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Here you can find out what it takes to be HkK and who is already Hkk..There are strict standards so dont think you be gettin up in herr easily...We will be updating new members every two weeks or so.

Listen Up herr are the rules and regulations of being a Hard Knock Killa...

1. No Cheatin..this includes glitches game sharkz and all that other gay shit people do.
2. You gotta make your name...HkK -name- #...and play on your HkK tag so you get your ranks up, if you ever let your losses pass your wins your ass is out!!! Also you must tell a leader if you ever want to change your HkK name..but this is not recommended.
3. You have to be active at least once a week or you will be removed..if you have some reason of not being active you must tell a leader or an assistant.


HkK Ace 6

HkK RoMeO 71


Highlited Name Denotes Assistant

HkK Seraph22
HkK G Unit50
HkK CrazE
HkK Adam 4
HkK GrEeN 30
HkK nItRo
HkK Beer 5
HkK SlapHoe1
HkK titans9
HkK 718
HkK ShizTalk
HkK DucE 22
HkK Uh0ooh7
HkK Rams1
HkK Soldja 13
HkK Bomb B26
HkK Iceburg
HkK Rocks U
HkK Philly1
HkK ij