Clues to our future often appear daily. Journaling provides the means to record these clues and wait until our understanding catches up.

Write On! will help you learn to:
* record life's events
* explore life's options and develop a decision-making process
* transition journaling into a "real" book
* experience life differently
* write through chaos to increase your personal clarity and understanding
* digitalize a journal with an archive filing system providing easy "CTL F" to access memories, creating an external memory source.

"Lemme check my journal"

Journaling can be
a travelogue
a gallery of thoughts
an inspiration
an emotional vent
a scrapbook
an external memory drive
a gift of love
and a creative channel.

ellen's first book:

"Oh little dance floor on the head of a pin where one female angel dances alone in her barefeet. I hope she creates more of these keepsakes, these quiet overtures from heaven so that I may curl up by a sunny window, book in hand, and pretend just for a moment I'm there dancing with her..."
~ Desiree Miller, Montana

" . . . a soul more than willing to take risks in the pursuit of grace."

~ A Martinez

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