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Nutrition for the New Millennium
International, Inc. 1- 877- 4SLIMRX™

The Company and It's Objectives

Slim-Rx™ International, Inc. ("Slim-Rx™") is a California Corporation with principle offices located in San Diego, California. By developing an unparalleled, successful multi-level marketing network nationwide, Slim-Rx™ seeks to accomplish the goal of bringing quality products to consumers at the lowest possible cost, eliminating the overhead and advertising costs usually associated with the retail sale of goods. Such cost savings enable Slim-Rx™ to share the benefits of great success with independent distributors. Slim-Rx™ is dedicated to the development of safe, quality products and services, the ongoing training of independent distributors and providing them a road map for financial success, which can be achieved only by each individual independent distributors' personal dedication to hard work, marketing and sales.

With the majority of the world's population using alternative medicine as their primary source of medical care, it is no surprise that almost half of all health care practitioners now augment traditional treatment with nutrition supplements.

The most aggressive proactive group of consumers seeking healthier living and prolonged quality of life is the aging "Baby Boomer" population; Slim-Rx™ Health Care Products seeks to fill their demands.

Slim-Rx™ Product Lines are supported by Radio and Television advertising campaigns. These aggressive advertising techniques are designed to help support the Slim-Rx™ distributor. It is management's goal to achieve at least $100 Million on annual revenues by the year 2001. Slim-Rx™'s mission is to provide the opportunity for the independent distributors to realize their dreams and help them to create financial independence thorough scientific validation and innovative research in the 100 billion dollar vitamin and nutrition industry and the 60 billion dollar weight loss industry.

Slim-Rx™ International, Inc., is working non-stop to make sure that every distributor has opportunity for prosperity.

Nutrition for the New Millennium

Through exhaustive research and testing, our formulators have engineered the ultimate supplement for building and nourishing your body.

Slim-Rx™ International, Inc., is committed to provide you with the highest quality nutritional products to support all facets of your life. Our Doctor formulated a botanical dietary supplement meets the standard set forth by the United States Pharmacopoeia.*

Slim-Rx™ products are manufactured in a state of the art facility, registered and certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

The ingredients in our products are tested three times prior to manufacturing our products to ensure quality and freshness.

Let Slim-Rx™ and the new millennium open your life to optimal health and success.


* "Pharmacopoeia": USA GOV. Officially recognized authority and serving as a standard.