Law and the Unconscious Mind.

The only war America can fight is here, against denial of the unconscious mind so law enforcement can use it to investigate terrorism.

There may be ex Russian nuclear warheads in the U.S.A. now!

Your children's futures are in jeopardy. You hopefully have noticed that human behaviors in this and other societies are becoming extreme and irrational. As an example of extreme the author of this site indicates the school violence of 1998 through 2000. Your children are depending on you to use your love for them to understand what is happening to the world they (will) live in and act reasonably in their interests.

There is something you can do. (Your elected officials are disabled) This consists of first understanding the most valuable aspect of the founding documents of the United States of America. Those documents and the laws of civil rights made from them originate with the MAGNA CARTA. A most important aspect not specifically provided in the Magna Carta is contained in the First Amendment and is the GREATEST meaning of the First Amendment.

Freedom of expression and speech encourages SHARING. From SHARING can come;


This definition of the meaning of the First Amendment unites the essence of the Declaration of Independence with our Constitution using fundamental human values.

At this time we are losing our Constitution. The erosion begins with the XI Amendment then to Title 42, Subsection 21, section 1988, and will continue, if we do not effectively use our ability to share and understand, to the loss of the First Amendment. At that point our world, after we have lost control of our government and war with Iraq begins, will descend into total chaos, we will not be able to effect any change upon it and life will have little value. If you are a thinking and caring person you may have a sense of this already.

What can you do?




You must become an activist after developing an understanding about the human mind, needed to establish a rightful and lawful government. (This means I need your help to get this done, let's communicate.)

The author, using information given to him by Native American Medicine people, has been testing the courts and government to determine if vital societal mechanisms still exist and can react appropriately to information proving that our collective mental state is suffering from a malady that feels incomprehensible to our society at large. The link between church and state is found and tested.

The State will not recognize the potentials for abuses of hypnosis because religion is afraid of it.

Modern society suffers from a loss of its human principles. Families are not forming with functional parents and government is not functioning parallel to commonly perceived, rational purposes. Purposes served by Constitutional law and other older laws that our America system of government is supposedly built on.


Long ago, near the beginning of human societies, those who understood behavior best observed certain behaviors and decided that certain those behaviors would never do anybody any good ever. They defined exactly why and presented their understandings to the people. If the people understood and accepted the limits on behavior, the first law was adopted by the group for their collective benefit.

When did this change?

Today psychologists will not talk about law and judges will not talk about behavior.

Legal documents of this site show that these things are happening in our society when we generally believe that we are well informed and rational. Fear has fostered apathy based in an assumption that things have worked well in the past and they will continue to do so within the status quo even though every day we violate standards of reason, congressional mandate, the clean air and water act. We can see other signs that our Constitution is being eroded.

What has happened in essence is that psychology has been deprived of information that would have informed us of the hidden potentials of our unconscious minds. We were deprived of this because of absent court records of the Superior Court of the State of California of Santa Barbara and many other instances of written information disappearing.

Records of the court are the most important records our civilization keeps because they are how we learn to understand our mistakes.

The author of this site is keeping an effort alive and expanding, to inform people of this compulsive, and hidden element of our unconscious minds to protect himself and his children, the community and its children as they live, by working to compel government and the courts to recognize, follow and uphold laws enacted with the legislative intent of protecting and serving the people. Your assistance is required if our civilzation is to continue.

Native American Medicine people are trying to give us, through my experience, the tools to protect ourselves from the loss of our civilization and environment.

Ultimately we will learn to protect our natural world from ourselves. Our unconscious compulsions and desires working for spiritual fulfillment through material gain is destroying the environment on a daily basis as we live. The only rational action at this point in time is to accept that we have a primordial animal mind then fearlessly, with love and reason, use an understanding of it to survive and evolve.

I repeat a statement made a few paragraphs back;

"our collective mental state is suffering from a malady that feels incomprehensible to our society at large."

What this means is that initially what this web site shares my seem incomprehensible. This is only a feeling and is not supported by reason. IF you are going to protect your childrens futures, THEN you must continue the effort to comprehend what is shared through this web site. The first aspect nessesary to understand deals with psychology or the inability to expand our understanding of the unconscious mind.



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