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Listen up... to all you people wantin to join this Hard Knock Team. What you gotta do is leave a message on the forum and we will set up a tryout and see what you got...it'll be Ace, Romeo, Bomb, C Money, or sum other HkK Member who is high in this whole rank game..ya Heard!


Welcome to the official HArd Knocks Killaz website. We have messed foos up in this Derrty azz madden shiz. All those other teams get rolled on, but not us, we stay at the top of this bizznazz! NigguH! And we do it like no other cuz datz just what we do you herr? So next time you think about steppin on HkK you best back yo azz up nig! Cuz we will bust a cap in yo azz with out no regrets and thats for show no joke on that shiz. No we wont we just kiddin. But we will get a lawyer cuz you know dang right what you do. We get up in this shiz like a train and go CHOO CHOO straight up like a mother truckin cow and go MOO MOO cuz thats the deRRty one theRRty and thats all yo gotz to know for show my neegaroe. Now lets get down to bidness, you wanna know what we do ? If you dont know what we do then you dont know what we do yah herr me? Cuz if you dont play madden online then your not playin it online its like tha grass being GREEN and shit for sho neegaroe. Im talkin about gettin up in this biatch and being like a tree with no leaves and falling down and shit cuz that aint us we stand tall for real and you gots to kno that my homie G gangsta funk master flex....WORD! And we dont take Cheataz we recruit the elite of this madden lyfe, and how we roll is hard is as hard as we knock mutha truckers who try and take sum attention off our TEAM...we got this biznazz don't WoRRe!Cuz we be like little green things jumpin around and shiz Cuz we the true hard knocks for sho aint no body be steppin up on our bidness. NIGGUH!! we got about theRRty sum'N NiggaZ rollin wit Us rite now...cuz we be kickin out some of the playaz that be laggin this HkK game, yah know! Cuz we for sho dont be doin the ole disconnectin if you know what im mean cuz that shiz is all outta wak. Cuz we be down with the zero percentile and shiz all up in the heez for sheez if you know what i meez. so we be recruitin the Elite of this game, Homeboay we be rollin not down but strait up with to the ranked mutha truckers, we goin to get this whole madden lyfe in a Twista and we goin to be eatin this biatch till 05 cum out! YAH HEARD!!??