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Nutrition for the New Millennium
International, Inc. 1- 877- 4SLIMRX™

Employment Opportunities

(as of Thursday, October 07, 1999 9:47:32 PM)

Since inception, September 1998, Slim-Rx™ has experienced rapid growth in public recognition, distribution and sales. Our expanded product line and planned multi state expansion position Slim-Rx to become the major supplier of nutritional supplements in the new millennium.

Slim-Rx™ is always looking for potential employees who are the few that can see beyond today. If working in an environment that is progressive, team oriented and empowered is what you seek; we invite you to explore the many opportunities available at Slim-Rx™.

Here are some of the opportunities currently available:

[1.] Call Center

[2.] Customer Service

[3.] Distributor Relations/ Training and Development

[4.] Retail Leasing

[5.] Shipping

[6.] Warehouse

[7.] Assistant Comptroller

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1. Call Center

Telephone response to incoming 800# calls. Duties include order-writing, order placing, and answering general questions. The position requires the ability to inertact with customers worldwide, handle multiple calls, accurately enter order information, and suggest multiple products. Day and evening shifts are available. Experience is a plus; we will train the right candidate.[TOP]

2. Customer Service

Handle questions and solve problems arising from current base. Both products and performance questions are most common. Candidates must be multitask oriented and able to troubleshoot unique problems. Ideal candidates are detail, service, and people oriented.[TOP]

3. Distributor Relations/ Training and Development

Innovative and existing facilatator to develop and implement training programs to owners and distributors in our network. Excellent communication skills along with ability to create new programs. Ability to interact with independent operators, small business owners and all levels of management. Some travel is required.College degree and training experience needed.[TOP]

4. Retail Leasing

Works with specialty leasing managers and leasing developers for placement of retail kiosks and carts. Performs application work and cooridates distributors with leasing managers. Past retail leasing experience is needed. Detail oriented with excellent written and verbal skills is required.[TOP]

5. Shipping

Process oreders for shipment via US mail and overnight carriers. Maintainn up to date tracking records of all shipments. be able to handle multi-tasks and immediate shipment problems. Past experience in wholesale shipping/ receiving is required. [TOP]

6. Warehouse

General warehouse duties. Maintain inventory of products and retail supplies. Prepare kiosk / cart set up packages for delivery. Place orders with management to update stock on hand. Past warehouse experience is a plus, we will train the right candidate.[TOP]

7. Assistant Comptroller

Management of accounts receivable and payable. Weekly reconcilation of company records, banking interaction with credit line vendors and suppliers, college degree required, and past experience in business financial management needed.[TOP]