Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 10

    Brian paced around the back of the record store before he had to go out and sit at a table for the next hour.  He was slightly worried, if he wasn't in the back when Sarah arrived, she wouldn't be able to get in.
    "Brian, calm down, what is with you?"  Jeff, one of his managers, asked.
    Brian shook his head, he still hadn't told them about Sarah.  "Nothing, I'm just a little anxious," he said, sitting in a chair and biting his thumbnail.  He bounced his leg up and down, a habit he wasn't known for, but did constantly when he was nervous.
    "Brian, it's a small signing, you can calm down," Jeff said, looking up from the papers in front of him.
    "I know, but that's not why I'm anxious," Brian said.  'Its now or never, Brian, you can't keep it from him much longer, even if he does kill you.'
   "Then why are you anxious?  Got a hot date tonight?"  Jeff asked, laughing.
    Brian nodded as a black Camero pulled into the back of the record store.  "You might say that," he said as he hurried to the door.  He grabbed the two passes on the table by the door as he went, ignoring Lonnie, one of his
security guards, as he hurried outside.  He went to the passenger side of the car as Sarah got out.
    "I've been waiting for you," he whispered, kissing her.
    "Hmm, we would've been here a while ago if it weren't for Matt," she said as they broke apart, looking at Matt as he got out of the driver's side.
    "Hey, it's not my fault you used the hot water," Matt said, locking the door to his car.
    "I did not, you just took forever after accusing me that I took forever when in fact it was only ten minutes," Sarah said, giving Brian a hug.  Brian smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her tight.  He couldn't
believe she was with him and he didn't want her to leave his sight.
    "You two fight like brother and sister," Brian said, putting the pass around Sarah's neck and tossing the other to Matt.
    "If we were brother and sister, we'd have to be twins separated by a few months, I'm older by three months," Sarah said, walking around the car with Brian.
    "And she won't let me forget it," Matt said, putting the pass around his neck.
    Brian smiled and led the two inside.  "Well, my brother is a few years older than me and he refuses to let me forget it.  He constantly tells me that because he's older, he gets dibs on everything, and he still pushes me around, despite the fact that I'm more well known than he is," he said.  He brought Sarah and Matt over to the side of the room, away from Jeff who was staring with an open mouth at Brian.
    "Um, I'll be right back, Sarah, why don't you introduce Matt to the other guys, and tear Nick away from that nintendo and make sure he went to the bathroom," Brian said, smiling.  He saw Sarah smile and laugh as she walked over to Nick, knowing what he was talking about.  He hurried over to Jeff, who was just getting out of his chair to get Brian.
    "Who is that?"  Jeff demanded.
    "That's my girlfriend," Brian said.
    "And who is with her?"
    "Her cousin, she had no choice but to bring him, they're going to come with us today."
    "No they aren't."
    "Come on, Jeff, you're letting Nick take along BJ, Leslie, and Aaron!  Why can't I bring Sarah and Matt?"
    "Because, BJ, Leslie, and Aaron have no choice but to come, Sarah and Matt are not suppose to be here.  They can stay here for now, but they're leaving when this is over, they can't come with us to the next appearance."
    "Jeff, please?  They won't be in the way, they'll stay in the back and be quiet.  You won't even know they're here, please?"  Brian pleaded, practically on his knees begging.  He really wanted Sarah to spend the day
with him, they didn't have a lot of time left together.
    "No, Brian, after this, they leave," Jeff said, walking away.
    "They're staying, Jeff," Brian said sternly, dropping the pleading and begging.
    "Brian, don't start this again.  I say who stays and goes and they're going," Jeff said, turning to face Brian.
    "No they aren't.  They are my guests and I say that they stay.  I don't see Sarah very much and I'm going to spend the day with her even if I have to walk out of here with her to spend the time with her.  Sarah and Matt are
staying, or I'm leaving," Brian said.
    Jeff looked slightly taken aback.  Brian never put his foot down like that, he was often afraid to stand up for himself with anyone but the guys, but when it came to Sarah, he was going to do what he had to.
    "Ok, Brian, calm down.  Today, but never again, understand?  If Mike were here, he wouldn't agree with me and he wouldn't give in so easily, but never again, she isn't going to be with you all the time.  You have a job to do,
don't forget that, Brian, you're bound by contract to do what we say," Jeff said.
    Brian nodded and a smile appeared on his face.  "Great, thanks, Jeff, you won't regret it," he said.  He hurried over to Sarah, who was talking to AJ, her back to Brian.
    "I got you!"  Brian exclaimed, picking her up by her waist and twirling her around.
    "Ahh!  Brian, put me down!"  Sarah exclaimed.
    Brian put her down, but didn't let her go.  "I still got you," he whispered.
    "So I can tell, but I was having a conversation with AJ, I don't remember quite what we were talking about now, but I was talking to him," Sarah said, laughing.
    "We were talking about what an idiot Brian is sometimes," AJ said, walking over and crossing his arms.  "This just goes to prove my point."
    "Oops," Brian said, looking down.  "Sorry."
    "That's ok, we have to go anyway," AJ said, walking away.  Brian looked to where he was going, to meet the rest of the guys at their entrance.
    "I have to go now, but you enjoy yourself back here, ok?  Feel free to play the N64, I know you want to," he said in Sarah's ear.
    "You're right, I do, I don't get to play it much anymore," she said.
    Brian smiled and kissed her neck on the inside, then kissed her lips. "I'll be back in an hour," he said.  He let go of her and walked over to the rest of the guys, walking out with them to the table.
    "Yo, Bri, you never told us she was coming," AJ said.
    "Yeah, she scared the crap out of me and I lost the game I was playing," Nick said, smiling at the people in line.
    "Sorry, but I just got this idea this morning to have her come along so I could spend the day with her, it was a spur of the moment thing, and her cousin Matt had to come, he's her alibi for today," Brian said as he sat down.  He picked up the pen on the table and started flipping it in the air.
    "That's her cousin?  When he came in, BJ nearly had a heart attack, it was great.  She dropped the cell phone she was so shocked, her mother thought something had happened," AJ said, laughing.  He was at the end of the table, and then it was Nick, Brian, Kevin, and Howie.  AJ took the first poster as it was set on the table and signed his name.  He passed the poster onto Nick and smiled down at Brian.  "You should've seen her, her face was chalk white."
    "That's an amazing feat considering that she's tan all year around because of the California sun," Kevin said.
    "Well, if there's one thing I know about BJ is that she's not easily impressed and if she acted that way when Matt walked in, then we know something's up," Nick said, passing down the paper.
    "Something major, Jeff wanted them to leave," Brian said, signing his name.
    "Why?"  Nick asked.
    "Because I didn't tell him they were coming and they weren't cleared.  I mean, like they would do anything that could be bad, the most they're going to do is hang in the back for a little while and play the nintendo.  Sarah
beat me so bad when I went to visit her, she's better than Nick," Brian said, smiling.
    "I seriously doubt that she is better than me, the king of nintendo," Nick said.
    "She is, and she doesn't practice that much.  She doesn't have an N64, yet she's really good at Mario Kart and everything, she learns quick," Brian said.
    "We'll see, I'll challenge her when we get in the back, I'll beat her," Nick said. Brian shook his head, laughing.  He looked up at the girl standing in front of him, a short fourteen-year-old girl waiting for her poster.
    "Here you go," he said, handing it to her.
    "Thanks, Brian, could I ask you a favor?"  She asked.
    "Can I have a kiss?"  She asked.
    Brian glanced next to him at Nick, who shrugged.  "No harm in it," he said. Brian sighed and stood up.  He leaned forward and moved to kiss the girl on the cheek, but she moved at the last second and his kiss landed on her lips.
    "Thanks," she said, smiling.  Brian sat down and numbly signed the next few posters without saying anything.
    "Umm, is she going to be pissed?"  Nick whispered to Brian after a few minutes.
    Brian shrugged.  "I don't know, I really don't.  I mean, she understands when I have to do stuff like this and she doesn't get jealous when girls practically throw themselves at me cause she knows that I wouldn't do anything to cheat on her," he whispered.
    "But?"  Nick prompted him.
    "But I've never had to kiss any of them and obviously, the kiss never landed on the lips," Brian finished, still whispering.
    "Yikes, good luck, man, I think she saw it," Nick said, shaking his head behind him.
    Brian bit his lip and turned around, just able to see Sarah as she walked away from the small opening in the curtain.
    "Dammit," Brian said under his breath.
    "What happened?"  Kevin asked from Brian's other side, totally oblivious to everything until now.
    "That girl asked me to kiss her, so I went to kiss her on the cheek, and of course she had to turn her head and make me kiss her on the lips.  Someone saw it and I don't think they'll be happy," Brian said hurriedly.
    "Oh, that sucks," Kevin said, smiling up at the little six-year-old in front of him.
    "You could say that again," Brian replied, signing his name again.  He sighed as another poster was handed to him and signed his name another time.  He was getting bored of the monotonous work, but he knew that a lot of people were happier when they left there than when they first came, so he just thought about it that way.  He was mostly silent for the rest of the signing, only talking when a fan said something to him or one of the guys made a joke and he had to say something to it.  But otherwise, he was quiet and tried to think of a way he could explain to Sarah what she saw.
    'I'll just tell her the truth, she probably saw the entire thing and won't be too angry with me when I tell her the whole truth.  I won't hide anything from her, I promised never to,' Brian said to himself.  He smiled and waved as he and the guys walked into the back, saying goodbye to the few people who were lagging behind, to the annoyance of security.  Brian walked straight over to Sarah, who was facing away from him, talking to BJ.
    "I love you," he whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind.
    "I love you too, but what was that?"  She asked, hugging his arms.
    "She asked for a kiss, it didn't look like it would do any harm if I just kissed her on the cheek, so when I went to, she turned her head and it landed on her lips.  It was nothing, I swear, I was just answering the request of a fan," Brian said hurriedly, moving around the chair to face her.
    Sarah smiled lightly.  "Sweetie, calm down, I understand," she said.
    Brian felt a smile return to his face and looked at BJ, who was sitting there slightly annoyed.
    "Hey, BJ," Brian said, smiling at her.
    "Brian, you have the worst habit of interrupting people's conversations," BJ said with a clipped tone.
    "I'm sorry, BJ, I won't do it again, I promise," Brian said, pleading with his eyes.  He used the expression Sarah always said made him look so adorable and like a little puppy.
    "Oh, Lord, the Tyke look.  I swear, you learn from your dog," BJ said, cracking a smile.
    "Hey, Tyke is cool, leave Tyke alone," Brian said.
    "Yeah, Tyke's cool, which is why he will not move from atop my jacket, right?"  BJ asked, gesturing behind her at a chair where her leather jacket was sitting and Brian's Chihuahua was on top of, sleeping.
    "Right, he's gonna sit there until we have to leave and we move to wherever we're going next and he'll find another spot to sit on," Brian said, holding Sarah's hand in his.  He looked up at her, who was looking at him
with a wistful look on her face.
    "What's wrong, baby?"  He asked, turning all his attention back to her.
    "Nothing, I'm just happy that I'm here and I can see you again, it's been so long since we've seen each other," she said quietly.
    Brian nodded and pulled her out of her chair, leading her away from BJ and Matt, who were flirting with each other.  He led her to the back, in a small corner that was set aside for equipment and such.
    "I've missed you so much over the last six months that I nearly forgot what it was like to feel you next to me.  I love you so much that nothing else matters, I got in a fight with Jeff over letting you and Matt stay simply because I didn't tell him before hand that you two were coming.  When I finally called my mom back after I got off the phone with you, she told me that she'd tried calling but the line was busy.  She guessed right away that I was talking to you, she knew.  She said that she wants to talk to you, to meet you one day.  She literally said that she wanted to meet the beautiful girl that her Baby Duck can't help but talk about all the time," Brian said, smiling and remembering his mother's use of his babyish nickname.
    "Her Baby Duck, huh?"  Sarah asked.  "Isn't that her nickname for you?"
    Brian nodded.  "Yeah, unfortunately."
    Sarah smiled and leaned towards him.  "Well, don't tell anyone, but my mom always called me her Baby Cakes.  I haven't a clue why, but she always did and she probably always will," she whispered.
    Brian grinned and raised his hand to Sarah's face, gently rubbing her cheek with the back of his hand.  "The Baby Duck and the Baby Cakes, a duo never to be outdone," he said.
    Sarah laughed before he leaned in and kissed her.  He ran his fingers through her hair, running his hands down her back and pulling her closer to him.  He felt her wrap her arms around his neck and play with the hair in the
back of his head, gently massaging his neck.  Brian made the kiss deeper and backed her against the wall, running his hands down her body.
    "Brian, come on, we gotta go, man."
    Brian broke away from Sarah and looked at Howie with a glare that could kill. "Fine, we're coming," Brian finally said.  He watched as Howie walked away, immediately regretting that he had snapped at him and gave him that look.  He looked back at Sarah and practically had to hold himself back from getting all over her.
    "I guess that means we go to your next appearance?"  Sarah asked quietly.
    Brian nodded and traced her lips with his fingers.  "Yeah, but you are coming with me and we have a lot more time together today."  He smiled at her and kissed her once more.  He took her hand and led her to the back door, which was closed.
    "Ok, we have to battle to get to the van today, guys, Sarah, Matt, you two stick with BJ, Leslie, and Aaron.  You five go out first and get in the van, the guys will follow," Jeff instructed.
    Brian let go of Sarah's hand and looked at her.  She looked at him and nodded.  "See you out there," she whispered, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.  She moved to the front of the group and stood next to BJ, who was holding Tyke, laughing at something she said.  They walked out together, talking a mile a minute, walking pretty much right past the fans outside.  Aaron, Leslie, and Matt followed, all hurrying to the van, Aaron standing in
front of Matt and practically being carried.  He was being grabbed at by the people outside, and he was having trouble getting out.  When they finally got into the van, Jeff looked at the guys.
    "Ok, who's going first?"  Jeff asked.
    "Nick," the reply came in a chorus.
    "Aww, man, why do I always have to go first?"  Nick whined.
    "Because they like you the most, you baby," Brian said, pushing him to the door.  He followed Nick out and, as usual, all the girls reached for Nick, trying to get him to stop.  Brian was in the van before he knew it, sitting next to Sarah with Nick behind him, sitting next to BJ.
    "I hate it when they have manicured nails," Nick whined, trying to fix his hair and sweater.
    "Stop whining and look on the bright side, they didn't get anything this time," Brian said, taking Sarah's hand as the van started moving.
    "No, except maybe a few strands of hair," Nick said, rubbing his head. Brian laughed and looked at Sarah, who was shaking her head.
    "What?"  Brian asked.
    "They're crazy," Sarah said simply.
    "That was nothing, I remember the time after a concert in Boston when they waited for us to come out and all five hundred girls that were waiting charged for us at the same time.  It took us forty-five minutes, ten bodyguards, and eight cops to get to the bus that was waiting to take us to the next venue.  That was total insanity, this really is nothing," AJ said from next to Nick.
    "I don't think I would be able to handle that," Sarah said, leaning her head on Brian's shoulder.
    "I amaze myself at times, I don't know half the time how I can make it through it," Brian said, kissing the top of her head before resting his head on hers.
    "Trust me, if they're worse than that like you say, I'm trying to imagine it, but I certainly can't.  I mean, if all those girls want you that bad, what would they do if they found out that I'm with you?"  Sarah asked.
    "They'd have to deal because I'm not planning on letting you go at all," Brian said, smiling and squeezing her hand.  He lifted his head as they turned to corner to their next appearance.  "Look alive, guys, the vultures are out," he said jokingly.  He gently pushed Sarah's head up and waved to the people outside as they passed them.  They all started to jump up and down, and Brian could hear the screaming from inside the van.
    "Ok, guys, same thing, be careful when you go in and go straight to the back.  Lonnie's leading this time, Brian, you're first," Jeff instructed from the front seat of the van.
    "Ok," Brian said, sighing.  He looked next to him at Sarah and put out his lower lip.  "I gotta go first," he said, his voice near whining.
    Sarah smiled and shook her head.  "You keep whining, you will be left outside, honey, no one here can stand the whining and Nick does enough of it," she said.
    "Hey, I don't whine!"  Nick whined.
    "Yes you do!"  Kevin, Howie, AJ, and BJ all said.
    BJ hit her brother on the back of the head.  "Shut up, brat, you whine too much," she said.
    "Hey, stop it, you're the brat," he said, turning and hitting her back.
    "Am not!"
    "Are too!"
    "Am not!"
    "Are too!"
    "Am not!"
    "Are too!"
    "Ok, ok, you're both brats, now let's go!"  Kevin called, stopping BJ from saying another 'am not'.
    "Yes, Daddy," Nick and BJ said in unison.
    "Goodness, if I were your father, I'd separate the two of you all the time," Kevin said.
    "If you were our father, we'd be in trouble, we live in different states!"  BJ exclaimed.  "Besides, you can't keep me and Nick apart, he's a brat, but he is my brother," she said, hugging Nick around his neck.
    "And she may be the brattiest brat alive, but she's still my sister and we can't be separated," Nick said, hugging his sister back.
    "Ok, ok, enough of the brother sister crap, let's get going," AJ said.
    "You're just jealous cause you're an only child," BJ said.
    "You're right, I am, and you don't have to rub it in my face," AJ said angrily.
    Brian held up his hands.  "Guys, can this wait until later?  BJ, apologize to AJ and let's get going," he said.  He let go of Sarah's hand and crawled on the floor to the door.  He waited until Jeff had gotten out and all the bodyguards were in place, then opened the door.  He smiled as he got out and walked with Lonnie hurriedly to the door, making it through the crowd without too much trouble.  He hurried into the back and waited by the door until everyone had gotten in, then grabbed Sarah's hand and pulled her to a chair and sat her on his lap.
    "You know, one of these times, I'm gonna trip over my own two feet cause you don't warn me about these things," Sarah said, giggling.
    Brian smiled and tickled her waist lightly.  "Nah, I'll catch you," he said.
    "Guys, let's go, we're a little behind as it is, time to go out and go out now.  You know the drill, tell the truth unless you don't want to say something, then don't lie, just make sure you say something to the affect that you don't want to give away privileged information," Jeff said.  He gestured with his hands to the next room.   "Let's go, in there, everyone else stay," he said.
    Brian sighed and Sarah stood up and he stood up next to her.
    "I'll be back soon, ok?  You can listen if you want, watch, the interview is going to be on TV," he said, taking her hands in his.
    Sarah nodded.  "Ok, I'll watch for a while," she said.
    Brian smiled and leaned forward, kissing her forehead.  He walked with the guys to the next room and found two couches and an armchair.
    "Oh, cool digs!"  Nick exclaimed, plopping on the first couch.
    "Hey, guys!"  The interviewer said as he walked in the room.
    "Rick!  Coming all the way down from Ontario just for us?"  Kevin asked. Brian looked up as Rick from the Canadian channel of Much Music came in the room, carrying a clipboard.
    "Yeah, you guys know that we want to know what's up with all of you," Rick said, sitting in the chair adjacent to the couch Nick was sitting on.
"Sit down, sit down, we'll start in a few minutes, as soon as we get you all wired up."
    Brian sighed as someone came up behind him and attached a battery pack to his belt and led the wires up into his shirt and to the front, where a microphone was attached to the collar of his shirt.  He sat down next to Nick
and looked at him.
    "Microphones and wires, they don't mix with water," he said.
    Brian burst out laughing.  "That was the randomest thing I've ever heard you say," he said through his laughter.
    Nick smiled.  "Well, thank you, thank you very much," he said, impersonating Elvis.
    "All right, all right, guys, let's get started," Rick said after AJ finally sat down and stopped playing with his microphone wires.
    Brian sat back and waited, listening as all the technicians talked amongst themselves on what had to be done and how much time they had.

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