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Head Molds

Every mass marketed Cabbage Patch Kid has a number on the back or his or her head. This number is not your Cabbage Patch Kid's age, but the mold design of its' head. See the table below:

Head Mold #1 also known as "Shy Face" or sometimes "Small Face". This face features a sweet smile, eyes close together and no dimples. Some kids with this head mold had freckles.
Head Mold #2 also known as "Brat Face" This face has 2 dimples, and a long nose. It is common and mostly seen in 1983 when the Cabbage patch kids first hit the market. This is the most common mold for freckles as well.
Head Mold #3 also known as "Happy Face" This face has a bright looking expression, with a shorter nose, and a dimple on the doll's left cheek. This is probably the most common mold.
Head Mold #4 also known as "Paci Face" This head mold is popular on both full sized kids and preemies because it is the first mold with an open mouth that can hold a pacifier. There are two dimples, one on each side of the face.
Head Mold #5 also known as "Singletooth" This headmold has a very small nose, two dimples and most noticably, a top front tooth. It first appeared in 1985.
Head Mold #6 the second pacifier head mold, this face is much fatter and rounder than #4 and first appeared in 1985. Sometimes it's called "Chubby Pacifier Face". There is one dimple on the left cheek.
There is no #7
Head Mold #8 "Glasses Face" this face was designed to hold the glasses on the Kid's face. The face is round, has a nose that turns up creating a dip to help hold up the glasses. There is a dimple on the left cheek.
Head Mold #9 - With a cute baby-like expression and 2 dimples, it is hard to resist. Sometimes it's called "chimpface".
Head Mold #10 this head mold was definitely not available before 1985, and featured wide eyes, 2 dimples, an open mouth and 2 bottom teeth.
Head Mold #11 This head mold became common in 1986 and features a tounge licking the lips pointing to the left and has 2 dimples on either side.
Head Mold #12 this is a cute headmold with a long nose, 2 dimples and a sucked in smile, it didn't appear until the mid-80's.
There is no #13
Head Mold #14. A very chubby face! There are puffy cheeks and a double chin with a dimple on the right side.
Head Mold #15. This head mold has a wide closed-mouth smile and a small indentaton on the left cheek.
Head Mold #16. Not seen all that often, this head mold has a slightly pouty mouth and a prominant chin.
Head Mold #17. A head mold that is most often seen on Hasbro Kids, it features cute pudgy cheeks and a slightly open mouth, which, upon closer inspection you will see has 2 tiny bottom teeth!
Head Mold #18. This is another headmold seen on the Hasbro Kids. It features a happy expression with an open mouth and a non-colored curled tounge.
Head Mold #19. Certainly very different, it features a wide open toothy grin with five teeth. Also known as "Melvin Face", This Kid looks ready to chomp!
Head Mold #20. Big pudgy cheeks and a small innocent smile, this head mold is common on Toddlers.
Head Mold #21. This headmold features a big wide nose perched between chubby cheeks with a partially open smirking mouth. Available on Toddler kids.
Head Mold #22. Only available on Growin' Hair Kids in 1988, this head mold has a crooked smile showing one lower tooth. Some dolls had freckles spanning across the cheeks and nose.
Head Mold #23. Also only available on Growin' Hair Kids, this head mold has a smile showing a pink tounge and on some dolls, freckles.
There are no #'s 24-29
Head Mold #30. A head mold that is lesser seen, it features a crooked smile and tounge showing.
There are no #'s 31-35
Head Mold #36. This is the Asian head mold that appeared in the late 80's. It was most common on the designer line kids and the kids with cornsilk hair. Features large almond shaped eyes and nice full cheeks.
There are no #'s 37-43
Head Mold #44. A bright happy expression with a dimple in the chin.
Head Mold #45. Mostly on the Designer line kids, this head mold has a small smile, with a dimple just to the right of the mouth.

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**If you recognize any of the Headmold Models and know their names, please write to me to receive credit**
Headmold Models: #1: Joela Adelle, Unknown #2 girl, Unknown #4 KT girl, Unknown #5 African American boy, Unknown #6 girl, #8: Roxanne Cherie, #9: Abigail Ruth, Unknown #10 boy, Unknown #11 girl, Unknown #12 girl, #14: Peyton Pamela, Unknown #15 Kid, Kate's #16 girl, Kate's #17 girl, Unknown #18 boy, Unknown #19 girl, #20: Gingie Tracy, Unknown #21 girl, Unknown #22 growin hair girl, Unknown #23 growin hair girl, #30: Alastair Filmer, Unknown #36 girl, Unknown #44 girl, #45: Autumn Michelle.

Special thanks to The Piper Patch for use of hm's #14, 16, 17, and 30.

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