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The Rings of Saturn
Science Fiction Thoughts and Opinions

I love science fiction. I love spaceships and aliens, dinosaurs and time-machines, optimistic we-will-solve-all-our-problems futures and nightmarish post-apocalyptic scenarios. I love reading SF literature and, to a lesser extent, watching SF movies and TV shows. I'm not a big fan of cyberpunk, and virtual reality never caught my interest either, but for the most part I adore this imaginative, thought-provoking genre. I have some things to say about this form of storytelling, so this site is my little SF corner.
--Argus Skyhawk

Various SF Shows

Titan A.E.
Not bad, but I hope it leads to better films to come.

Bicentennial Man
A movie inspired by an Asimov story. Hey, they took my advice!

The Star Wars Special Editions were Botched
The trilogy wasn't broke, but Mr. Lucas tried to fix it anyway. You can read the response, as well.

Escape to Witch Mountain
Disney tried to make a good SF thriller for kids, but only partly succeeded.


Star Trek

Thoughts on the Star Trek Movies
My brief but correct mini-reviews of the Trek movies.

The Real Star Trek Movie Pattern
Forget about the old Odd-Numbered Curse.

Star Trek: Insurrection
Not bad, but a letdown after First Contact.

A Fifth Star Trek Series?
Let's hope not. Of course, some will disagree.

SF Literature

Science Fiction Novels
If all you know about science fiction comes from movies and television, you are missing out on the best stuff.

Frankenstein the Original Novel
It's not like the Boris Karloff movie. It's better. Although the Karloff movie is still good.


Miscellaneous SF Stuff

Marooned on an Alien World
An interactive space story inspired by the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books.

Form Negative Movie Review
For those who want to post an online rant about a movie they hated, but just don't have the time.

A History of Science Fiction
Totally accurate, but partially incomplete and definitely biased.

Animal Intelligence
Intelligence is a wonderful gift. Let's share it.

A Look Back at the 1990's
Some pretty wild stuff has happened in the past ten years, according to SF.

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