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Solar Power
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Solar Cells


Single Crstalline Solar Cells

Each solar cell is coated with an anti-reflection compound that increases the efficiency of the solar cells. Excellent for use in constructing solar panels ranging from 1-50 watts. Other applications may included science fair projects, telecommunication, and several off-the-grid systems. Solar cells are packaged in bubble wrap to prevent cell breakage during shipping.


Tabbed Solar Cells

Tabbed solar cells have a ribbon wire pre-soldered to them for easy interconnection with other solar cells. Typically these cells are use in making solar arrays (Solar Panels) If planning on construction own solar panels,


Multi Crstalline Solar Cells

High efficiency and output at an affordable cost. Multi-Crystalline solar cells are less expensive to manufacture, allowing us to offer them to our customers at lower prices. Excellent for constructing solar panels; suitable for OEM applications and educational use. Compare to our Single Crystalline solar cells. Question: What is the difference between multi-crystalline and single? Single Crystalline are constructed using thicker wafers that decrease the amount of cell breakage in manufacturing.


Unicell Solar Cells

New UniCell introduces the only one volt single crystalline solar cell available. Currently these cells have been used and tested in constructing 1-100 watt solar panels. UniCells provide one volt of DC power under standard conditions; cells are constructed of thick silicon wafers providing customers will less cell breakage.

What solar panels is made of

Inovative solar panels

Portable solar panels