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Music of the Black Hole Sun - Using My Music
[Music of the Black Hole Sun] Image Copyright 1997

[Eclipse] Image Copyright 1997

"Surrounding the innermost darkness of the eclipse, the brightest of lights shall always prevail."

Now playing... Night Storms.

Wondering if you can use my music? Well, you've come to the right place! Just download the songs you want to use and follow the instructions below.

HTML Code for Playing MIDI
There are two ways to play MIDI files on a web page:

If you'd like to play the MIDI with a MIDI control panel displayed on your webpage (like what's seen on this page), use the following code:
<embed src="midiname.mid" autostart=true loop=false volume=90%>
If you don't want the MIDI to play automatically, set autostart to be false. If you want the midi to play again after it's done, set loop to be true. You can also adjust the starting volume with any percentage value.

If you'd like to play the MIDI without any control panel, use the following code:
<bgsound src="midiname.mid">
(NOTE: This code does not work for Netscape browsers.)

Non-Commercial Sites
Non-commercial sites may use my music free-of-charge, but must adhere to the following rules:
  1. Provide a link back to my music page on your site. The URL is
  2. Include the name of my song on each page that uses my music.
  3. Mention that the songs are copyright by Grant H. Joung.
  4. Email me and give me the URL of your pages that use my music. If you wish, I can link to them using my Awards and Links Page!
  5. Although not necessary, donations in any amount will be gladly accepted.
That's all you need to do! Also, here are some banners you may want to use when linking back to my music page. Just copy and paste the code below the image you want to use! The image will then be displayed on your page and will also link back to my music page.

<a href=""> <img src="" width=468 height=68> </a>

<a href=""> <img src="" width=400 height=40> </a>

<a href=""> <img src="" width=135 height=51> </a>

Commercial Sites
If you are looking to use my music on a commercial site, you must email me and inform me of your intent to use my music. Please provide the URL you wish to use my music on, if it exists. As I have only received a few requests from commmercial sites, I'm able to deal with them on an individual basis.

Other Requests
If you wish to use my music for any other reason, please contact me at

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Music, MIDI compositions, cover page images, and background are Copyright © by Grant H. Joung. All rights reserved.
Page last updated June 3, 2003.