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Grant Joung's Home Page -- Black Hole Sun
Black Hole Sun

[Eclipse] Image Copyright 1997


Welcome to my home on the world of cyberspace.
Don't forget to visit my music page! It's the most original thing I've got up on the net, so make use of it!

Now Playing: The Searching Path © 1997

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Come check out my original MIDI music that I've composed specifically for release on the net! They are also available in MP3 format. Click on the eclipse below and enter the Music of the Black Hole Sun.

[Eclipse] Image Copyright 1997

"Surrounding the innermost darkness of the eclipse, the brightest of lights shall always prevail."
-- Black Hole Sun --


Come look at some pics that I've taken using my new digital camera!


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This page was created on October 26, 1996 by Grant H. Joung. Last updated September 7, 2003.