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Solar Power
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Our Project

Tittle: Solar Power
Focus: Saving non-renewable resources by using solar panels as our main energy source.
Present Situation:
  • The solar panels is built only on private housing and offices.
  • It is not in major use in singapore.
  • Solar panel is not used as a main source of energy.
  • The solar panels is also used in satellites
What we intend to do:
  1. To improve solar panels so that it can be strong enough to be used on cars and buses.
  2. To improve the solar panels so that it can be used on labtops and computers to increase their moblity.
  3. Use solar power as the main source of energy in singapore.
  4. Build solar panels on housing estates, schools and other buildings.
  5. Build solar plants on tall buildings and rural places to store up energy energy so that solar energy can be used at night.
What is new about our project:
  1. We plan to increase the usage of solar power from only private housing to cars, buses, housing estates, labtops and other machines or electronics.
  2. We plan to use solar panels on cars and buses.
  3. We plan to make labtops and computers more mobile by using solar panels to provide it energy and recharge it's battery in the day while using it's solar recharged battery for the night.
  4. We plan to make the solar energy our main source of energy.
  5. It is not wildly used in Singapore.
  6. HDB Users are not using solar panels no