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Dave has got a date with one of the most hottest girls in his town, Chrissy Henderson. She is the savy, sexy varsity cheerleader that every guy wants. Then he meets her sister Cara. She hates him. In fact, she hates all guys. Will he risk a heavenly relationship for one with a girl who will never give him a chance?

Scott tried to be Mr. Nice Guy, but Adélie has it coming. With the help of his brothers, Scott unleashes his worst practical jokes and scams on her. But that's okay, Adélie has a few of her own. This town ain't big enough for the two of them.

Who ever said love hurts? Bob is torn when the girl he thinks is the girl of his dreams is taken. But what if his one true love is right in front of him but he is to blind to even notice her?

When Kylie moved to Redwood City, she left behind a part of her past that she never thought she would have to. Then he comes back. Secrets she revealed to him before she left, she never wanted to bring up again. But now that he is back, will she be able to hold back?

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