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Leave A Rose

It's hard for me to choose what to say to all of you. I think about you every day of my life. I won't ever forget you. This site is my way of telling you all good bye but also letting you know that people care about you and remember you. That's why remembrance is the theme for this site. You have lived in this world and departed from it. You are remain in our hearts forever.


~I leave one radiant, beautiful, perfect, everlasting rose for those 13 innocents who died on that unspeakable day . My heart breaks for all of you; my tears fall for you forever. I would like to especially dedicate this rose to Kelly and to Kyle, because it seems (to me) that far too few words have been spoken for and about you. I wish you all the smiles and laughter in the world, for all of eternity.


~I would also like to leave one dozen roses for Eric and the hopes of replacing all the thorns of hate directed towards you, both in your lives and since your deaths... to symbolize all the roses never left by your now-ruined crosses, nor by the graves your families cannot even mark to remember you for fear of desecration. I leave these bouquets for you, with a kiss, a hug, and a prayer for both of you. As long as I live, I will keep a piece of each of you in my heart...and the pieces I keep are as beautiful and warm as I believe you truly were inside. May you rest in the peace you have so long and so tormentedly yearned for.


I leave 1 rose for each person that died that day, special thoughts and prayers go to Kelly(my fellow poetess) Rachel(a guardian angel, I know I will meet her one day) and Cassie(who reaffirms my belief in God when I start to doubt).

~luv Katie

Of course a rose for Eric and a rose for Dylan, I will never forget you. Your life was far too precious and my heart aches for you because you did not see how incredible your life could have been. I hope you are resting in peace now.


I leave 15 roses for the poor souls we have lost. Fifteen children that we will remember forever.They are no longer on earth but they are in my heart.They are in heaven in God's world now. My prayers are with them eachand every day. I will never forget them.


I don't know what to say about what happened, but I do know that I love each and every one of you. Sometimes I think that life isn't fair, that you sweet innocent young people were taken from us but, in a way, you are all still with us and I will always remember you young people for your courage that fatal morning in the halls of Columbine High School. I hope you are all at peace and walking with God. Cassie, I really admire you for saying yes, you believe in God. God is who took care of all of you and yes I am a big believer in our Lord up above. I don't go to church as often as I should, but when that happened out there I prayed for all of you and your families. I wanted to give Cassie one dozen roses and Rachel one dozen, and the rest each get one. I want you to know you will always be in my heart, every one of you. I love you all.

Love You All, Matt
25/Lancaster, Pa

It's all one sad, sad, sad story. Life is short as it is, whether you live a moment, or 100 years. Let's make it good, people.


I leave a rose for all fifteen who died on that day especially Rachel Scott and Dylan Klebold. May all fifteen rest in peace.

J. Mayers

I leave a dozen red and white roses to all of the victims of the tragedy. To Eric and Dylan: I know you were good in your lifetime and whether you know it now or not; people love you.I love you. And I hope to meet you one day in Heaven . God forgives and so do I . To Rachel , Cassie, Steven, Corey, Kelly, Matthew, Daniel M, Daniel R, Mr Sanders, Lauren, Kyle, John, and Isiah: I am sorry you had to die to bring to light the torment and the pain these two suffered. I know one day we will all meet up in Heaven and I know you all are enjoying it intil that time comes. I love each and everyone of you. Goodbye and God Bless to All.

Stephanie N

Matthew, Cassie, Steven, Corey, Eric, Danny, Kelly, Dylan, Dan, Dave, Rachel, Isaiah, John, Lauren, and Kyle;
On April 20, 1999, fifteen lives were lost in a school. In the sacred halls of learning, gunshots rang out and screams and cries of those wounded echoed through the school. This was about one and a half years ago. I never had the chance to meet any of you, but if I could, right now, I would have a million questions. Eric, Dylan; what made you do what you did? What happened to the boys who were planning futures; smiling in prom pictures? What happened to the innocent little boys who weren't allowed to play with guns as kids? Cassie, you died for God; you all are with Him now. Rest in peace.


I am leaving a rose because I want to show that although I live in New Jersey I understand that it was painful to lose friends and loved one's. I hope that as students together we can stop this such violence and realize that together we can grow as friends in our school and be blind to stereotypes and such! Please leave by God and love thy neighbor asyou love yourself!

Martina Lauren

Dylan and Eric-People say you should be tortured eternally, forget them-You both have been through enough already. I hope that some time soon you both can have some peace. Cassie, Steven, Corey, Danny, Kelley, Dan, Dave, Rachel, Isaiah, John, Lauren, Kyle, Matt and Greg-What happened to you was horrible, I hope that you're happy wherever you are now.

I'm leaving a rose here for Eric David Harris. In all my life, I can honestly say that I have never felt so close to anyone as I do to him, and I hope that he is in peace now. There aren't many words I can use to express how much he has impressed upon my life, but he opened my eyes to so many things, and I hope he has opened all of yours, too. He is with me forever and I know he knows how much I love him. I love him with everything in me and I am waiting for when I will be with him someday. He truly is a fallen angel. I won't forget any of the other's whose lives were taken that day. May they all rest in peace. Together.

This is for the Rememerance for the people from columbine high school who died.

Everyone wonders where they will end up after death. We all want to go to God's home but no one is quite sure. But when I die, I want to go to Heaven, and when I get there, I want Eric David Harris waiting there for me, welcomeing me with arms open wide and lots of love. If I would have known him personally then I hope he could have accepted me and loved me the way that I love him. So I give 2 dozen roses for Eric David Harris. How could anyone hate him? This beautiful person who once walked on this very same earth that we walk today. I cannot believe that people who don't understand him have to rip up his cross. Lets hope no one burns out his eternal flame.

Rest in Peace
Eric David Harris
Love, Hannah

I want to leave a rose for every one of the thirteen innocent people who died on that terrible,dark tragic day now almost two years ago.My heart is still with every one of the victims and I still cry for them and their loss.I also send a rose to Eric and Dylan they are also still in my heart. I have shed more tears for them and their victims than I count.That may not be the popular view,but I believe it is the right view.There is not enough forgivness and mercy in this world.Everyone who died that day had a life that was precious and valued in the eyes of God.

I leave roses for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. May they rest in peace. I wish they were still with us now, but what happened happened for a reason. Eric and Dylan, I will love you both always. Till we meet in the afterworld...

*Hugs and Kisses*

I would like to give two dozen roses to DANIEL ROHRBOUGH. He was such a wonderful person and doesn't get as much credit and attention as he should. there have been few, yet meaningful, words spoken about him. I want him to know that I think about him every single day and I can't imagine what pain his family must go through. They had a wonderful special son who's memory will forever live on with me. I'd also like to give a single white rose to both ERIC and DYLAN. Even though what they did was horrible, they were very misunderstood. I feel for them and may they all rest in peace. See you soon DANIEL. I love you.


How can I begin to express the myriad ways this tragedy has touched me? I leave a rose for Rachel, who looks so fragile and small I just want to hug her and protect her; for Eric, a fellow Ace Ventura fan who could have been so much; for Dylan, who had one of the best smiles I've ever seen; and finally, to the other twelve victims and their families, especially the Harrises and the Klebolds. God be with you.

It is April 20, 2001 as I write this. Two years have passed - two years, and my heart still breaks with tears and wrenching grief for 15 beautiful people I never knew. I don't know why I can't shake this tragedy off; I don't know why those 15 smiles are embedded within me forever. What I do know is that I will treasure their lives and their legacies for the rest of my own life. I have been enraged and saddened by the amount of cruelty, ignorance, and pure hate demonstrated in the wake of Columbine. While Eric and Dylan did something terrible beyond words, they were two wonderful, intelligent human beings whose dear families still ache for them. It is the hate and judgment of others that broke Eric and Dylan's spirits; WHY would we want to "punish" them by demonstrating the same? I will never understand...

...So, on this day, two years and countless tears later...I leave 15 roses. For Daniel Rohrbough, who was so young and full of the joy of life. For Daniel Mauser, whose quiet brightness and pure soul touch my own. For Steven, who was excited about the simplest of pleasures - Star Wars, soccer - and deserved so many more years of his own adventure. For Kelly, a budding poetess and introspective dreamer whose parents aptly described her as "pure innocence." For Cassie, whose inner courage and inherent desire to better herself has inspired me to be a stronger person. For Kyle, whose gentle selflessness and enveloping love for his family provides a model of what we all should be. For Isaiah, who let no obstacle stop him and overcame with heart what he lacked in stature. For Lauren, whose love of animals mirrors my own, and whose academic excellence ensured her a golden path. For Matt, who taught me that stereotypes need not be true, and that kindness can come in any package. For John, whose unassuming demeanor masked a giving, serving spirit. For Corey, who is now at peace with the wind, rain, and sky. For Mr. Sanders, who embodies what a true hero is, and who has left a joyous collection of memories and inspiration in his wake. For Rachel, whose pure beauty, loving heart, and ecstasy in all that was around her make her my role model. And for Eric and Dylan, whose horrifying, desperately sad last actions cannot hide the goodness, potential, talent, and wonder that they carried with them in all the days before.

I love you all. I promise to be the person I should in your names; to never forget what your lives and deaths have meant to me; and to carry on and make the changes and the statements you never had the chance to. May you rest in peace.

~Child of April~

Through the past two years, we've seen the growth of the families of Columbine and Littleton since April 20, 1999 when 13 innocent children were brutally murdered and two committed suicide. Let's never forget the life of these young teens and remember that they are still in our hearts. Let's make their dreams live on.


I contribute 15 dozen yellow, white, light pink, dark pink, and purple colored roses of each color(excluding red because they symbolize romance) to each victim of Columbine. Cassie Bernall, Steven Curnow, Corey DePooter, Kelly Fleming, Eric Harris, Matthew Ketcher, Dylan Klebold, Daniel Mauser, Daniel Rohrbough, Dave Sanders, Rachel Scott, Isaiha Shoels, John Tomlin, Lauren Townsend, and Kyle Velasquez.


I did'nt know anybody from Columbine and I was only in fifth grade. When the shootings happened I had no clue what was going on, but now I do. Its impacted my life so hard that , although I hardly ever cry, I feel shaken and stirred inside. I have been moved spiritually by Cassie Brenall, Rachel Scott, and so on. I have a person to follow and a place to go to talk about it. My church, West Bowels Community, and God. My prayer is that others will be moved to.

- Nena Harkey

To the Web Master of the most beautiful site I have yet seen.

I would like to leave two roses for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on your site. Dylan and Eric: I hope so much that the world will come to understand, forgive, and mourn you someday. If it cannot learn enough about compassionate living to do those things, then, I will just offer a loving prayer for both of you, and for your families and your friends, and I will be at peace with your tragic deaths, because I know to the bottom of my heart that you are happy now, and you are free in heaven. Three years to the day later, the pain of what you did is no less terrible, but the prevailing sentiment is grief and sympathy. There can be no more hate.
To you and to your wonderful innocent victims, I say goodbye and Godspeed.
Rest in peace.

No Name

All who went home: Cassie, Steve, Corey, Kelly, Daniel, Matthew, Daniel, Dave, Rachel, Isaiah, John, Lauren, Kyle, and of course Eric and Dylan's souls too...despite what they did, I can't just write them off...their families also lost children, and it would be cruel to act as if their loss was any less painful.


I have researched and researced on everything that involves the Columbine High School shooting. My heart goes out to all who died, and my fears go out to those who have caused this tragedy. So these roses are for every tear that's been cried.


Columbus, Indiana

To all my fallen brothaz and sistaz :
U fell victim 2 a horrible crime ,
guess u were just at da worng place at da wrong time .
I can never undastand y people have 2 die ,
we watched as your motherz put u 2 rest with a tear in their eye .
We don't hate the two boys that killed u all ,
if we had that much hate in us... we wouldn't be able 2 go on .
We hate what they've done ,
we hate not havin u here with us.. cuz u were taken by a gun .
Now itz 2 late 2 say our goodbyez , ya mothers and fathers pain are expressed in thier cries .
I hate 2 see more children fall victim 2 this horrible crime ,
I just wish u weren't there at that time .

Love all of you who have died ,
maybe in the next life we can bring joys 2 our sighs .

~ Shannon Thomas

( Just passin through the site and thought i should say " goodbye" . )

With the third anniversary just past I've realized nothing has changed. I can't get past that day, that night. Distance didn't mean anything. I love everyone one of you. Eric and Dylan included. My deepest simpthy is with the Harris & Klebold families and what their having to endure lately. Eric and Dylan are finally able to rest without pain, but that doesn't mean their families can.
To 15 very important people in my life, I hope your safe and can smile again.


I leave a rose for each innocent life that was lost that day in school, especially Danny. You were amazing Danny boy, the greatest friend....if only I had known that before you were taken. I have an emptiness still, especially when I play golf...wishing you were there. I know things happen for a reason, but I am still trying to work this one out. For three years now, I have despised Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I've released that hatred in me. WE ARE....COLUMBINE!

I would like to leave as many roses as I possibly can for Eric David Harris. Eric, as many times that I have talked to you, I never got to tell you how much I love you. You have changed my life in so many ways. The day you took your own life was very painful for me. I cannot tell you how much I miss you. You mean everything to me, and I will never ever forget you. I am constantly thinking about you, and I wonder what it would be like if you were still here. You were such a wonderful person to be around. I have never felt this way about anyone, and no matter what anybody says, you will always be in my heart, and nothing can ever change the way I feel about you. When others look at you, they see a monster, but when I look at you, I see a very talented, smart, sweet, funny, and compassionate person. I pray that when my time comes, you will be waiting for me in Heaven, and we will finally be together for eternity, and you will love me as much as I love you.

I'll Love You Always And Forever Eric!
*~Love Always,

There are times, I swear I know your here, when I forget about my fears, feeling you my dear, watching over me. My hopes seek what the future will bring when you wrap me in your wings, and take me... where you are,where you and I will be together once again. We'll be dancing in the moonlight just like we used to do, and you'll be smiling back at me. Only then will I be free, when I can be, where you are. -Jessica Simpson "Where You Are"

Just a quick message to say that not only did 15 people die on 20/4/99, but a part of 15 families died. This sort of thing must stay with all of us forever, it's the only way the dead can still live.


I would like to leave a rose for each of the 15 who died in this tragedy. Most of all, I'd like to leave 2 roses for Eric David Harris and Dylan Bennet Klebold. You two are in my thoughts every single day. I love you. Why did you have to do this? I wish you two had remembered how many people are like you, and had changed the world a different way, a more positive one. But I can't change the past... Maybe there's a reason why.
My friends think I'm weird, my teachers think I'm crazy, and my classmates think I'm a future mass murderer, but I don't care. I will always remember Columbine. I can't let it go. It changed me. I was 11 when I heard that news, a 5th grader who loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and didn't have a care in the world. After I heard that newscast, I never looked at anything the same way again. And if you say that isn't true, you're either lying or heartless. That showed me how short life can be. Now I cherish the people I took for granted. I've started the New Trenchcoat Mafia to help outcasts band together, so they won't act out in the ways that Eric and Dylan did. I help the kids at my school who I see getting harassed and beat up in the halls --- the teachers don't want to.
So in closing, I would like to say to Eric and Dylan, or should I say Reb and VoDKa: I love you, you could have been anything. You were an outcast like me --- rest in peace.

Sarajane "Sega" Sein
Ashland Middle School
Glenolden, PA

Dear parents and Loveones

I'm leaving a rose for all those who had lost their lives everytime I pray I pray for them.

I really don't know them but I want to know them. But only in heaven we can meet

As I look back at the years They seemed happy and Overjoy but i ask myself and others why did such a tragic have to happen to them. I sorry for those who are left behind to see and remember that tragic day.But remember there in your hearts and minds and most of all their with our heavenly father. I love ya!! and I'm gonna miss them even though i don't know them. But i do want to say they inspired me to reach out and touch others with faith and belief because of them i'm working on christian songs.

God be with those who died

God be with their parents and friends left behind

and God be with those who are responsible for the tragic deaths of them

From Felicia Rutherford
Tennessee at Anderson County High School

Can we over joy the pain we lost the suffer we have the love we have is stronger then all this together!!!!!!!!!

love always
seven 7

I'll miss you Eric and Dylan!

love always


I pray for all those who died. I hope to see Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold will be in heaven waiting for me.I also hope everyone will think of them in postive ways instead of negative.I'm in High School right now and I know how teen pressure can be like living hell but i just wish everyone can just forgive them.

-Much Luv-
Meagan Corniel

I leave a rose for all of the victims, and their famlies. Mostly for Kelly Ann Fleming, Rachel J. SCott, and Cassie Bernall, the three who have insipred me, and changed my world.


know i didn't know rachel Joy Scott that well but she has touched my heart and has changed the way i live my life. i write to her all the time in a notebook and tell her that i wish i could just for once see her and talk to her about her life. So Rachel this for u i can't wait to see u in Heaven and keep up the good work. I love u so much. i also hope that u keep your eye on me and keep on being my angel

love u Rachel Scott
See you in heaven
Joseph Henley

The following is the message for my rose:

My thoughts go out to Eric, Dylan, and Rachel Scott. Eric and Dylan were terribly misunderstood in their time. I hate how they are branded as monsters. Rachel Joy Scott's story is very sad. How could you harm a creature that beautiful?

Leave a rose to remember Columbine. Email your message to Put "rose" in the subject line.