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Backstreet State of Mind
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Backstreet State of Mind

  • Updates:August 4th 2005. Guess what my readers, Time Lost has been nominated for a couple of awards! Hope you guys will support me. As for an update, I've got a new story in the works and it should be ready very soon. This one won't be posted in pieces.>

    Stories of mine
  • Ventriloquisim:Another day, another break from touring. When one of them buys a dummy from an old shop, they maybe buying more than what they bargined for. Is it bad? You bet. Is it an adventure? Of course. Is the villain a pain in the neck? Wouldn't have it any other way, now would you? UPDATED JAN. 14th 2004

  • Two Worlds Apart:While being chased by a group of rabid fans, our boys have been saved by a young girl. Problem is, she has brought them into her world and now wants their help to find her lost family member. Well, not before getting into a little trouble of their own. Sound complicated? It's going to be. UPDATED JAN. 14th 2004

  • Time Lost:First new story in a long time. Brian is thrown into the future where everything has gone wrong in the world. One of his friends are gone and everything is different, but how will the help of Brian and another being save the world?. FINISHED

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  • The Backstreet Project:This is what Cartoon Heroes really was before I decided to ditch this one and rewrite it. It's bad, but entertaining at the same time. Has a different plotline to it, but basically a how they got powers kind of deal. Have a good laugh.

  • When Hope Runs Out:I can't believe I actually wrote a sequel to the one above. I was disgusted with this one as well, but I still like the idea enough to show it to you. It's a Backstreet Project one, but what happens if their weaknesses become truely harmful?

  • Switching For A Day:This story inspired my work about A.j. and Kari. In this story everyone gets to find out what things would be like in the different gender. The ending is quick because I got sick of this one.

  • Return of the Magic:This ones not really an opps. I had this posted as a part of a sequel contest and this one lost. Still, I kinda like it and want people to check it out. It's a sequel to The Green Amulet and it one where the evil witch stays dead, but a new enemy arises.

  • Family Ties: This story is a little different from my last two. Kari has been living with the Carter's for a while now. Now her old family wants her back. Also she has been taken from her home to a boarding house. How will she pull through?

  • Don't Wanna Lose You Now:.This ones kind of an edition to Family Ties. A night of fun in a different city turns to tragedy for four of the boys. Three or just fine but one isn't. It's a race against time to see if he will survive or else. And one of the members past comes back to haunt them.

  • Cartoon Heroes:I based this story on the comic book Nick Carter made called the Backstreet Project. Have you ever wondered what would happen if it were true? Find out right here!

  • Animated RealityAfter gaining their new found powers, the boys and the girl use them against the evils that came from the comicbook. But something is horribly wrong with Kevin. You see, something is after him and wants only two things. His body and his life. FINISHED!.

    A.J.'S CURSE
  • Cursed:A.j. is always getting into trouble with his attitude. But when he talks back to the wrong person, he gets more than he barganed for. Guest stars, Amanda.

  • Cursed Two:The New Generation:.This one is set about 20 years into the future. A.j. and Amanda have gotten married and have two children of their own. A daughter and a son. The son is a bit of trouble. He has the exact attitude problem that his father had. Now, in a different city, history is about to repeat itself, and theres nothing they can do to stop it..

  • The Green Amulet: Kari really hates Brian's girlfriend Leighanne. Now Leighanne wants a little revenge

    Leighannes Revenge:The first sequel I wrote for Green Amulet. The guys all think Leighanne is dead right? Guess again. She is very much alive and is out for blood now.

  • The Dollhouse: The guys and Nick's new little sis find a strange book that turns their lives upside down

  • Howie's Angel:Howie had taken the death of his sister pretty hard. He thinks of her all of the time. What will happen when she comes to him in a dream. If you are emotional, you might need a half a tissue

    Out of my mind:When one of the group gets kidnapped, it's up to the rest of them to figure things out. But what happens if no one else around you can see you? Has a hilarous ending that you just gotta read. I guarentee that you'll like it!

  • Sands of Time:I wrote this one a little while back and it is very weird. I will be trying to put this in chapters but for now it is only a very long page. If you like Nick, you'll like this one.

  • Cyber Space:Howie is always on his stupid computer. One day, while Nick and him are looking at something on it, a virus hits. Brian trys to fix and something bad happens. Can't tell you what it is. You'll have to read it.

  • Possessions:The guys pick a new opening act for their concerts and just love her. But only one of them thinks she can't be trusted. His feelings were right when the others begin to disappear without a trace.

    li>Planned Destiny:How big would a secret have to be in order not to tell anyone, not even your friends? Pretty big. Now, all of them will find out what one is hiding. And it's not one they are willing to let out. It's that big.

  • Trading Places for a Day:Worst enemies are going to be at each others throats. That is the way Kari and A.j. are. One day, Kari finds a ring that will change their way of thinking for life. Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.

  • The Backstreet Nutcracker:This is based on the famous ballet. All of the guys are one of the many characters, and I threw in myself to make it interesting. Very strange and very funny at times. Please read it.

  • Time Lost:First new story in a long time. Brian is thrown into the past where everything has gone wrong in the world. One of his friends are gone and everything is different. But, how will the help of Brian and another being save the world?. FINISHED

  • The Road Less Traveled:The boys take a backseat in this one while I tell my story. My name is Kari Carter, but that wasn't my name a few years ago. Allow me to tell you about my life, pre Backstreet Girl

  • Backstreet's Back:This story is not mine but i don't remember the name of the true author. ALl I did was fix it up a bit so it would look better. It is a very weird story and you should read it to find out what I am talking about

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