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Cabbage Patch Kids Time Line:
Types of Kids and other special milestones!

(please note that this list is not complete; if you have any info or corrections, to add to it, please email me!)

Please note this time line lists the Editions and Types of Factory Mass-Produced Cabbage Patch Kids. Please go the the Soft Sculpture Editions to see the Soft Sculpture Original Chart.

1978: 23 year old Georgia-born artist Xavier Roberts introduces his Little People Soft Sculpture Dolls to specialty stores.
1979: more Little People made
1980: more Little People
1981: more Little People
1982: Little People are now known as "Cabbage Patch Kids"; News buzzes about Cabbage Patch Kids being available in mainstream toy stores.
1983: Coleco manufactures the first mass-marketed Cabbage Patch Dolls: If you were there, you remember the craze!
1984: Coleco Kids continue to swarm into toy stores, being bought up immediately by the excited public!
1985: Coleco introduces Head molds #5, #6, and #8 Preemies, Twins, World Travelers, Show Ponies, play pens, stollers, swings etc.., clothing for Kids and Koosas (pets for Cabbage Patch Kids)
1986: Coleco introduces: Head molds #'s 9-15; Cornsilk Kids, Holding Hands, Astronaughts, Baseball All-Stars, Clowns, Ringmasters, Babies and wooden furniature.
1987: Coleco introduces the first Cabbage Patch Kids with a voice! Talking Cabbage Patch Kids.
1988: Coleco introduces Toddlers, The Kid in the Middle!
1989: Hasbro begins to take over for Coleco in mass marketing Cabbage Patch Kids. Sippin' Babies are introduced.
1990: Hasbro releases their First Edition Kids including Poseable Kids and Birthday Kids.
1991: Hasbro introduces: Pre-School Kids,
1992: Hasbro introduces: Ruff N Tuff Boys, My First Cabbage Patch, Little Lullabyes,
1993: Habro introduces: Baby Cries So Real
1995: Mattel introduces: Happy Sounds Kids, Snacktime Kids (Kids that "eat" pretend food)
1996: Mattel introduces Olympic Kids in honor of the 1996 Summer Olympics; Crib Snuggler dolls (infant toys). Snacktime Kids are introduced and re-called due to safety issues.
1997: Mattel introduces: Fun Bubble Babies; Brushin' Fun Babies; Avon distrubutes Holiday Babies
1998: Mattel introduces Babblin Fun Babies,
1999: Mattel introduces:, Preemie Surprise, the Millennium Celebration Cabbage Patch Doll, E-doption Kids
2000: The Cabbage Patch Kids 33 cent STAMP is introduced by the USPS!; Mattel introduces: Kick n' Splash Kids, Pretty Surprise,
2001: Cabbage Patch Kids go online! Cabbage Patch Kids.Com ; December 2001 the new TRU Kids are introduced in New York. Mattel introduces: Sing and Go Triplets.

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