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Listed here are many shareware / freeware programs for download. These speaker design "CAD" programs are extremely useful when designing and constructing your own speakers. There are many useful functions such as calculating enclosure volumes, port dimensions, crossovers etc.

To conserve space, all of the programs are located on other servers, and can be directly downloaded through this page. Other programs will require you to go to other sites.. If you wish to return to this page, use the back button on your browser.

Here is the list of  downloadable CAD programs and sites which contain software:

Blaubox  - (DOS) 215K Freeware
Free to us by Blaupunkt, good freeware CAD program available for loudspeaker design.
Designed cheifly for automotive applications. This creates problem with Blaubox - it will figure a "computer - generated optimum" enclosure - tends to be smaller than an actual "optimum" enclosure - a compromise between performance and box size. A speaker database allows you to store info on all your drivers, available for instant review. Also plots the low frequency driver response, and you can display two separate enclosure/sub designs at once so you can see how different designs compare with each other. Very good port calculations. Also will help figure the dimensions for a box, and print a hard copy of dimensions. Although programmed with automotive applications in mind, this program works well for building home speakers too. 

Box Plot 3.0 - (Win95) 244K Shareware
Written by Rick Carlson.
Box Plot is an excellent shareware CAD programs for loudspeaker design. Great program for any amateur builder. Program assumes you have a fair working knowledge of theory and design, but also features an informative program help file, as well as general information about speaker design. Used correctly, this program gives a very accurate model of loudspeaker alignments and theoretical display of driver performance in a variety of enclosures.

Mobile Design 1  - (Win95) 609K Freeware
This excellent CAD program is freeware from Mobile Dynamics.
Simple to use, though rather limited in scope. Works well if you are trying to design sealed or isobarik enclosures. This program is designed only for figuring true "optimum" ported enclosures. If you deviate from this, the displayed bass rolloff frequency may not change with the enclosure size. Gives you theoretical tuning and roll-off frequencies.

Perfect Box 4.5  - (DOS) 216K Shareware
Excellent shareware CAD program that helps you compute several different configurations, including isobarik
and push-pull enclosures. Provides a driver database to store all your sub information, and includes a nifty frequency graph, as well as a table that displays theoretical low frequency SPL's. Also plots excursion vs. power handling, and can print any of it's graphs for a hard copy. The program figures true "optimum" alignments by default, but you can change enclosure size manually. This program provides accurate alignment changes when you experiment with enclosure volume and tuning frequencies.

Thiele  - (DOS) 31K Freeware
Written by Jonathon.
Program to help you test and determine Thiele/Small parameters for your sub! A great little program for the DIY speaker builder, or for someone with drivers and no specifications.

Madisound's FTP Site includes many other useful audio programs and files for download.

KB Acoustics Audio Software is an informative but limited program which helps with room and speaker placement. Very neat and interactive.

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