We are dead and always will be. Kyle and Dennis are off on some street punk safari and Im off to explore music a bit more. Im still doing the old punk thing but there is some more things on the burner. Thanks to everyone who gave a shit. If anyone has a complaint about my songwrtitin etc... say it to my face. Some Like It Hot is a straight forward punk rock band out of Thunder Bay Ontario. Some Like It Hot! consists of Ryan Hopeless-vocals/guitar, Kyle Wark-bass,vocals and Dennis McMurder-drums/oooozin ahhs. They donít want to change the world they just want to grab it by the balls and scream " take that ya hoser!" Check the NEWS section for the latest juicy gossip from the S.L.I.H boys. Also come check them out on open stage Saturdays at 201. S.Syndicate.Ave it's only 3$ and beats wasting all your money on drugs. All shows will be advertised on here (Some Like It Hot! shows ) but if you want the low down on the whole Thunder Bay scene go to Thundercore Thundercore Its an awesome site done by Rosemary Obscure. Sounds will soon come and so will more shitty sweat shop merchandise. hahah. Hope you all enjoy this shitty attempt at a web page! DONT FORGET TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!

OK this is the scoop. Me and Kyle stay around after school of whenever we can get time to work on this page so it is always changing. All the pics are up but they are massive. I will resize them as soon as I get a chance but check them out anyways. Also if anyone wants us to play shows, order stuff, get info etc.. just email us @ mfrrecords@hotmail.com

Special thanks to the punk rockest girl in town for fixing our pics etc......

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