, to create a usage of our human nature to punish us inversely while they demonstrate how they would work to protect life because the courts won't. Our society does not deal with truths about sex in functional ways and this is being exploited through the natives knowledge of hypnosis on young children. Please allow parents who ask, to receive copies of "Understanding the Native American Medicine person".

Original instructions are responsible for many European names. Smith, Baker, Shoemaker etc. Vocations were taught to five year old children who were in a trance while original instructions for indigenous societies made vocations and tribal positions hereditary.

The reason women were denied the vote in America was because women are deeply controlled with these forms of hypnosis when they are inducted as young children. The Natives would have been voting through the women resulting in the denial of the vote to women. The reason I've encountered so many lesbians who told me a piece of their life story partially responsible for their phobia or anger towards men is due to the Medicine peoples programmed responsibility to inform me completely of how ancient forms of hypnosis can be used to make population controls. Usually an "under the influence male" beating the woman would trigger them towards being lesbian.

If a female child is not influenced in that way she might be influenced towards promiscuity, that might, depending on her appearance and or the presence of "don't" instructions concerning substances, lead to prostitution and involvement in pornography.

Male children are given instructions reinforcing natural phobias then later scripted into scenarios of homosexual opportunity to be exploited by others influenced with matching instructions. Obsessions with pornography and compulsive sexuality are easily created with original instructions. I am proud of Gay people and the happiness they've found in their unconscious sacrifice.

Protect children ,women and all people. Allow the truth of the missing court case files.


Supervisors Meeting, 6/23/98

Others who know they have been hypnotically influenced could speak to you to confirm some of what I say but they won't because they are afraid of you. My experience or injury goes far beyond any fear I know and my children can only be spared from what I have suffered by the truth being understood.The subconscious mind is where unconditional love is known. The conscious mind does conditional thinking.

In some very important ways we are loosing our subconscious relational programs and we are becoming less human as we lose these vital things.

India and Pakistan threaten nuclear conflict. I have been informed by an Islamic man that all of the fanaticism of that part of the world is due to subconscious programming. through hypnosis. Serious conflict in the world might be avoided by negotiations conducted in a trance as they were far in the past. This counties fanatical denial of the truth of these missing court case files does not constitute reasonable behavior.

The greater meaning of America is found through understanding the greater meaning of free speech which is a very special thing to human beings and virtually unknown to the politicians of America. The greater meaning of free speech is that it empowers sharing that can create understanding, acceptance, respect, friendship and love. Protecting love and life.

Unconditional love allows people to make sacrifices that protect children and allow evolution. At age six I made a sacrifice by allowing memory control and hypnotic control of my psychology for life. I agreed then to tell the truth to you now of what these people can do with the human mind to protect my children from being unconsciously used and to protect the world they would live in from destruction. Please allow the truth, allow reason and justice.


Supervisors Meeting, 7/7/98

Not allowing the truth contained in these missing court case files has caused ancient hypnosis to be used on children that can manipulate their psychology's for life. I'm leaving in the minutes this comment and an article from the Independent of November 7th 1996 commenting on the "outlaw sexual practices" of the 'antap'.

These forms of hypnotic manipulation exploiting our inability to deal with fundamental human truths is causing a breakdown of our ability to create all types of functional relationships. Teenage pregnancy and fatherhood were mentioned here on June 16th. Medicine people set up relationships to test hypnotic control of subjects and also because they know that people want relationships. Acting unconsciously they cannot consistently make relationships that last resulting in many fatherless children that social services ends up supporting. Fathers suffering from ADD or dyslexia caused by the distraction of disturbing subconscious instruction as young children, or perhaps other "don't" instructions concerning alcohol and drugs, are often incapable of earning adequate income so they end up as default criminals. Often a father will unwittingly pass on hypnotic instructions given to him as a child, to his children.

Information has come to me concerning a legal reason why the mass insanity of 1876, here, became necessary. One of the first statutes legislated in California was the insane fund, January 28th, 1854 followed by another a few days later showing that California Medicine people were active. Then a bill called H.R. 2204 violated earlier treaties of 1866. The treaties of 1866 allowed the establishment of courts of juristiction in Indian territories.

Those courts would have been competent in hearing cases concerning the abuse of hypnosis initiated on children. Native American Medicine people knew that protection from their compulsive use of the ancient skills and knowledge of hypnosis was a necessity. H.R. 2204 put an end to Native people establishing courts to find the truth in cases of subconscious programming.

When the Native people were not allowed courts the Medicine people were caught between the insistence of the Natives towards justice and the denial of government. They were reduced to attempting to force an official understanding, the mass insanity. Retaliation from that, massacres, manhunts and tortures directed at Medicine people caused them to use their skills of memory control to remove their conscious awareness of their hypnosis. When the ancestors of today's Medicine person did that a 120 years ago they knew they would be uncontrolled, undetectable in their manipulations that begin with the children of a community, so they made a program to make their descendants responsible.

The Chumash people want their Medicine people and all others to stop these unconscious practices. They hope my action of informing authority of what has been happening will prompt the County to realize that it is time to allow the truth in court so the Medicine people can stop what they are doing.

Think of the pledge of allegiance, justice for all.


Supervisors Board Meeting, 7/14/98

Last week I presented the legal reason Native Medicine people worked to force an official understanding of their hypnosis here in 1876. Almost two hundred years earlier there was an event that showed these Medicine people, or the 'antap' that it was going to be necessary to protect people from the potential abuse of hypnosis demonstrated in Salem Massachusetts.

Salem was a delusion of witchcraft. I have a copy of a page of the book called "Salem Massachusetts" showing that the people of Salem knew it was a delusion. On the same page it implies that they also knew the Natives had something to do with the delusion. A copy is in the minutes as well as this comment.

The Abenaki natives of the northeast hypnotically influenced the children of the settlers and gave them instructions that exploited the fears they knew the settlers had brought from Europe. When those children were adults they used the law to take the Natives land then tried to kill them, meeting conditions described to them as children. They began to believe their neighbors were witches and burned them. It was a mass insanity. Salem has missing court case files too.

The keepers of the western gate have more knowledge than most Medicine people and the potential for abuse of their unconsciously wielded skills of hypnosis here in California was great. So great that the Native people insisted on the courts being able to investigate the misuse so the 'antap' tried to force an understanding.

The courts couldn't understand, the Natives were massacred and many court case files were destroyed. Before the this happened the Medicine people tried to explain to government leaders that they would be dangerous and uncontrolled with their knowledge. They begged to not be persecuted to the point where they had to relinquish the hard earned conscious awareness of their ancient knowledge in order to survive. Those Medicine people created a program that has been perpetuated by hypnosis, through generations, to once again create an official understanding. I was selected as a child to understand them so there would be at least one European person who would recognize what was happening when the mass insanity began.

People only allow their minds to be used for life to keep the past through hypnotically maintained verbal histories for one reason. Unconditional love allows the subconscious mind to make sacrifices that protect future generations enabling evolution. At age six I made a sacrifice by allowing memory control and hypnotic control of my psychology for life to protect my children from being unconsciously used and to protect the world they would live in from destruction. I agreed then to tell the truth to you now of what these people can do with the human mind.

India and Pakistan threaten nuclear conflict. I have been informed by an Islamic man that all of the fanaticism in that part of the world is due to the subconscious programming of children. Conflict in the world might be avoided by negotiations conducted in a trance as they were long ago. This counties continued fanatical silence concerning the truth of these missing court case files does not constitute reasonable behavior. Allow reason, protect us, protect our futures.


Supervisors Meeting, 9/22/98

On October 27th '97 I learned the County could get itself unfairly dismissed from legal action by influencing court decisions. On April 30th '98 the County counsel degraded the intent of the freedom of information act by denying my request to inspect arrest and booking records of 1856-1909. On July 24th the grand jury denied a request to investigate approximately 300 missing insanity actions after being presented with adequate evidence. The same judge who dismissed the County from civil case #220298 determines what the grand jury investigates.

I would like to enter into the minutes, copies of all these refusals to allow the truth of the Medicine people and their ancient hypnosis, by legal entities of the county who are bound in their duty to serve and protect the people.

On September 8th I learned that the state court here will not allow truths that will protect us. First a subpoena duces tecum was ignored. Then the judge who earlier would not disqualify himself when presented with proof of his prejudice, would not allow my other witness or evidence although testimony off the record from my witness was accepted and obviously used. The judge would not call the defendant, a Chumash Medicine man to the stand to testify although the defendants attorney did not object to my request to do so.

It is clear, the judge would not allow the truth in the court because it would establish the culpability of the county in the matter of the missing court case files. The Medicine man was prepared to speak the truth concerning hypnotic manipulation. I was told years ago, while I was in a trance, that this county would not allow the truth in it's court and that the law wouldn't protect me. Now I have been forced to prove it. This county will not protect people by allowing a legal understanding of what these ancient forms of hypnosis can do to the development of the human subconscious mind when it is imposed on children.

Denying information affording protection is one thing. In 1876, the denial of this information about the "enemy" was treasonous. Today the County depriving the public of an awareness of how much Medicine people could help the strength of families and communities, if they were conscious and rationally in control of their hypnosis, is insult added to injury. People aren't worth protecting let alone helping. It is no wonder that so many I know who suspect they have been hypnotically influenced are afraid of you, they are afraid to speak here.

The Medicine peoples knowledge of the subconscious mind and the meaning of unconditional love to a human being can contribute greatly to the beauty and happiness a person can know in life. Teaching the subconscious mind directly, an understanding of tolerance, can eliminate violence from our culture. Relationships created by the Medicine people with hypnosis could be the strongest and the longest possible. Treating health by treating behavior works. Dyslexia and ADD are disorders treatable by manipulation of the subconscious. These are a few of the things we loose as we are denied information needed to protect ourselves and our children.


Supervisors Meeting, 11/24/98

The last time I spoke here I asked that you allow the truth in court sometime. I am not sure I can wait. I filed a civil case because I have been injured severely by abuses of hypnosis that began when I was 4 years old. The outcome of civil case #220298 hurt me and because of that, it's likely that I won't have a place to live or tools or phones or any of that nice civilized stuff anymore. More than anything I needed the truth, the Medicine people want that too, that is why they did what they did to me. I was denied the truth in court, my society has failed me. It does not care about protecting children and people let alone me and my family.

Now that I have tested this society as the Medicine people have intended, I still need the truth. Each day is a torment that cannot be described let alone believed and the truth is the only thing that can help.

If this County and these Courts will ignore laws, government code, health and welfare statutes and violate civil code of procedure to deprive me of the truth, then worse things could happen. So what I'm going to talk about today is what happens if I die trying to get the truth.

I've told you that peoples deaths were used to educate and inform me. Death shocks the subconscious and the instructions given to a bearer of oral histories is to become conscious of the inherited history upon the death of the old bearer. I was told to remember information given to me by people who went into a trance, put me into a trance and told me about why they were going to kill themselves and other things about others who later committed suicide. When they died and those others died later I remembered the information I was given specific to them or why they died.

The Medicine people are going to have the truth, if I manage to get it in the Court room or if I die trying. If I die trying, a large number of people who know me will begin to remember everything they have been told about the hypnotic abuse I suffered for all of my life because of the missing court case files. They will remember all the things I've been saying about ancient knowledge of hypnosis and mind control. A lot of people have been told while in a trance of what has happened to me. They are going to know exactly why I died, they are going to know what I endured while I tried to get this government to perform its duties of record keeping, tried to get the truth into these courts. They will know the truth and they are going to be very angry.

Meanwhile, while I fumble around trying to make law work in a town of lawyers terrified by this conflict about hypnosis between the Chumash Medicine people and the County, too many people are being hurt .

All of this because there is an old animal mind inside of all of us. Medicine people know that mind and how to use it. There is no point in fearing ourselves. All we have to fear is fear itself.


Supervisors meeting, 12/15/98

Nearly 2 years ago I began to warn the Supervisors and others in effected County agencies that bizarre behavior would be exhibited by County residents. I depended on those elected or appointed to positions of civil service to perform their duties as defined by law and provide protection for the public.

I explained in letters to the schools, social services, the DA. and others what had happened here a 120 years ago. A mass insanity caused by Native American Medicine people who were only trying to force an official understanding of their abilities to influence the subconscious mind. Their religion requires an authority who is conscious of what they do to keep them working in areas positive to human evolution.

I explained in those letters that there were missing court case files documenting an event that began in 1876 in Santa Barbara. I explained that if the missing court case files weren't acknowledged or replaced with new court cases to fulfill an official understanding of these forms of hypnosis that the demonstration of extreme behaviors was going to happen again.

The day before yesterday at La Cumbre and Foothill Road we had another example of extreme behavior putting lives in danger. I have never received a voluntary phone call from a County agency on this matter of unconscious and illegal hypnosis utilized to effect peoples behaviors. Instead, while trying to use government code and law to compel this County to fulfill its duties as defined by statute, the County uses its publicly granted powers to ignore and deflect its responsibilities.

Is there an oath that is taken by people in civil service? Are the words protect and serve in the oath? Does the oath mean anything?

Medicine people taught me about how I was controlled with hypnosis. They used my life to do it. They did it so that I would try to get the law to help me to stop them. Law enforcement knew nothing about abuses of hypnosis. The County wasn't interested in being accountable for missing records or understanding how Medicine people could influence the subconscious minds of children causing later, extreme behaviors, or maybe the Natives wanted me to bring the County and them together in the court room to settle the problem of the massacres brought on by the mass insanity. I filed civil case #220298 so the Medicine people would stop, so I might be understood and so the County could understand how to protect people.

That seemed silly when the County used their influence to get themselves dismissed, without leave for me to amend my complaint. Thirty mailings to County agencies, local schools went totally unanswered, uniformly ignored. Then the prejeduce Judge assigned to my case wouldn't disqualify himself while the County denies a Freedom of Information act request for access to the early arrest and booking records to prove the missing records. The Grand Jury isn't interested in 300 missing insanity actions and later the subpoenas were denied. In Court the Judge questioned my witness from behind the bar and would not bring the willing defendant to the stand to testify. He must know what I've been saying about what this unconscious hypnosis is doing to people. How can he not allow the truth in the Court room and be a man appointed to pursue the truth to protect and serve the people?

The answer to that is why the Medicine people used up my life in a demonstration of exactly what is possible with the human subconscious mind.

They have done all of this so I could see the Court fail to allow the truth after the bizarre and unfortuante events of this last year. So I could understand you and exactly why you allow it to continue. Historically individuals in government offices have been influenced by the Masonic Order. Masons use the same hypnosis as the Medicine people and I know this because the children of Masons have been sent to me for years by Medicine people exploiting the deep trance basis the Masons induce on children, whether they are Masons or not.

If you do not know you are Masons I am telling you. If Medicine people can do to me with hypnosis what they have done and government or the Courts present a uniform front of denial when I confront them, then the Masons have done, hypnotically, the same thing to them for different reasons.

I have explained to you the compulsions that oral histories impart to the the bearers. There are remnants of Crusades programming in the histories that comprise the collective body of knowledge carried by the Masonic order with the knowledge of hypnosis to perpetuate the denial of the knowledge of hypnosis and persecute the people who use it. That program is evident in the inability of government and the Court to address rationally this issue of hypnotic manipulation.

I respect and admire the Masons for all the good that they have done. When I see the commitment of law enforcement officers and military people I know how it got there. Marines are made this way as children and so are most of our leaders.


Supervisors meeting, 1/5/99

See what the newspaper publishes four days after I mention the Masonic Order

Medicine people taught me about how I was controlled with hypnosis. They used my life to do it. They did this for a number of reasons. Ultimately to educate me to the possibilities of oral histories kept with hypnosis compulsively interfering with government so I might understand this local governments ability to allow violations of statute law, government code, oaths of office and common reason.

The Masonic Order uses the same hypnosis as the Medicine people and I know this because children of Masons have been sent to me for years by Medicine people exploiting the deep trance basis the Masons induce on children, whether they are children of people who know they are Masons or not. If you do not know you are Masons I am telling you. You are Masons. If Medicine people can abuse or injure me with hypnosis in the way they have, while government and the Courts present a uniform face of denial when I confront them about missing records, then the Masons have done, hypnotically with memory control from childhood, the same thing to people now in official positions for reasons adhering to ancient Masonic interests. If I could endure a life of abuse and not remember how it was done then you could easily endure praise and promotion for some of the same reasons with the same results. I did it to protect the future, my children, love and life with the truth. All things compassionate Masons respect.

I have explained to you the compulsions that oral histories impart to their bearers. Masons are the unconscious bearers of hypnotically maintained oral histories. Remnants of the Crusades. Subconscious programming intended to perpetuate the denial of the knowledge of hypnosis and persecute the people who use it. Serving an ideal, the promotion of reason by the removal of superstitions or unreasonable fears perpetuated with oral histories. A noble and necessary goal nearly achieved.

I submit copies of the Defendant Medicine mans counsel opening statement from trial on September 8th. Underlined is a claim stated as made but never made, "harmful hypnotic telepathy". You know I have never spoken the word telepathy during my speaking here and my legal filings do not contain that word. This is the Medicine people telling us what they think they are doing. Frankly the concept would explain a great deal, most meaningfully, the absolutely uniform, irrational denial of the County of Santa Barbara. If the County can produce dated memos from the top to the bottom directing individuals in official positions to ignore me and my claims, I will believe that you are NOT subconsciously programmed.

Note also the excerpts from a Minnesota Masonry download from the internet. It mentions "memory work" that began in 1850.

When I see the commitment of law enforcement officers, newly understood as original instructions given hypnotically to children like myself, I know that Masons are benevolent, good people, an important part of the future as are Medicine people who are forced to extreme demonstrations when faced with extreme denial. When the Judge in case 220298, a man who knows he is a Mason, won't allow the truth in Court, I know the Masons need help just like the Medicine people, to purify themselves of unreasonable fears; to evolve; to serve; to find the future. Let government help them help us. To fulfill your official duties each of you is going to have act in a way counter to your subconscious feelings. Fulfill your duty, authorize an investigation.


Supervisors meeting, 1/19/99

The 'antap', the leaders of the Medicine people have sent a number of people to me bearing pieces of a puzzle, the Masonic past and how it relates to activities here in Chumash land today. Different ancient factions of Masonry cannot distinguish themselves because of memory control, so to be fair I identify the basic ancient factions of Templars and Cathars and their, ancient, different purposes.

After the Templars returned in 1118 AD. from a decade of searching for secrets buried below Solomon's temple in Jerusalem, they built a Cathedral in Chartres France. The mysterious rectangular stone set diagonal to the rest of the floor in the south wing has sunlight suddenly appearing on an Iron pin at midday of Winter Solstice day, December 22. The Templar's are sun worshippers as were the Cathars

The Templars were the first order of knights of the crusades and caused a massacre at a place called Montsegur in France just before 1300 AD. The Cathars were overcome by the deep resolve of fear and secrecy the Templars were hypnotically programmed with for the purpose of ending uses of the primordial human mind of the societies of Earth. The Cathars, dominated by fear after the massacre, in a few generations, lost conscious awareness of their subconscious activities they had gained over centuries.

Cathars respect the natural human mind and worked hypnotically with people of the communities, fundamentally, very much like the Medicine people do. They too want very much for the secrecy and unreasonable fear to end. Eight months ago a Cathar facilitated my subconsciously coordinated introduction to a small group of Cathars who dream of serving the people again. I remember being told some years before, in a trance, by this Cathar, that they are having difficulties keeping their families and communities together because of the missing, fundamentally, evolutionary purposes consciously used in the natural maintenance of oral histories that kept essential human purposes vital for all.

In the material I left in the minutes of the January fifth meeting there was an internet download from the from the Minnesota Masonry site. It mentions "memory work". These good Freemasons have left a conscious vestige of what is really happening.

The Medicine people have informed me that around 1850, Masons learned of the Native techniques of absolute memory control. When the Natives discovered how the Masons were using the techniques they warned that it wasn't a responsible thing to do and eventually they would not know what they were doing. The Masons said their purpose would remain clear and the courts would always serve it. The Natives tried to explain while in a trance, but it was no use without rational abilities.

The specific instructions to memory control have been modified into something more insidious and sound like this. "You will not be able to know what we are doing to you, you won't be able to understand what we are doing. If anyone tries to tell you, you won't believe them no matter what they say. If they keep trying you'll get angry." Masons stopped telling their children, consciously, what they were a part of in around 1940 and now we are where we are. The situation the Medicine people have created proves that the people running the courts have lost their ability to reason.

I'm leaving a copy of "Governmental Numerology Associated With Sun Worship" in the minutes as evidence beyond coincidence.


Supervisors Board meeting, 3/2/99

The last time I spoke I mentioned I was grateful to the Medicine people for my existence. Even though they have betrayed me in the life I have lived, it is likely they have not done so in my serving of life's purpose, protecting my children's futures. So again I am grateful for an understanding of exactly what the greatest threat to my children's futures is in these days of such monumental confusion on the subject.

I mentioned the Templar compulsion to dominate the territory of the pagan spiritual leaders, the keepers of the Western Gate. I also introduced positive feedback to help understand how far the compulsion to deny has gone and why.

Compulsions of the subconscious mind are positive feedback loops. When mental progressions are pointed in a direction that invokes a compulsion, the only fulfilling action remaining is to shorten the time to fulfillment, to go faster in that direction. To persecute severely from a motive of fear is to control, loss of control creates fear. In this case denial is the maintenance activity of control, becoming a prime directive, and because fear is the originating subconscious state, the compulsion becomes a priority without regard for rational considerations. This is why this county and its courts cannot recognize, follow or uphold state laws related to ancient, Native abuses of hypnosis.

For years I've wondered why so few people in positions of power cannot consciously agree that love is the purpose of life. It is obvious that as human beings, it must be true for them too but they will not admit it without a struggle. Now I know this is because the Native hypnotists used their understanding of the meanings of love, as a purpose, to control compulsions within the memberships of Masons, secret or otherwise, from childhood. Perhaps externalizations of love, even fear of it by inference, has mitigated the concept of love as the purpose of life into obscurity. This is a compulsive activity of "throwing out the baby with the bath water" and can easily invade other areas of vital knowledge.

Compulsions of sexuality and an ancient understanding called "the responsibility of fertility" that the 'antap' unconsciously teaches to everyones children, as well as those of Masons, creates compulsive masturbation in males. Little boys are given instructions to observe and understand how serious overpopulation is and to prefer masturbation over intercourse. Our President and Dennis Rodman are current media examples. Carmen and Hilary don't seem too pleased.

The more an instruction is understood by the subconscious, the more compelling it becomes. The responsibility of fertility should only be taught to the conscious mind in order to protect from uncontrollable compulsions that threaten the function of the family unit.

These are the "outlaw sexual practices" of the 'antap' mentioned in the article from the November 7, 1996 "Independent" left in the board minutes of July 7, '98. The 'antap' await an official understanding so they can cease this practice.

People, parents and community leaders assembling and talking about the future, using the truth to protect love and life is another aspect of the responsibility of fertility.


Supervisors meeting, 4/6/99

Two weeks ago there was an incident on 101. An officer had to shoot a man named McNeil. The letters MC at the beginning of a Scottish name have a lost meaning. They mean Mason Clan. Uses of hypnosis with indiscriminate methods of mind control create the secrecy of their society and have separated the Masons from the meaning of this prefix in names prominent amongst the clan. I urge this board to protect the Masons, people descended from Masons, the public and people in law enforcement by allowing the truth in Court.

Masons may not know the meaning but the Natives do. I have two friends with MC at the beginning of their names. Their lives are in serious trouble and the Masons controlling this government, its courts, will not protect them or heal them because they cannot admit there is a threat.

Another name not understood is California. Native American Medicine people named their land when the conquistadors entered South America. The Natives used words derived from European languages that carry meanings the Natives have known from centuries of using hypnosis to understand the deep subconscious mind. Cali, the Hindu God of death and "forni" form the roots of meaning of the name of this state. California means death and sex because these are known by Medicine people as the two most compelling things to the human subconscious mind.

I have not articulated the deeper personal reasons why I return to this board room to confront this board with difficult facts the board is programmed to ignore. I have refrained because I have not felt I would be believed. I have felt as though I would be ridiculed for defining the most painful and serious injuries I have sustained by being born and raised in Santa Barbara. A community located on Chumash ancestral land.

Three inalienable rights are granted by the Declaration of Independence. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am alive, have my liberty but my ability to pursue happiness is shattered by hypnotically enabled control of my life. Directly controlled and indirectly through control exerted over others.

The most painful injuries were those created by the Native control over women. Every relationship I have ever been in was set up with hypnosis. I was told as a child that I would be made afraid of women. Love is what creates happiness in life and I've explained to you that at age six, in a trance, I agreed to memory control to protect love and life, my children's futures. So the boy that understands the purpose of life has his ability to live the purpose taken from him as a man with each woman he loves because the ones he is capable of loving most were told to leave him when he told them "he loved them".

Trust is the foundation of love and because of the depth of control over females allowed by the hypnotically reinforced Masonic denial directing our government, courts and healers, my ability to trust and to love are not working without the truth of what has happened here. And this truth is the last thing this government and courts will allow because it undermines secret Masonic control.


Supervisors meeting, 4/27/99.

Last Tuesday after leaving here my car was towed because it was unregistered. Smog certificate and title in hand I was on my way to the DMV. I was driving it because it doesn't leak a quart of oil every twenty miles like the registered one. Small risk to save a little pollution. Over two hundred and fifty dollars ransom to get my transportation back. Then I paid a seat belt ticket, twenty two dollars. Next week I'll pay a thirty five dollar parking ticket for being five feet into the red.

This county can break real important laws and it doesn't have to pay. Instead children pay with their lives, their futures and all of their dreams. While my car was being towed two students at Columbine high school in Littleton Colorado were making other students pay with their lives for this counties corrupt negligence. Masonic directives of denial have no place in government or the courts ever. Humanity needs to understand as much about itself as it possible can.

Those two students were not programmed to these acts by Native Medicine people. Another ancient, dark faction who uses these same forms of hypnosis and normally programs people to conduct random and senseless acts of violence was directed by Medicine people to do this so it would fit into the pattern to see if government will protect the future. To see if it will protect children with the truth because that is what the medicine people are trying to do.

They are looking at a larger picture. Avoiding the first serious event in the program that controls the Masons, the Moslems and others. That program is called Armageddon. The others probably cannot become conscious of their roles in the program Nostradamus knew as prophecy but the Natives hope the Masons can become conscious of what they are doing and stop. So that is why these sacrifices are so great. Medicine people don't want anyone hurt although they know that preventing the unthinkable event called Armageddon justifies great sacrifice.

Masons are not conscious of this program because of the Templar directive that has been systematically removing all knowledge of this ancient trance from Masonry, western society and culture for centuries. If government can strictly follow laws and code, the sacrificing of innocent people can stop. This will protect the Masons and all of us, in the longest term.

Think about the FOIA denial, the grand jury refusing to investigate the missing court case files, the prejudice judge in case 220298 that wouldn't disqualify himself, the county denied two subpoena duces tecum upon custodians of public records and then later the judge wouldn't call a non objecting defendant to the stand to speak the truth. In order to protect children's lives this county will need to follow all of the laws.


Supervisors meeting, 5/4/99

Children are being subconsciously programmed to this extreme violence in schools in an attempt to intervene in the subconsciously held and executed program called Armageddon.

There is such a program and I've seen the Iraqi army act on instructions derived from the Armageddon aspect of their oral histories. I've seen America act on the program by its participation in the gulf war. In the early days of that war I listened to CNN reports of scuds hitting over one hundred miles north of Tel Aviv. Repeatedly I waited to find out what target was drawing the missile fire. The target was never identified although approximately twenty scuds had hit consistently the same location.

A year or so later I was looking through some old National Geographics and came across a map of the Biblical lands. There was an arrow pointing to a location just slightly north of Tel Aviv. A place called Meguido. The text pertaining to Meguido identified it, by prophecy, as the place where Armageddon begins.

Then in perhaps nineteen ninety five I saw on CNN a segment about Meguido. It was not identified as the place where Armageddon begins but it did show three mud brick houses with thatch roofs and many scud missile parts laying the in the background.

It was no accident that I just happened to hear and see those news segments and it was no accident that I found that map in the National Geographic. I was being informed so I could speak with certainty now.

More recently the Medicine people had hoped that through my civil action, enough truth would become understood concerning the possibilities of subconscious programming, for eventual detection and intervention in the process of the advancing Armageddon program, but this county colluded with the superior court to conceal negligence. A thing I hear is quite normal. People are used to it, they expect it from government. It is shameful and children are dying because of it.

The Medicine people are not going to give up on trying to stop this ancient program called Armageddon. They were adamant a hundred and fifty years ago about having courts of jurisdiction so they could eventually intervene. The treaties were violated and the Natives lost their courts so they conducted a mass insanity here in 1876 to make obvious the need for an official understanding of subconscious programming of the human mind. Over a thousand insanity actions were hidden and then destroyed. Resulting in this preparation of a new effort by the 'antap', fifty years ago.

I've been trying to warn this county since January of nineteen ninety seven that people are going to be hurt because of the missing court case files. Now it should be clear why those court case files are so important and that this violence in schools is a pattern. It is obvious that this number of matching, extreme incidents could not occur naturally.

How many children will have to die before this county follows laws that were intended to protect the future of America with the truth?


Supervisors meeting, 5/25/99

In the second week of April I walked past the Masonic Temple here. The door was open with Masons standing by it. This was no accident. I nodded, smiled, greeted these men in acknowledgment, appreciating that they subconsciously recognized me. I've come to understand things about Masons that they do not know about themselves. I love them, they are my ancestors. They have the truth of our European past and I feel compelled to help them to regain their honor lost in the layered veils of secrecy that prevent them from serving their purpose openly. They are our European healers and teachers with a purpose gone awry in a fit of fear that has lasted nearly a thousand years that began in reaction to the wild, uncontrolled events staged by Pagan influences in the year one thousand.

I've become sensitive to subtle hints that define corruption's that they so badly need to be free of. They wish to regain their great function in service to humanity that was exhibited at the turn of the century when Masonry worked to undo the abuses of American workers manifested during the industrial revolution. The unions brought an end to the company store, the company bank and a form of slavery couched in business that robbed millions of people of their happiness in life. Middle class security was formed from this service to us.

Since then many Masons were secretly created and compulsively placed in positions of power in government. Corruption's have occurred within the unconsciously coordinated efforts that exploit and resist the activities of the Shaman. Government must follow laws to break this cycle.

As the unconscious hypnotic manipulation of the Medicine people caused mental illness here, a massive funding for mental health care was justified. No actual cures for the subconscious mind could be utilized because that might uncover the degree of manipulation possible and lead to the exposure of the secret Masonic hypnosis. The Mental Health department is a paid vacation for secret Masons and it cannot serve its purpose. All of America suffers from this corruption here.

Then the secret organizations perceived of the Native manipulation of sexuality and the creation of relationships between men and women resulting in the births of many children. The Shaman were only looking for another child to control in the secret spiritual war with the Masons so what was ultimately produced was a single mother on welfare. Soon it was discovered that this could be a non tax based source of income. I no longer wonder why so many men have told me over the years, how much less the mother of their children receives, than the child support payment the father struggles to make.

I was alerted to the need for bringing this to your attention by two things. The state taking over child support and a levy on my bank account for twenty nine dollars when I owe some ten thousand. When this county fails to follow codes and laws and a superior court judge, a Mason, won't allow the truth in the court room on 9/8/98, case 220298, when I attempted to protect myself from frauds or manipulation intended to drive me into the court for the purpose of witnessing the dysfunction of the court, I feel badly used unless I speak out.

We as Anglo European people need to understand and respect fully the advanced Native American understanding of the subconscious mind that can benefit greatly our families and communities.


Supervisors meeting, 6/1/99.

After speaking here since last January, when I mailed a letter to all of the supervisors in January of 1997 warning of extreme behaviors or the potentials for school violence and receiving not one voluntary call from any person in the this county government, then the recent shootings in schools across the nation, I truly wonder how much it will take to get this county to follow laws and do its duty as defined by code. Codes openly intended to protect the people from any thing conceivable that might threaten us.

I remember being permanently expelled after a curious non incident in the halls of Santa Barbara Junior High School that was triggered by my adolescent Chumash friend who began to yell compulsively, "Fight, fight, fight". Twenty or so other kids joined in and the vice principal could not be convinced that nothing happened by a friendly handshake between my self and Oscar Diaz.

It seems impossible that our local leaders cannot bring themselves to address the possibility of programming of the primordial human mind after a pattern establishes girls as targets. Why are boys shooting girls? For the same reason women were not allowed to vote until nineteen eighteen.

Female human beings can be subconsciously programmed with greater ease than males. Obviously since the boys were the shooters males are easily programmed to violence whereas girls can be programmed to invoke deep emotions in males by the hypnotic exploitation of their sexuality. Women with their bodies and their lives bring life, the future into this world. It is logical that an inherent ability to sacrifice is a part of their primordial, animal psychology.

I remember how I got herpes 20 years ago from a woman programmed to have sex with me. Just prior to penetration and intercourse she said, "No, I don't have herpes!" I no longer wonder why she said that.

Now I am astounded by this local governments isolation and lawlessness. It is clear this county needs to know where and how far abuses of hypnosis or subconscious programming have gone and can go.

Everyone knows off the extensive human sacrifices of the early Central American societies. We've all seen the ever present picture of the beautiful maiden being sacrificed at the peak of the temple or the edge of the chasm. How come we don't know how she let herself get into that situation? Is this county willing to accept responsibility for the eventual de-evolution to that level?

Have you read the recent articles about girls getting into the violence in street gangs? How long before these forms of programming become a part of the gang experience or are they already?

Due to the destruction of court case files no one who should know, the district attorney and mental health has a clue. What will it take for this local government, in this proud democracy dedicated to upholding the inalienable rights of humanity as recognized in the founding documents of America, to develop an acceptance and performance of duty. How many obvious de-evolutions of our culture and society are acceptable to this county?


Supervisors meeting, 6/8/99

Since January of ninety seven I have been trying to get ANY county agency or department to follow laws concerning duties defined by State legislation. Medicine people have made certain that I absolutely need this government to follow laws and that I need the court to function in the finding of truth to protect life. I need the truth that was destroyed in those missing, one thousand plus court case files. I need that truth in order to have a past.

Everybody in this room except for me has a past that they can talk about credibly. I cannot. I do not have a past and this county will not let me have one other than the one they can accept. As far as this board is concerned I have a delusion. This truth I need must hurt this county very badly because keeping it secret has cost many lives. It is clear that it the lives of the many young people killed in the present, unprecedented pattern of school violence has been a small price to pay to keep from knowing the truth about what hypnosis performed on children can do to the consciousness of the human mind.

Or are the irrational, deadly behaviors a delusion? Were the lives and dreams of those killed more worthy than my life or my dreams. If so then I am unworthy of the truth and the judge in case 220298 proved it when he wouldn't allow the truth in his court room. It is logical to assume that this county is waiting for me to commit suicide because they won't provide competent treatment and they won't provide what law and duty demand. The truth. Sacrifice, a fundamentally barbaric Gnostic principle, is returning, unconsciously, meaninglessly despite the denial of this county.

The human sacrifices of early central American cultures were used to shock conscious minds into becoming aware of the subconscious oral histories of the people. This county won't follow laws and so, by default, is defining the practice of unconscious sacrifice, my suicide, as the only option for me to protect my children.

If I die the many who have been programmed with the truth of the abuses of hypnosis this county has allowed on me and the people will be painfully, shamefully known. Maybe it is this board that is secretly programmed, as I was, to become conscious with shock. In that case would you prefer an immolation on the steps of the administration building over say a simple shooting in a parked car. As far as I can tell this boards reaction to me is one of hate because I know a truth this board cannot know and won't allow anyone else to know even though it would have and will save lives.

How many attitudes can this county entertain to justify the denial of subpoena duces tecum in case number 220298 upon a custodian of records after I've explained to this board, since nineteen ninety seven, that people were going to go insane and lives would be lost if an understanding of the truth of the subconscious mind is not allowed?

I'll leave with you copies from pages of an early book of "human behavior" so you will posses clinical reference concerning awareness and memory because if your Mental Health Department knows anything about they deny it.


Supervisors meeting, 6/15/99

Last Tuesday I applied a test to this County government. The test was to expose the subconscious compulsions of the oral histories of the crusaders that compel persons secretly inducted with hypnosis and promoted to positions of power in government. The results were positive. I informed this county that it is subconsciously abusing its power to drive me to suicide in its avoidance of following laws. I quote from page two eighty paragraph D1.2 of the book titled "Human Behavior", copies were left here last week. "Some motives are so unacceptable, threatening or repugnant that they are unrecognized". Persons in this county have exhibited this behavior. I am not suicidal and I did not say I was but that is what was assumed by this County rather than recognize its own motives.

After speaking last Tuesday, the chairperson asked me to make an appointment for the following Thursday. This County applied the compulsive, ancient response to the very human plea for justice and truth respecting the recognition of hypnotic manipulation and abuse by setting me up to be committed.

It is clear that this County subconsciously knows the degree of abuse that has been applied to me, it knows the abuses of power manifested in the subpoena denials and its other corrupt acts directed at my efforts to protect children from unconscious hypnosis. To protect our future. This County subconsciously knows that the allegations or accusations I apply to this situation created by the missing court case files are true and shows it by the compulsive commitment action embodied in the presence of the sheriffs and paramedic when I arrived to make my appointment with the chairperson. This County continues to abuse its power, to harass me with its denial and corruption.

Native American Medicine people learned long ago that government immediately committed people influenced in the ongoing Native efforts to create an official understanding of subconscious programming. Government then destroyed the court case files generated in the commitment proceedings. This has been SOP for the subconsciously maintained crusader mentality since the crusades. Cruel and sadistic is what crusade means.

Centuries ago the Natives informed those who would listen that court case files were being destroyed and so it became law that arrest and booking records were kept as a matter of law for a cross check on the required insanity actions prior to a persons commitment.

The secret corruption of this county government is exposed and I demand a public apology for this damage to my reputation embodied in the counties reaction to the statements I am forced to make to protect my children. Your children.

This County has shown that its fear of the Pagan knowledge of the subconscious mind is greater than its respect for law, greater than its respect for truth or justice, greater than my need for the truth and perhaps greater than its respect for life itself or the future of humanity.


Supervisors meeting, 6/22/99

This County has shown that its fear of the Pagan knowledge of the subconscious mind is greater than its concern for the future of humanity. This is fear learned in a trance, that has attributes of visceral revulsion and it has worked its damage on the minds of the crusaders.

The crusaders fear the Native Americans and their uses of hypnosis because of a terror they learned. It was as terrifying as it is sophisticated of the many lost processes on Earth used to manipulate knowledge stored in the human subconscious mind. A process dedicated by the 'antap' to protecting love and life.

The shock of the death of the old bearer of an oral history was what served to awaken the new bearer to the subconsciously stored knowledge in their subconscious mind. What I haven't explained is the logical extension of the old saying "That all of life passes before the eyes just before death". This is a fact and the 'antap' are the origin of the instructions the Native bearers of oral histories are given that enhance that passage and release all of the knowledge that they carry when they die. Native people would occasionally carry their elderly bearers to the keepers of the western gate so that the Medicine people here could get the last bits of knowledge in that persons mind out and back to their people through the young bearers that carried them west.

The reason the crusaders fear the Native Medicine people so much is because of the instructions that are given at childhood that are conditionally invoked just before death,. They are, "When the keepers of the gate begin to kill you, you will remember everything you know about your people and the past." The keepers employ, with great skill, euthanasia, at a time just before death, so there is strength enough for the elderly bearer to speak. This merciful killing, of one who is aware of why they are being killed and is ready naturally to die, extracts the vital knowledge of the deepest aspects of the oral history they bear. The crusaders have been absolutely unable to consciously understand this to see the beauty of the final part of the instructions.

The bearer at childhood is also given instructions to feel no pain after this process begins. To accept and understand everything that has happened. To remember the love they have known and to say for those they love and who need to know, everything that can be said to make as many as possible, as happy as they could be in the last sharing of their life. Bringing great function, to a time in life, that in our culture has no function.

Only through the conscious appreciation of this process can the highly rational aspects of it be appreciated. The crusaders cannot be conscious of the possibilities so they can't understand or see that it makes sense and loose their fear. The denial continues despite the threat to our futures because of this fear compulsively instilled during trance states into the oral histories of the crusaders concerning these harrowing aspects of this knowledge of death.

This denial from fear is intolerable in our courts, in our government, in the healing arts and in education. It creates massive dysfunction in families as the elderly loose their last opportunity to give something valuable to the ones they love. The children have lost their respect for the elder who was once wise in ways beyond experiences that one person can know in a lifetime. Now the elder is hidden away and the young are ignorant of the deep and true purposes of life that only time can tell. The present has been rewritten over and over by the powers that control the mediums of publishing and the news. Now it is as if it never happened. The truth cannot protect us because the crusaders can't know it and will not allow anybody else to know it either, even at the cost of the natural world and the life that depends on it.


Supervisors meeting, 7/20/99

How many of us remember the "Bio Sphere" experiment. I was hypnotically instructed perhaps in 1990 to pay careful attention to this event and to understand its meaning. The implications of the biosphere in this secret scenario are profound.

When I watched the news stories on the completely enclosed structure I wondered why private industry was undertaking an experiment that could be much better done by Nasa or JPL. Why work on a completely closed environment on Earth as if it were for use on Earth.

Now I know that the secrecy is so compelling that to survive and avoid acknowledging the use of these ancient forms of hypnosis and related knowledge of the subconscious mind as the only way to possibly create sustain ability for mass populations, the secret crusader mentality is willing to give up nature.

Willing to exile the majority of human populations to life in a poisonous atmosphere so that a small minority can live in giant shopping cities breathing purified air. The biosphere was an experiment to establish the engineering design parameters for giant shopping malls that have been recently proposed for the future in the LA area. Residency would be accommodated in the top levels with work areas in the middle. The amenities of the shopping mall would be found on the ground floors where the external public could interact with the enclosed society.

The external public, unfortunately, would have to breath through filters from birth because the air is going to be allowed to get so toxic that continued exposure would cause severe illness and death within twenty years of breathing. We see young children today with cancer destroying their bodies from exposure to toxic environs so we know this is on the horizon of time for us. And, subconsciously, so do those that funded the biosphere experiment.

There is a secret society that is so afraid of this knowledge of the subconscious mind that it would not only allow this, it would plan for it. They are human so they must be unconscious with what they are doing because it is unthinkable that humans could consciously doing what we are doing to our environment. Truth will protect us, allow it. Follow laws.


Supervisors meeting, 7/27/99

Shame of a natural human function has been used compulsively by a secret society to control the knowledge that physicians need to properly practice medicine. Far in the past the pagans of ancient Europe used their knowledge of the primordial animal mind to cause compulsive masturbation amongst the male children of the crusaders because it was so easy to do. The crusader, unable to recognize consciously that such a thing is possible and work to counter it, instead created subconscious "shaming" instructions making it unlikely that anyone would talk about masturbation, accommodating the process of awareness repression or secrecy, of why, the compulsions existed to begin with. Creating a world of men and doctors ashamed of the nature of their mind and sexuality.

I support this with pages twelve and thirteen of Auto-eroticism by Wilhelm Stekel. The clinical "Spiritual scotoma", the "will-not-too-see" of page twelve, I state here and now, extends past sexuality into the unconscious uses of secret hypnosis and is causing us great damage. The L.A. times provides support for what I say in an article of the metro section, July 4th ninety nine, titled "Self styled Prophet Hoped to be another Hitler". The article about William Dudley Pelley and the "Silver Shirts" of the nineteen thirties, mentions a five thousand dollar contribution from a supporter, John S. Brinkley a proponent of goat gland implants for impotent men.

In this modern world men with prostate problems are told nothing respecting this information. Doctors won't tell them to stop masturbating before irreversible damage is done to the gland. Urologists at the County Health department say nothing to a man about abstinence when a he appears complaining of difficulty urinating. The county doctors when asked repeatedly about the frequency of masturbation say "it doesn't matter". Private physicians here say the same thing.

The secrecy created a problem, then as now and can be easily seen as men around the age of fifty submerge themselves in alcoholism or drug abuse to escape depression caused by the loss of their sexuality. The term "self abuse", now deemed "obsolete", existed for a reason and is much used in the insanity actions of the Santa Barbara microfilmed court records. This County's mental health department uses this shamefaced juvenile type inquiry, "Do you have a normal sex life?" Usually relying on what the urologist told him, the patient shamefully answers, "yes". Why doesn't the psychologist just say, "If you are masturbating more than once a week you are losing your sexuality."

Mental Health should know, they all should know and they don't. The secret crusader mentality, hypocritically proliferated with the same form of hypnosis it denies, then secretly uses to violate laws while in control of this government, is rooted in a compulsive fear of the natural human mind.

I have older friends who suffer premature incontinence because urologists, influenced by the secret hypnosis, otherwise fully competent, were given hypnotic instructions as children to "not be able know about what masturbation does" as the unconscious effort to "solving" the fearful truth about the indigenous peoples compulsive uses of hypnosis. Doctors used to be the opposite, to an extreme as seen on page six of Steckels 1950 book. Today doctors are too permissive as seen on page nine. The inability of physicians and urologists as well as educators to deal with the simple truths of this natural, exploitable function, is so, because, "the secret must be protected at all costs" within the subconscious, compulsive secret society.

Many of these doctors are descended from ancient Cathars. They want to be able to use their minds fully, to heal and protect people with knowledge. Welcome all information that helps them to do their work. Allow these practitioners of the healing arts essential knowledge. Protect boys and men with the truth about hypnosis and their sexuality. Protect families and civilization. Provide courts that function. Follow laws.


Supervisors meeting, 8/3/99

I have outlined the many serious things that are happening because the secret society controlling this county refuses to "know" how the secrecy is created and maintained. All of the denial that can be secretly imposed cannot ever protect the futures of the children of the individuals who are unknowingly controlled and who must know love for their descendants as humans naturally do. Regarding that logic, I have compassion for these people who cannot function in their official capacities. I understand that if they did function they would have to know something about themselves that they cannot know. The instructions given to them while they were in a trance, as a child, creating fear, controls them still, today.

In lieu of following laws they cannot follow they have been hypnotically told to make mistakes to protect their children because they can do nothing else. Those who told them are hoping that the public will notice the lawlessness then demand that government be lawful. Actions needed to protect children might be taken in this way. It is complex but understandable.

Understanding is a cure for fear. To those who are secretly controlled I say, unreasonable fears that were learned as a child will disappear as real fears replace them. Destruction of our environment is a real fear. Uncontrolled acts of military aggression is a real fear and the secret being kept from your awareness, about who controls you, as you get older, will cease to matter, because your love for your children has grown with your respect for reasonable fears.

Think of the American public as a friend and that Native Medicine people are trying to help them to control themselves so life will be protected. Have courage, work against what you were told as children that makes you afraid.

With regard to Y2K. Our world is so deeply effected by disinformation and fear that when Medicine people tried to inform the ones who secretly control our government of the repeat demonstration of the year one thousand scheduled by the many factions of ancient hypnotists, that the information was greeted by disbelief. No one could believe that behavior could be so deeply influenced by any kind of hypnosis. Disbelief was so complete that Medicine people told the secret ones, "computers are going to malfunction." This was believed but the extent of the malfunction was not possible to communicate to people who could not consciously understand that not just a clock problem was going to happen, and that there was outright networked sabotage of software and firmware taking place.

In the last year and a half we have seen some very severe behavior, so if this county is going to continue to violate laws, prepare for very severe computer failures.

The largest consumer of hard drives is the government. Ancient hypnotists are accomplished at obtaining secrets from the subjects of other hypnotists. The proprietary codes used in a chip called an eprom, utilized in all hard drives to control the read/write head as it travels the disc, are secret. The chips have many "back doors". All of the codes are now known by the ancient hypnotists and with the e-mail viruses, Melissa and the worm, we see how the widespread proliferation of destructive code can be achieved.

I have encountered firmware produced by Hewlett Packard in 1988 that has non functional conditional tests built into the chips. As an example of our vulnerability, consider how many checks were passed by these chips before being produced by the millions? Protect us. Follow laws.


Supervisors meeting, 9/6/99

I have here a copy of a bill called SB498 that moves the cost of mental health from public funding to private insurance through employers. The high cost and ineffectiveness of mental health care is due to incompetence resulting from this governments violation of laws denying the public information.

Here are the subpoena denials from my civil action in September 1998 where my effort to use public information, subpoenaed in court for reasons medical as much as anything else, was denied. This denial of information has seriously hindered any competent development by psychology or psychiatry of treatment for the subconscious mind. First this government hides the knowledge of the subconscious, allowing a problem to grow to a huge size, now government is trying to avoid the responsibility of caring for those who have been injured by pushing onto business the care costs of treatment. All to avoid the public from knowing just how deeply a person can be manipulated with hypnosis if it begins at early childhood and also perhaps how their government is secretly controlled.

Last Tuesday a friend jumped off of Cold Springs arch. He had been to The County Mental Health Department for treatment and I know what he received. Nothing except an offer of drugs. It seems he was forced to move from this area because of housing pressures. The people of this County need affordable housing. It doesn't have to be fancy but it does need to be easier for landowners to make existing residences accommodate more people. In LA the supervisors were informed that by moving people out of garages they would be creating homelessness. Your courts have already cost me my home as well as my future in their dysfunction, but then I understand, I get special treatment because I sue you for your missing court case files and sue you for your negligent malpractice as a health care provider while talking to you about difficult truths.

Pretending to be a mental health provider when you can't or won't work with the subconscious mind is akin to being a window washer that "won't do windows". For this reason I request, with this letter, an appointment with the Director of the Mental Health Department to discuss the severe need in this community for treatment of the subconscious mind.

Supervisor Urbanske obtained me an appointment in 1997 and the Director didn't make it. Instead I met with Dr. Martyr and Theresa Boulette. Neither seemed interested in helping people no matter how serious the need and it was clear they couldn't "know" what I was talking about. I am ready to try again if you have somebody who cares enough to at least try to understand what is possible.

Protect the people and children of this community, get me the appointment I request.


Supervisors meeting, 1/4/00

I have here copies of certificate of Election and the Oaths of Office for Santa Barbara supervisors and judges. The language is the same for both offices. The last part of the Oath says, paraphrased; That it is solemnly sworn or affirmed that the person taking the Oath of Office has no mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that they will faithfully discharge the duties of the Office that they are about to enter.

The word evasion reminds me of what I am seeing from this board and the judges of the Superior Court. From the dictionary we learn that evasion is the act of evading. The definition of evading is to; escape or avoid by cleverness or deceit. To avoid the performance or fulfillment of duty. To avoid giving a direct answer. To baffle or elude.

The cleverness is the secret collusion between the courts and the administration of this county and the deceit is that a person can receive a fair or impartial trial or that government can be made accountable for the fulfillment of its duties. From this board I have seen nothing but the avoidance of direct answers to my many inquiries concerning the missing court case files. This is avoidance of the performance or fulfillment of duty. The denial of the subpoena duces tecum for witness and evidence, the arrest and booking records is an avoidance or evasion that is a violation of federal law.

I know you do not feel as though you are avoiding anything although it seems it must be clear, even to you, that you are engaging in evasion. Despite any attitude you may have regarding me or my efforts, when I say lives are effected, it is among your duties to answer truthfully and immediately my inquiry into missing records.

The many people working in the departments I have been in contact with in my efforts to protect the people and children of this county, try to fulfill their duties, but I can see in their eyes that they are ashamed of this boards avoidance of the performance of their duty.

I presented a freedom of information act request on December 21st to the County Counsel for any records from the closed session meetings of the board concerning your discussion of me and the litigation I have initiated with this county. The board discusses other litigation in open session so I would expect that there would be records from closed session concerning me.

Please end the evasions, follow laws, protect people.

Supervisors meeting, 3/7/00

In the spirit of what I said here August third I shall appraise this board of my greater understandings of the origins of the secret society controlling them. Having come to know a few Masons recently, and having presented some of my experiences with Native Medicine people as well as efforts to compel this local government to follow laws to them, I saw more than a glimmer of recognition of the possibilities. I learned from these exceptional men how much charitable contribution to the people of our society the Masons provide. They understand love.

The Templar's have an eye foundation that gives the gift of sight and in Los Angeles the Masons support a children's hospital that can provide orthopedic surgeries to restore a child's limbs.

The great integrity of the Masons becomes obvious when it is seen they insist Masonry is a craft and not a religion. A man in public office could be questioned, and upon learning he was a Mason he might be asked to resign because people should, or did know that "the craft" includes something Masons today are not totally aware of. Several years ago I learned from the son of a man who had studied Masonry to the fourteenth degree and then left because he began to loose his awareness of what was happening when coached further. Until more recently Masonry was only three degrees now it consists of a study of Judeo Christianic religion until the fourteenth degree when it turns to studying Islamic religion.

It is clear to me that the Masons I have met cannot quite acknowledge that something is occurring in their organization without their awareness. A very special aspect of their "craft" is that they have been creating a "Code of Masonic Conduct", the CMC, for last century. The most liberal thing it allows a Mason to do is to aid a brother Mason to evade the law for anything less than treason or murder. For the most part I believe the CMC was created to reasonably offset something the Masons realized was occurring unconsciously between them in the practices of Masonry.

A Mason explained to me that the Masonic retirement home was full while the orphanage had fifty children in it. It seems to me that people are aligned with the order and don't know it. When he explained that traditionally the son of a Mason came to his father and asked "Father what are your deeds?" and the father would then explain what he had done and that he was a Mason This link has been broken. This was why so many sons of Masons didn't become Masons after perhaps nineteen forty and why the membership has dwindled. On April twentieth '99 I placed in the minutes, proof, that the Templar shrine at Chartre has a solar alignment on June twenty second.

Together these facts could explain why the clerk recorder has eleven numbers with twenty two as a prefix to the last four digits or why the auditor controller has six phone numbers with twenty one as the prefix or the board has four numbers with twenty one. It could explain why the association of County governments is at two twenty two Anapamu street and Risk Management is at one twenty three or why the County bowl is at eleven twenty two Milpas while the Sheriffs office is at eleven twenty two Santa Barbara street and the courthouse at 1100 Anacapa and why the DA has five phones with twenty three as a prefix to the last four digits. Or if info on births or deaths is needed its twenty twos while social services is forty four. Voter registration has two numbers with twenty two all in the twenty second congressional district.

I was interrupted and cut off, finished on 3/14/00.

Prior to the year one thousand Masons were often public officials, they took the oath of office while in a trance before witnesses and the Truthsayer was a tool of the court for finding the truth. The vows of marriage had a deeper meaning than this society can acknowledge and children were taught multiple vocations directly to their subconscious minds.

We need the Masons as they were then, functioning with their knowledge, truly serving the people. They need government to follow laws to help them, to help us, to protect the future for children.



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