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The Survivors

This site is not just to remember the victims of Columbine High School, it is also to remember the survivors that face a battle to recover that is far from over. These are the names of the people injured and where you can send money to help pay their medical bills. Thank you for caring and contributing.

~Richard Castaldo~

The Richard Castaldo Support Fund ~ First Bank of Littleton ~ Attention Cathy ~ P.O. Box 2738 ~ Littleton, CO 80161 ~

~Sean Graves~

The Sean Graves Recovery Fund ~ First Bank ~ P.O. Box 620009 ~ Littleton, CO 80162-9903 ~

~Anne Marie Hochhalter~

The Anne Marie Hochhalter Supplemental Care Trust ~ 1st Bank of South Jeffco ~ 6701 S. Wadsworth Blvd. ~ P.O. Box 620009 ~ Littleton, CO 80162-9903 ~

~Patrick Ireland~

The Patrick Ireland and Family Fund ~ c/o Northwest United Federal Credit Union ~ 6320 Old Wadsworth Blvd. ~ P.O. Box 547 ~ Arvada, CO 80001 ~

~Lance Kirklin~

The Lance Kirklin Support Fund ~ c/o Evern Securities ~ 8005 S. Chester St. ~ Suite 300 ~ Englewood, CO 80112 ~ Attention: Bret Roberts ~

~Valeen Schnurr~

The Valeen Schnurr Assistance Fund ~ First Bank Denver ~ P.O. Box 620009 ~ Littleton, CO 80162 ~

~Mark Taylor~

c/o Sturniolo and Associates ~ 1127 16th Ave. ~ Denver, CO 80218 ~

~Kasey Ruegsegger~

The Columbine High School Families' Assistance Fund ~ Kasey Ruegsegger ~ HealthONE ~ 600 S. Cherry St. ~ Suite 217 ~ Glendale, CO 80246 ~

These are all the addresses I have and as I find out more I will post them here. If you know of an address that you do not see here, please send it to me and I will make sure it is posted.

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