Dada is an art, a method, an activity, a philosophy of life, and any other thing  you want it to be. It originated as a kind of rebellious art movement in Europe, protesting World War 1 as well as many other things; the stodgy and restrictive traditions of the "classic" arts, the apathy of society, the bourgeois. Dada was brought into existence to break away from the despair that was rampant throughout the world at the time.
    According to Richard Huelsenbeck (a writer and one of the founders of German dada),"Dada was the beginning of the revolution of the suppressed personality against technology, mass media, and the feeling of being lost in an ocean of business cleverness." Another quote from Huelsenbeck: "...dada is a state of mind independent of schools and theories, involving the personality without raping it."
Dadaist groups were founded and progressed in many countries, but I don't want to get into the history of it all, I'd rather try to explain what it is and why I'm even talking about it.
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    The dada poem (or drawing, or painting, or object, or performance) can be a spontaneous creation of pure, uncorrupted thought, similar to the "stream of consciousness" method of writing in which the writer pours out anything and everything that goes through his head as he's writing. It's like transcribing your own constant narrative, the voice in your mind. What comes out may seem to be nonsense, but it can really be a window into the unconscious or the "primal" mind.
    A dadaist creates something that is completely original and  free of the drag and imprisonment of "traditional" teachings. What you really have to do is forget about all the BS that your english teacher tried to cram down you throat!!
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"You cannot comprehend dada, you have to experience it." (Huelsenbeck)
I've been writing poetry for awhile, maybe for the past 5 or 6 years of my life. I love studying my own poetry. I am most likely my biggest fan. The writing I did during my last year of high school (99-00) is particularly unique. I've now come the conclusion that many of these poems and writings are dadaistic in nature, and I find this pleasing. Interestingly, now when I write I am aware of the method and history of this art form, and thus the poem is arguably tainted by my own knowledge of it.  Ah well, this just goes along with the confusing, paradoxical nature of DADA

  {{{ Poe Ms by Dangervais ::::::::

Behind the scenes, the important elements drop from the coast.
Creating human beings takes too much implication.
Essential individual, necessary, crucial, comparable,
cutting wood and fires.
You all have experienced tremendous frustration.
Your voice falls away from yourself.
Free verse, no predictable rhythm, tied tension detected.
Hoarse gravel in space. Distinctive Sweet Child went forth, laying eggs on
stars to hatch and open, it seems to kind of fit.

Round Bottom Jar

Year of the Pine Cone

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Quotes taken from two books which you should check out if you want to learn more about dada:
The Dada Market - An Anthology of Poetry  translated and with an introduction by Willard Bohn
Memoirs of a Dada Drummer  by Richard Huelsenbeck