"Adélie! Adélie! WAKE UP!!!!," Erin came running into her room and ripped the shades open. The bright morning sun flooded the dark room.

"AH! Erin, what the hell do you want?!?," Adélie groaned, rolling off the bed and onto the floor. Anywhere away from the sunlight.

"You need to come see this! Quick!," she said running out of her sister's room.

"Oh, God," Adélie pushed herself up from the floor and searched around for her Scooby slippers and her white hooded terry cloth robe. Slipping them on she walked down the stairs and into the front room. She noticed the front door was standing wide open.

"Erin? Where is mom?," she asked walking out through the door,"holy shit!"

Their yard was blanketed white. People could possible mistake it for some snow resort. Toilet paper rolls were and the newspaper were shredded and scattered all over the yard and the toilet paper hung from the giant oak tree in the front yard.

"Do you know who could have done this?," Erin asked walking out of the garage with a box of trashbags.

"I have no clue....,"Adélie thought a moment. A horn honked in the street. Her head shot up. Scott's red jeep was at the curb. He was in it with 3 other guys.

"Oh hey Adélie! Looks like you have your hands full. You like our surprise? It was a kind of...welcome to town gift," he smirked. Anger raged through her body. Clenching her hands, she stalked for the car.

"Why you little, arrogant, little prick! I am going to-,"Adélie froze when Erin grabbed her arm, stopping her two feet away from the Jeep.

"Now now, you wouldn't want to make a scene. Besides, you might want to clean up your yard before your mom wakes up!," Scott laughed. Adélie glared at him.

"He's right Adélie, mommy will be up soon," Erin whispered.

"Yeah, Mommy will be up soon," Clint mimicked her.

"Don't even go there you conceited-," Adélie caught herself.

"What? What? You wanna say something? Say it you...you....,"Clint was a loss for swear words.

"Come on guys, we have to get going," Scott said putting the jeep into gear, "by the way, nice robe Adélie."

Adélie looked down at her silk Chinese pajamas that she had covered with her white robe. Stuck to the robe was her red Victoria Secrets bra and a sock. Embarassed, Adélie picked them off and shoved them in her robe. The guys laughed and pulled away from the curb, leaving Adélie to breathe the exhaust fumes. Erin walked over to her and handed her a trash bag.

"Mom is going to be up soon. We better get to work."

"Adélie! Erin! Where are you two?," their mother called from inside the house. Shoving the last bag of toilet paper in the trash can, the two ran around to the front yard to find their mom standing on the front porch in her robe, a questioning look on her face," what are you two up to?"

Adélie looked at Erin, and Erin looked at her. Biting her lip, Adélie looked back at her mom, "I was helping Erin take out the trash."

She hear Erin sigh in relief. Their mom looked back and forth between the two, her eyebrow raised.

"Alright you two. Get in the house and change, we have to go shopping," she ordered, walking to the curb. Looking around ,she looked back up at them, "where is my paper?"

Adélie and Erin looked at each other and tried not to laugh. Before their mom started to ask questions, they ran through the front door, leaving heir mom pawing through bushes for the paper.

"Hey Addy?," Erin called as Adélie made her way upstairs to her room. Adélie stopped and turned around to face her sister.

"Yeah?," she asked, stifling a yawn.

"We are going to get them back, right? I mean, they can't go around thinking they can beat us," she asked, an evil twinkle in her brown eyes. Adélie smirked.

"Remember Jenny Linstone?," she asked, referring to the head varsity cheerleader at their old high school.

"Yeah...," Erin smiled remembering what they had done to her.

"That is what they can expect."

The two sisters laughed evilly and parted, headed to their rooms to get ready.