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Form Negative Movie Review

Form Negative Movie Review

Have you ever come home from watching a standard unimaginative Hollywood excuse for a science fiction or fantasy adventure, just wishing you had the time to rant about its awfulness on the World Wide Web? Unfortunately, we internet genre fans are busy people. Never fear! Here I present the handy dandy FORM NEGATIVE MOVIE REVIEW. Just copy the article below and paste it into your own message, inserting titles, actors' names, and other minor details where necessary. It's never been easier to provide a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of a big-budget cinema disappointment.

I recently came back from seeing (Insert Movie Title Here). What a letdown! Being a huge fan of the original (Movie/Book/Comic/Video Game) I was ecstatic when I heard they were making a (Sequel/Remake/Adaptation). There was so much potential. For the past several months, the trailers only made me more excited. There was no way Hollywood could blow this one.

Well, they did. I admit that the special effects were pretty good (although the CGI looked a little fake in some places), but where was the plot? It looked like they decided to substitute a bunch of action scenes and explosions for a good story. There was no depth at all. They changed too much from the original source, and lost everything that made the original so great. Heck, I would have been happier if the story had simply made sense, but this movie had plot holes large enough to drive a truck through them. For example, (Insert a short list of inconsistencies in question-form such as "How did they fly to Alpha Centauri in two hours when they said the ship could not go faster than light?").

And then there were the characters. Talk about one-dimensional and boring! The dialogue was just a terrible stream of cheesy one-liners. Where was the character development? I can't care about the movie's outcome if I don't care about the people.

I suppose (Name of the Best Actor in the Film) gave the best performance possible, considering the lines (he/she) was given, but what a waste! This person deserved far more screentime and could have been used so much better. As for (Second Best Actor in the Film), I expected far more. (He/She) has given good performances in other movies, but this performance was way below par. As for the rest of the cast, they just stunk.

This better not be an indication of how the rest of this movie season will go. I still hope that (Name of Yet-to-be-released Film) is great, but after being disappointed by this drek, I'm not too optimistic.

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