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Mole's History Page

Here I indulge in my love of history and archaeology. When I am not immersed in the wonders of Molecular Biology, I am often reading up on ancient or medieval history. My interests are largely confined to Eurasia, though the Treasures of Sipan exhibit did give me a good appreciation of Pre-Colombian archaeology. The Roman Empire fascinates me because it represented a high water mark for world civilization that wasn't surpassed until well into the Industrial Revolution. The amount of territory that the Romans controlled and the level of stability maintained within that area for several centuries is amazing given the low technological level of the time. Japanese history interests me because I lived in Kyoto--one of Japan's best preserved living museums, as it were--and got to see quite a few places that feature prominantly in Japanese history. Finally, I am particularly interested in transitional periods. Of course all periods are to some degree transitional, but some are particularly so--e.g. the bronze age, the barbarian settlements in the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, the early Rennaisance, etc.

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