Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 13

    Brian watched as a black Camero rolled into the hotel parking lot and parked by the entrance.  He saw Sarah get out and she was laughing with Matt. He smiled as she walked inside and he followed her in.  He walked slowly,
watching her as she walked into the bar, where they'd agreed to meet.  He went in a few minutes after her and searched around for her, finally spotting her at the bar, sitting on a stool and sipping from a bottle of water.  He
stood there watching her as she finished the water and paid the bartender, then looked around.  He walked over to her and held out a white rose, much like the one he'd given her six months ago.
    "Hello, beautiful," he said quietly.
    Sarah smiled at him and took the rose from him, bringing it to her nose and smelling it.  "Brian, this is so sweet," she said.
    Brian smiled and held out his arm to her, not saying a word.  He walked her outside and to his Beemer, helping her in the passenger side.  He drove silently to his house, holding her hand the entire way.  He led her inside
the house and up the stairs to his room, which he'd spent all day cleaning and had set up candles in the room, knowing she loved the vanilla scented ones.  He lit each one as she looked around the huge room in awe, she'd never seen it before.  He finally finished lighting the candles and walked slowly over to her.
    "Would you like to dance?"  He asked as he picked up the control for his stereo.  His Boys II Men CD came on, the memory controlling which song to play.  He took Sarah in his arms and swayed back and forth with her.  He
started humming along with the song, then singing.
    "Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candle light.  For tonight is just your night, we're gonna celebrate, all through the night."
    He reached over to the bedside table and picked up a glass with wine in it, sipping it slowly.  He handed it to her and watched as she sipped it.
    "I submit to your demands, I will do anything, girl you need only ask." He kissed her as the chorus came through the speakers, letting the song's meaning take over his actions.  He took the glass of wine out of her hands
and set it back down, pulling her over to the bed.  He unbuttoned the sweater she had on and pulled it gently off her shoulders, kissing her now bare skin. He dropped the sweater and gently ran his fingers over her shoulders,
kissing each spot as his fingers left it.  He felt her kiss his neck and run her hands down his body to the bottom of his sweater vest and T-shirt.  He helped her take it off of him and returned to her body.  He carefully pulled the tank top off of her and kissed down her neck to the top of her bra, then reached behind her and undid the clasp, slowly pulling it off of her.  He explored her body with his hands and kissed her deeply, relishing every moment.  He sat her on the bed and laid her back against the pillows, kissing down her body until he got to her stomach.  He kissed it lightly, then returned to her mouth.  He kissed her and felt his way up her skirt and pulled it and her underwear off at the same time.  He felt her undo the button on his pants and helped her take them off of him.  He pulled off his boxers and reached into a drawer in the bedside table.  He quickly opened the little package and put the little item on before coming closer to her again.  He entered her and heard her gasp.  He kissed her as he pushed himself inside of her, thrusting in and out every few seconds.  He quickened his pace and deepened his kisses on her, kissing up and down her neck, running his hands over her, listening to her as she moaned.  He reached climax at the same time she did and practically collapsed on top of her, tired.  He kissed her softly and relaxed as she ran her fingers through his sweat-drenched hair.  He felt her kiss her way down his neck and pulled himself out of her and laid next to her.  She climbed on top of him and kissed down his chest, gently fingering
the scar he had from his heart surgery.  He hugged her closer to him and she returned her mouth to his, kissing him softly.
    "I love you, Sarah," he whispered.
    "And I love you, Brian," she whispered her reply.  He pulled her body next to his and pulled the light sheet at the bottom of the bed over them.  He buried his face in her hair and kissed her head before falling asleep, still listening to the music.

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it seems as though they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday
Suddenly, I'm not half the man I use to be
There's a shadow hanging over me
Oh yesterday came suddenly
Why she had to go, I don't know
She wouldn't say, she wouldn't say
I said something wrong now I long for yesterday
Love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in yesterday
I believe in yesterday
Oh, Iâ?¦had to go I don't know
She would not say
I said something wrong
How I long for yesterday
Love was such an easy game to play
Now I need a place to hide away
Oh I believe in yesterday
I believe in yesterday

Was so far away
Oh yesterday was far away
And I know I can't turn back
'Cause yesterday is gone.

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