Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 11

     Sarah looked around backstage.  BJ and Matt were flirting, Leslie was talking on someone's cell phone, and Aaron was playing Mario Kart on the N64. Sarah stood up and walked across the room to Aaron and sat down on the floor next to him.
    "Mind if I play?"  She asked.
    Aaron shrugged and handed her a controller, resetting the game.  They both said nothing as the main screen came up.  Sarah watched as Aaron picked the toughest level and picked Toad as his player.  Sarah calmly chose Yoshi and they started the race.  At first, neither was in the front, but then, Sarah pulled into first with Aaron in a close second.  They battled for first, going back and forth between them.  When they finally crossed the finish line, Sarah was ahead by about three seconds.
    "Hey, no fair, you cheated!"  Aaron exclaimed.
    "How can I cheat?  You can't cheat in a game that has a remote control and rules that a computer controls," Sarah protested.
    Aaron's face started to turn slightly red and he looked away, back at the game.  They started another race and this time, Aaron won, but only because Sarah couldn't seem to keep her car on the track.  For the third round, Sarah crossed the finish line a minute before Aaron because he fell in the water.  For the forth and final round, both were determined to win.  It started out with Aaron winning and he was doing very well until the last lap when Sarah
got a power mushroom and she went right passed him and to the finish line a half a lap ahead of him.
    "Cheater!"  Aaron exclaimed after he finally crossed the finish line.
    "Aaron, I couldn't've cheated!  How can I cheat when its all luck with which item you get when you go through a question mark thingy-majigy," Sarah said, trailing off at the end, not really knowing what to call it.  She started to laugh, shaking her head at herself, then noticed that Aaron was shaking with laughter.
    "Question mark thingy-majigy!"  Aaron squeaked out, holding his stomach as he laughed.  He couldn't stop laughing and saying it over and over again, reminding himself why he was laughing.
    "Hey, what are you two laughing about?"
    Sarah turned her head and saw Brian walking over.  "Question mark thingy-majigy!"  She somehow said.  She was laughing so hard, even though it wasn't even that funny.
    Brian sat down in between her and Aaron.  "Airboy, what is she talking about?"  Brian asked.
    Aaron just shook his head, laughing too hard to talk.  Brian just shook his head and picked Sarah up off the ground.
    "Ahh, Brian, put me down!"  Sarah exclaimed.
    "No way, you're too beautiful to put down," Brian said, holding her cradle style and looking in her eyes.
    "Brian, please, I feel like I'm gonna fall," Sarah whispered, calming down.  She held her hands around Brian's neck as he lowered her legs to the ground.
    "Have I told you today how beautiful you look?"  Brian whispered, holding her close to him from around her waist.
    Sarah looked down at her outfit, a pair of jeans and a blue T-shirt, nothing special she could see.  "No, there's nothing that's different about me since yesterday," she replied.
    Brian shook his head and raised his hand to her cheek, running his fingers through her loose hair.  "No, everyday there's something different about you, everyday you look more and more beautiful," he said quietly.
    Sarah felt her face get hotter and she looked down at the ground.  "Stop embarrassing me," she whispered.
    "I'm not embarrassing you, I'm telling you the truth," Brian said, lifting her chin up and looking into her eyes.  Sarah closed her eyes as she felt him lean forward.  His lips touched hers and she couldn't help but think
about how sweet he always was to her, always complimenting her.  She loved the way he made her feel, but did she deserve it?
    "Brian, Sarah, break it up, please."
    "Brian and Sarah, Brian and Sarah!"
    "Earth to Brian and Sarah, come in, please."
    "Hey, guys want to come up for some air maybe?"
    Sarah broke away from Brian and looked away from the guys that were in front of them.
    "Shut up!"  Brian said, reaching out and hitting one of them.
    "Hey, I didn't do anything!  I just pointed the two of you out!"  Nick exclaimed.  Sarah looked at him and laughed, he was rubbing his red arm.
    "Come on you two, break it up, let's go, we have to get moving," Kevin said, a small smile on his face.
    Sarah nodded and started to walk to the door, but Brian stopped her.
    "Wait," he said.  He waited until the other guys had walked away, then he kissed her again, a short, but sweet kiss.  "That will have to last until we get to wherever we're going.  This next one is the last one, though," he said.
    "Really?  Then what?"  Sarah asked, walking with him to the door.
    "Then I have the night off, feel like coming to my house tonight?"  He asked, a smile forming on his face and growing wider.
    Sarah giggled and squeezed his hand.  "Tell you what, let's make it tomorrow night and it's a deal," she said.
    Brian nodded.  "Perfect, tomorrow night it is.  Tonight, I'm taking you out to dinner."
    "But, Brian, you can't take me anywhere!  People will see!"  Sarah whispered.
    Brian shook his head.  "Not if I take you somewhere no one will know and dress the part.  You and I are going outside of Orlando and into Tampa, we'll have dinner in a small restaurant where everyone knows me and they won't say anything about me being there with my girlfriend."
    Sarah bit her lip and walked to the front of the crowd of people, leaving Brian behind.  She hurried outside with BJ, Aaron, and Matt and got in the van.  She heard Matt and BJ still talking behind her as Brian ran into the van and sat next to her.
    "Well?  What do you say?"  He asked.
    Sarah looked outside at all the fans, the people waving around signs and screaming and some even crying.  She nodded.
    "Ok, as long as you're certain no one will know," she said, turning back to him.
    Brian smiled and nodded.  "I promise you, no one will ever know, except for me, you, and the guys, but that's only because I have to tell someone where I'm going.  But I promise that no one will bother us, no one will recognize me, and no one, and I mean no one, will tell anyone that we were out together."
    Sarah sighed as the van started again and was driven out of the parking lot and onto the main streets.  She sat silently next to Brian, holding his hand, for the rest of the ride, waiting until it got to their last destination.

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