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Links to other Columbine sites

Each of these sites has a special insight into the Columbine tragedy. Please take the time to visit them and learn more about what happened and what you personally can do to keep it from happening again.

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Tears For Eric And Dylan

This site is dedicated to remembering Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in a respectful and moving way, without idolizing them. It is a very powerful site filled with information.

I Still Remember

This site was made by a friend to remember Eric and Dylan. It is definitly worth a visit.

Rachel Joy Scott

This site is for Rachel Joy Scott and tells about her life and love for God. There are samples of Rachel's artwork and poetry here.

Daniel Mauser

This site was set up by the family of Daniel Mauser in his memory. It is a wonderful tribute to a boy who died far too soon.

Cassie Bernall

A site in memory of Cassie Bernall that has been set up by her family.

Yes, I Believe

Would you have the same courage as Cassie Bernall? This website is dedicated to her and the movement her death has inspired among the youth of America.


This is a well-done site filled with information and links to help people gain a better understanding of what happened on 20 April, 1999.

This site is called We Are Columbine and it was made by Lindsey, a Columbine student to tell her story and honor her friends. It moves me how she brings these students to life. Thank you for sharing your memories with us Lindsey.

The Victims
What You Can Do
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