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"Surrounding the innermost darkness of the eclipse, the brightest of lights shall always prevail."

Since the release of my music on the net, some people have either placed my music on their page, have created a link to my music page, or have given me an award! Some have even used my music in a computer game, computer screensavers, or have even offered to write lyrics/poetry to accompany my music! The least I can do for them is give a link back to their pages. So, here's a listing in alphabetical order. If you would like to use my music, click here to find out how! Otherwise, if you would like to add a link to my page or have an award you would like to give me, you may inform me by email and a link back to your page will soon be added to this list. For those of you who are already on this list, thanks for your support!

Now playing... Darkened Mists.

A Rip in Cyberspace
Simply one of the best designed and maintained sites on the net! Into Command and Conquer? Stop by to indulge yourself! Get access to hundreds of different fonts for download. Vote for the MIDI of the Week! All this from this great site!
Ace of Space
If you haven't already been to Sharon's site, you have to check it out! It offers some of the best original backgrounds you can find on the internet! She also has a kid's site where they can find plenty of fun and educational things to do. I'm eternally grateful to Sharon for having used my music on her site and also for allowing me to use her "eclipse" jpeg before I could make my own. Cool graphics along with my music... what else could be better in life? ;)
Hey, in the mood for some music chat? How about meeting new people interested in music? This site has a great real-time chat that requires no software download! Check it out at @Music! It also has a new jukebox that has some of the best original MIDI that can be found on the net. Go check it out!
Back to Basic Software, Inc.
At this site, you can find the freeware game called A.F.I.G.s (Anti Flying Infantry Guns). Damon Amyx, the creator of this game, selected some of my songs to be featured on the game. He was concerned that I wouldn't let him use my songs given that the "death animation is somewhat graphic." Download the game to see for yourself.
Boston IVF
This page, created by imageData Corporation, is a commercial page for a Boston area advanced fertilization facility. They selected "The Searching Path" for the introductory song to their web site. It was extremely exciting for me as this was the first commercial site to make use of my music.
The Busca Vida Music Page II A Brazilian site with a broad selection of MIDI for download. Interested in some international music? This site will sure satisfy your needs! You may also choose from a list of composers from around the world. Each has his/her own page to feature their original MIDIs.
Cact's and Nat's New Java Pages
Adorned with beautiful graphics, poetry, and music, these pages aren't to be missed. Cool water ripple java effects also make these pages amazing to look at! If you haven't seen them yet... now is the time!
Celestial Lady
A site that will surely put yourself amongst the stars... Celestial Lady offers a truly unique site for any space loving fan. Visit her MIDI Galaxy and imagine yourself floating amongst the heavens with her exquisite MIDI collection.
College Edge
Looking for help to get into college? Go see what the experts at College Edge have to help you! The site has one of the largest data bases I've seen for college information, including search engines for scholarships. You can even apply to colleges online here! I was very flattered when they asked me to compose the opening MIDI for their undergrads page. So, even if you aren't interested in getting into college, go check out the MIDI and tell them (and me) what you think!
"CollegeJam is a web site packed full of useful features for college students but more importantly, it's a place for College Students to jam on the Net."
On CollegeJam's opening day of review (May 1, 1997), Music of the Black Hole Sun was selected from hundreds of pages as one of the top ten pages registered at College Jam!
"Now with a splitting headache, I had to delve myself into The Music of the Black Hole Sun. And you know what? I wasn't disappointed at all. This is a page packed with original MIDI files. Writing about this won't do it justice so go over and listen for yourself."
Dee Dee's Wild & Wacky World of Looney Stuff!
What better way to describe her page than its title! Included on this page are her personal "best links around on the net," topped off with some cool music by yours truly. :) So what are you waiting for?
Deztex Limited Productions
Butch has created a wonderful software based midi sythesizer, of which he selected "Always In My Hearts" as a showcase piece for his synth! Go there now and listen to his rearranged version of my song!!
Digital Artist
Being the "Home of Imagination," you can expect to see some great stuff at this place! It features excellent original artwork created by Minnie. So, stop on bye and let your eyes be amazed as you delve into the imagaination of the Digital Artist!
Maintained by psychologist Richard V. Sansbury, Headworks is a great site for "practical information, tools and resources you can use to create immediate and lasting improvements in the way your mind works... and in your life." What does this mean!!! Go find out for yourself while you learn more about yourself and your psyche! Richard also has some tapes he has available for you to listen too... I recommend "Phobia Delete." Maybe you'll find the music on that tape to be familiar. ;)
J's little corner of the cybersphere
So who is this girl Jinny that keeps on emailing me weird letters? Find out for yourself on her homepage. She's a fellow Taiwanese person... and one of my original supporters. Though she may be weird by a lot of people's standards, I'll take a chance and publicly acknowledge our friendship. ;)
Lady Dark One's Realm
Mystical sights, sounds, and original poetry await you at this truly enchanted site. Stop by and treat your mind, eyes, and ears to the wonderful pages by the Lady Dark One!
LittlEnya's Book of Days
Take a peak at LittleEnya's creative mind in her story of a walk in the mystical land of Barovia. Picture this land full of joyous laughter, song, and dance. Read lyrics (by Enya) to the songs of the and... with music I'm sure you'll find familiar.
Magick Circle This exquisite site features some of the best original graphics I've seen on the net!! Created by Noorvik Design, this cyber-shop offers many great products to "enhance your intent and release the power within!" I was honored to have my music accompany this truly mystical realm.
Midi Exchange Well, I recently entered a MIDI Contest held by Creative Labs... the same company who makes those wonderful Sound Blaster sound cards. Want to hear the compositions of some of those who entered? Enter Midi Exchange and decide for yourself who should be the MIDI master!
Midi Music Festival & Contest Come listen to more original MIDI compositions at this wonderfully picturesque MIDI site. For those of you who know her... Irish musician Sheila Ryan is the contest's official protector. For those of you who don't know who she is, there's a wonderful picture of her on this page. :)
The Midi Tone Poets Society "A Marriage of Poetry and Music for Your Delight!" If you love music and poetry, you simply can't pass this site up! Rob Hastings does an excellent job creating pages for music composers like myself that have poetry featured along with our compositions. I was more than happy with the results... go check it out for yourself!
The MIDIOTS Are you enthralled by the world of MIDI? Do you compose or sequence your own MIDIs? Looking to chat with others who share your interest in MIDI? Look no further! Check out The MIDIOTS!
MIDITRAX Site of the coveted MIGHTY MIDI award! Packed full of some of the best original compositions on the net! If you're looking for some great original MIDIs, look no further! Catch the next wave to MIDITRAX!
Midiworld Get any of your favorite songs in MIDI or browse what Midiworld has to offer you. This easily searchable site also has links to information that any electronic musician will appreciate!
Mitch's LinksLS'98 Golf Page A dedicated golf fanatic, Mitch created this site to inform other golf players about LinksLS and the many Ladders and Tours available for internet play. If you're searching for info on golf, this is the place to go!
Night Owl Music An excellent site to listen to some more original MIDI files by Mike Leja. Being modest, he once told me in an email "I'm a midi composer myself(or so I'd like to think;)." Mike, you've got my vote for being one of the best up and coming composers out there. Check it out yourself!
Parkhurst Net Productions Definitely THE best place on the net to get original screensavers, compiled with outstanding original graphics by Charled D. Parkhurst and original MIDIs from composers like myself! Still using that silly scrolling marquee screensaver? It's time to get a new one here!!
PlayCity On June 1, 1997, Music of the Black Hole Sun received PlayCity's Cool Site award! Check this site out in order to indulge your internet needs. It simply has everything from sports to music. It also features a cool Juke Box feature for your MIDI listening pleasure. Go check it out!
Robbin's Homepage (Bella Baby) It's up! Her new domain can be found at Hopefully, it'll have some nice original MIDI music in the background soon. I wonder who's composing the music for her site? ;) Robbin's by far my number one fan... president of my fan club. ;) I couldn't have done it without her support!
Hey, looking to get your own domain? Email Robbin and ask about what she has to offer!
Scrumpdogs Wrecking Yard Personal homepage of the one and only Maximillian von Rfffenberger. Includes a curious collection of links on the net. And... a flattering picture of what seems to be his dog. Stop on by for some fun!
Search Music Network A great portal site to look for more original music on the web - including screen shots of each site it has listed. Indulge your brain's right side by clicking your way through this site's links!
Sherry's Creations Looking for some wonderful original poetry? Head on over to Sherry's Creations! Simply stated, her site is heartwarming... a perfect cure for the stressful and chaotic world we live in today! Recently, she dedicated a page for the victims of the Columbine High School shooting and for children all over the world. As she clearly explains, "more healthy sites for body, mind, and spirit" are needed. I couldn't agree more.
Simon's Virtual Home Simon is a good friend of mine I met in High School. Although he didn't start playing my music on his page until I asked him too, I know he's learned to appreciate it. At least, I'd like to think he has... ;)
Spacko's Homepage Sandy's got a great homepage up on the net, complete with a whole section devoted to Shelties! She has one herself and absolutely adores "Trixie." I plan on getting a Sheltie as well in the future; they ARE great dogs! Why not stop by and check out her site to learn more about her and Shelties.
Special Education Links+ A learning disabilities specialist and educational therpaist, Kathy put this site up for a good reason. It answers a lot of questions, for both parents and children, about learning disabilities as a whole. I'm proud to have my music accompany a page that's up for such a good cause... keep up the good work Kathy!
Special Educational Needs Tutoring Here's another educational site that might be able to help your child out. Of course, you'd have to live in England! James Dow-Grant, principal of several independent schools near Aldershot, Hampshire, has put up this site to inform the neighboring communities that his school just might be the right one for their child. Stop by and check it out!
Standard MIDI Files on the Net Standard MIDI Files on the Net boasts to be "The Most Complete & Best-Maintained List of Sites With MIDI Files." They just might be right!
Tales From The Temple Of All Ancients Sound intriguing? The literature you'll discover here will certainly quench your curiosity. Nichole has created a fabulous site, focused on the story of a young Woman who was the prophesized 'Sunieya,' the Eleventh 'Ancient Key Of Earth.' Check it out!
Tales of the Are you a Diablo game fanatic? Or... are you interested in reading fantasy published for the first time on the internet? The Steven Dong has created the right place for you. Being a writer and Diablo fanatic, he's created some wonderful fantasy stories for you to read on-line. And, since it's online, it's also filled with alluring pictures and of course... music including my own!
The Busca Vida Music Page Hurray! More international exposure! This site, located in Brazil, has a collection of some of the greatest MIDIs up on the net! Early Music, Baroque, New-classical... all styles that can be found in this 300+ collection. It's a must visit for the MIDI searching fanatic!
The Complete MIDI File Directory Another excellent site to look for your favorite MIDI songs on the net! It is divided into many categories for ease of searching and includes many other features that any music fan will find interesting.
The Knight and His Princess A site explaining the extraordinary tale of how the Celestial Lady, Lita Mills Trace, met her "Knight in Shining Armor" over cyberspace. Now a happily married couple, they've built a site explaining their cyber romance come to life!!
Ultimate MIDI Page The Ultimate MIDI page speaks for itself! Another excellent place to search for your MIDI sites on the net. Also includes a list of FTP sites and some good MIDI related usenet groups to visit.

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