Here is a list of "fun"stuff we have been told by people:

"You guys fuckin suck!"

"Go to hell you shitheads!"

"You are amatures"

"Ryan Hopeless has rusty vocals"

"Dennis is uglier than Jesus himself"

The only good thing Kyle can do with his hands is jerk off- and he's second rate at that too!"

The assholes from Some Like It Hot jerked off in my bathroom!"

"You are uglier than the chunks of corn in my shit!"

"Take a bath"

"You are a bunch of obnoxious jerks and I hate you!"

"You guys are assholes!"

"It was funny at first but now you're just creepy!"

"Sometimes I just wish you would die"


"You guys are the biggest joke around"

"Fuck you punk bitch"

"We dont take kindly to you punk freaks"

Oh so your one of thos punk asses eh?"

"Im not going on stage with them they suck!"

"You guys really let yourselves go"

"I remeber when you guys were good! Wait no I cant!"

"Why is every drum beat the same"

"Cant you take a hint leave me alone!"

"Stop following us!"

"You guys are fuckin'queers!"

"Im not a homophobe but get the fuck away from me!"

"What are you guys trying to do, make noise"

"No I will not go out with you"

"Punks not dead but you guys will be"

"How could you fuck her in my bed?"

"You did what to her in my mom's room?"

"Stop being such a jerk...I dont wanna talk about it"

''I hate you more than anything else in the world''

''You can be a real asshole''

''But I thought you were gay''

''You are the most boring person I met, kinda like sandpaper''

''If you dont shut up Im gonna fucking kick your ass''

These are all things we have heard in the past year. They are all true. Hope you had fun reading! More will come!