Sealing the envelope and putting a stamp in the corner, Adélie placed the 12 page letter in her bag and headed downstairs. Grabbing her keys off the key rack where she had left them, she noticed her mothers and fathers were gone. Sighing, she walked over to the fridge to grab a soda. Spotting a note posted on it, she read as she drank her soda.

-Adélie- Dad went to work and Erin and I went shopping. We will bring pizza home for dinner. IF you get hungry, there is left overs in the fridge. Love yah! -Mom-

"Yum, left over tofu. Um, no. I'll grab some McDonald's," she smirked. Making sure she had money, she grabbed her keys and made her way to the door. Opening the door, she walked out into the warm day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Scott was sitting on her car?

"Wha? What the hell are you doing here?," Adélie exclaimed. He smirked.

"I was making an estimate on your car. That's all,' he said with a grin.

"How did you figure out where I live?," she asked, taking a step back up onto her porch.

"The insurance company," he said simply.

"What?"Adélie asked, "they aren't allowed to do that!"

"Your right," Scott laughed.

"Then how did you get it?," she asked.

"I followed you home."

"You what?!?," she asked in fright.

"You dropped this," he held something out to her. She walked up to him. Her credit card.

"Oh my God! I didn't realize I had lost it. Thank you," she said looking up at him. He smiled and pushed his blonde bangs out of his face.

"No problem, just try not to get in any more accidents," he laughed.

"Yours is the first one I have ever been in," she said honestly. She slipped the card into her bag.

"I find that hard to believe," he grinned.

Adélie glared at him, "why do you say that?"

Scott shrugged, "you just seem like an irresponsible driver, that's all."

"Excuse me?!? If I do recall, it was your fault. You hit my car, not the other way around. She spat, stalking over to the driver's side and opening the door. She got in and turned the car on. Scott leaned down and tapped on her window.

"Ugh!," she exclaimed. Pressing the window button, she rolled it down, "what now?"

"I walked here. I live across town. Could you give me a ride?," he asked flashing her his seductive smile that all girls gave into.

"Ha! Get out of here. Later Accident Prone," turning up her music, she put her foot on the gas and pulled away from the curb leaving Scott to once again, inhale the exhaust fumes.

"What a bitch!," Scott yelled storming into the house and slamming the door behind him.

"Watch it mister!," his dad scolded from the kitchen.

"Whatever," he mumbled bounding up the stairs and into his brothers room. Dave, Bob, and Clint all sat there, totally involved in the N64 game their were playing. He slammed the door. Clint jumped, throwing

"What the hell man?!?," he yelped, scared shitless.

"I can't believe her!!," he fumed.

"That girl you hit?," Bob asked, turning around.

"I didn't hit her, she hit me," Scott mumbled flopping back on Dave's bed.

"I thought you said you hit her...," Clint thought, obviously confused.

"I did. But she hit me. I was waiting for her to pull out so I could park and she whirled back and right into me," he said closing his eyes and rubbing them.

"Then why did you tell her you did it?," Bob asked.

"Because, I figured I could get a date if I paid the damages. I mean, she is gorgeous," Scott said remembering her face. She had long dirty blonde hair that was tapered to frame her cute face. She had big brown eyes that were so pretty. Her cheeks seemed to have a natural pink in them. She was so beautiful...

"You could get a date with almost any girl in the world and your bending over backwards for one in particular?," Clint asked eyeing his brother weirdly.

"Oh no, I want her. But not in that sense. I want to get her. It's war now. That lil' skank will feel the wrath of Scott Moffatt," he snickered, an evil grin spreading across his face.

"What are you going to do?," Bob asked, liking the ideas of sabotage that came to his mind.

Scott smiled, "come to my room and we will begin our plans."

Scott walked out of his room and across the hall. His two brothers followed after him, mischievous smiles on their faces. Clint closed the door behind him.

"I won!!!!," Dave yelled jumping to his feet, a triumphant grin on his face. He looked around, "guys? Guys? Where did you go?"