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Well, speaking truthfully, I don't write much anymore. For school, yes, of course, but I'm the kind of person who really has to be in the mood for something in order to actually do it, LOL...

Writing used to be a safe haven for me; I could use it to express how I felt about a particular subject. Nowadays, though, I feel as if my writing isn't adequate enough (LOL, and it has nothing to do with my failing a school profiency test last year! Still don't know how that happened...). I don't look at my writing as a medium for truly expressing my emotions as accurate as I would like it to. Often, I feel that something is wrong with what I write, and I can't put my finger on what is. Ironically, I found other mediums in order to express myself: art and especially music. But that's a totally different story altogether.

Even after all of that, I would like to try to free that writer self, to see what words I still have left inside. Sometimes a flame burns within me, telling me to go take up a piece of paper and write something down before I lose it. Those times are rare, though it does feel darn good to be inspired like that once in a while.

I'll be updating this page regularly with various pieces of writing throughout my school career, the pieces which I am truly proud of. They don't deserve to decompose in a folder, unread.

Comments? "Critiques?" (Please don't bash me! I'm a sensitive person, LOL!) Sign my guestbook below!

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