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Mole's Home Page

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This Page ALWAYS under construction

Welcome to my original Homepage. My Science Page features links for gradschools, scholarships and study abroad programs, lots of cool links for both scientists and non-scientists and a few articles on controversial or interesting topics. My Food Page includes reviews of restaurants in various places (so far New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn, Washington, DC, Los Angeles and Chapel Hill, but I'll be adding) as well as suggestions for Hot Sauce Lovers. My History Page has lots of very cool links to a variety of history-related sites, links for gradschools, plus a few articles on historical issues that interest me. My Travel Page has good links, descriptions and pictures of trips I've taken as well as general information helpful to travelers. So far I have mostly concentrated on traveling in Japan and Greece but have pictures of Japan, Greece, Turkey and Israel. Check out all these pages below.

I have been getting requests for more science articles. I will try to add more as time permits--I'm pretty busy right now, but it warms my heart that the Science page is getting attention. Please let me know if there are particular topics you want to hear about.

A note about the banners--I apologize for the clutter, but this is a way to get traffic to my site. Please do not assume that I endorse everything advertised on the banner exchanges--some things I most certainly object to. But that's how banner exchanges work, and, besides, I'm all for a free exchange of ideas.

This is a picture of my fiancee, Joy:

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This picture shows the kind of stuff I do for a living:

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