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The Links of Saturn

Here are a number of SF-related websites that I would recommend:
The Interplanetary Railroad
The IPRR used to be dedicated to group-written science fiction stories which everyone helped write by adding a few sentences or paragraphs. It was quite fun. I started the site in 1997, but in the spring of 1999 I found I no longer had time to update it regularly, so I left it in the hands of a different webmaster. The site has since become inactive. It now serves as an archive of old stories that were written a few years ago. Some of the articles found here at The Rings of Saturn originally appeared there.

Schlock Mercenary
A clever daily science fiction comic strip which I enjoy quite a bit. Of course, I'm a little biased because it is drawn by the brother of my brother-in-law.

Science Fiction Weekly
A wonderful on-line magazine that covers both literary SF and films. The forum of letters from readers is usually interesting. Pardon me for bragging, but they listed my former website, The Interplanetary Railroad, as a Site of the Week.

Talkin' Smeg!
This is a message board dedicated to discussing the brilliant SF comedy, Red Dwarf. I started this site too, and left it in the care of fellow smeghead §amantha about the same time I relinquished the IPRR. If you enjoy Red Dwarf, you will find that this is a friendly group of fans who are always quick to welcome newcomers.

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Forum at
The most active SF-related message board I have found. The moderators also do a superb job of keeping the conversations and debates civil.

Hatrack River
The official website of my favorite science fiction author, Orson Scott Card. He writes fantasy and mainstream fiction as well, but his SF contributions are notable enough to warrant a link from this page. The site includes, among other goodies, writing lessons from Mr Card himself for those of you creative types. You will also find information about a possible upcoming Ender's Game movie.

OSC: Mythopoeic Fiction
This is an interesting scholarly paper on the religious aspects of Orson Scott Card's writings.

Do you have or know of a good science fiction site or message board? Let me know!

Here are a few sites unrelated to science fiction:

A singles' website for Latter-day Saints, run by my sister and her husband. If you are unmarried and Mormon, check it out.

Eric D. Snider
My favorite movie critic.

A Guide to Flame Warriors
If none of these characters seem familiar to you, you haven't spent much time on internet message boards.

Dark Horizons-Film News and Rumours
Fantastic behind-the-scenes info on upcoming movies.

The Survivor Home Page
Suvivor was the coolest rock band of the 80's. Period.

Second Sight
This is the biomedical company where I work.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
I am a Mormon, or more correctly, I am a Latter-Day Saint. Give this site a visit if you would like to learn more about us.

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