Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 12

    "You promise to cover for me?"
    "I promise, I'm going out with BJ tonight and you're going to go shopping for a while and then meet up with us and go back with BJ to her hotel and crash there.  I don't want to know exactly what you're doing, but I want you
to remember that you can call me at anytime tonight for me to pick you up and take you back here, ok?"
    Sarah nodded as she searched for her shoes at the bottom of the closet.  "Yes, and thank you, Matt, I owe you one."
    Matt leaned on the wall next to the closet as Sarah found her shoes and stood up.  "You're quite welcome and yes, you do owe me one, a great big one."
    "Hey, wait a sec, who was it that set you and BJ up?"  Sarah asked, walking to her bed and sitting down, trying to fasten the straps of the shoes.
    "That would be my ever so wonderful cousin Sarah, whom I barely knew existed until she came here, but she's damn cool and even though she's only been here for about three days, I already feel like I've known her forever,"
Matt said.
    Sarah laughed and stood up, walking to the mirror across the room and checking herself over once.  "You're way into flattery, aren't you?"  She asked, brushing her hair and pulling down the bottom of her shirt.  She was
wearing a long skirt and a tank top with a button sweater.  She was in dark colors again, the skirt being black and the tank top and sweater a dark blue. The pair looked surprisingly good together.
    "Indeed I am, how do you think that BJ is going out with me tonight?  I must've complimented her a million times two days ago, she was practically red the entire time," Matt said, sitting on the edge of Sarah's bed.  Sarah glanced at the clock.
    "Well, if you want to flatter her even more, you have to make a good impression on her mother, who I happen to know is back in Florida for a few days to see Nick and is going to be at BJ's hotel tonight.  We have to leave now if you want to get there on time and I have to meet Brian in the lobby of the hotel right before you go upstairs," Sarah said, grabbing her purse.  She made sure she had everything she would need, including a pair of shorts and another shirt, just in case.  She didn't really know what would happen at Brian's that night, all she knew was that they could barely be kept apart the night before when they went to dinner.  The restaurant was quiet and Brian was right, no one bothered them.  In their booth, they were left alone all night and if they weren't in a public place, God only knows what would've happened.
    Sarah and Matt hurried downstairs and Vicki, along with Sarah's mother met them.
    "Are you sure you want to shop all alone?  I'll go with you if you want, until Matt picks you up," Sarah's mother volunteered for the hundredth time.
    "No, Mom, I'm positive.  Besides, I need the time to myself, and then Matt will pick me up and BJ and I will have a fine and dandy time together and I'll be home tomorrow, ok?"  Sarah said, grabbing her jacket out of the hall closet.
    "Ok, but call if you need anything," her mother said.
    Sarah nodded and grabbed Matt's arm.  "I'll remember to, bye Ma, bye Vicki!"  She called as she dragged Matt out the door.  She sat in his car and waited as he drove to the hotel.

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