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Solar Power
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Thin Flim Crstalline Solar Panels

New Thin-Film Crystalline Solar Panels. Each solar panel is encapsulated using a thin film technology that provides a protective shell around the solar panel. Each solar panel includes two wire leads extending from each end of the panel. Designed for use in small portable battery charging locations and remote location applications. These modules are also great for use in science fairs and projects.


Omni Panels

Ready to Use Solar Panels requiring no soldering! OmniPanels are constructed using high efficiency poly-crystalline solar cells. Housed in a durable plastic case, Omnipanels are great for classroom experiments and prototyping. With a wire variety of sizes, OmniPanels can be found for almost any application. Two six inch wire leads extend off each solar panel.



OpticPanels are new innovations in solar energy. Engineered to work in low light areas, they can be used efficiently in any region of the world. In addition to working in low light areas, OpticPanels are constructed without aluminum frames, making them thin for areas where space is limited. The first layer in our OpticPanels is a composed of a tempered glass. The second layer is constructed of a semi-conductor anamorphous layer which is the electrical conversion layer.

Solar Cells

What solar panels is made of

Portable solar panels