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Building Speakers & Subwoofers
RCA Cable
Speaker design and construction is both a science and an art. You need to understand both before you can go out and build
your own loudspeaker system. You will need to have some experience with wood working -- most of the other important
aspects can be learned from this site and experience. Even if you don't plan on building your own speakers, you may find the
following information can be very informative.

There is a lot more to speaker design and construction than you might think. There is a large amount of physics, mathematics,
theories, laws, and terminology involved. Some terminology can be found on the Glossary page. Formulas conversions, equations, theories and other building information is found on this page.

Because this will make up the biggest part of the site, links to other sub pages are found on this page and not at the bottom of the other pages.

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