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03 - 09 - 03 
Blue Moon
is a collection of art and literature that Whitman College publishes every year.
I submitted some of my work for the 2003 issue. I won't know if they use it until probably May.
See the items I submitted here.

 Today's picture is called My Golden Foil 

Moon Trips Past:
years 2000-2003
Nov 2 - Silver Interference
Nov 9 - Party Green
Nov 22 - The Devil is Blue
Dec 15 - Rosie's a ho
Jan 31 - (tounge)blade
Feb 16 - mmm, coffee
Mar 18 - break-spring
June 7 - darkroom
July 18 - In Concert
Aug 9 - Rayograph
Oct 1 - New Moon
Oct 4 - vortexed
Oct 30 - empty 3
Dec 6 - dreams come true
Jan 23 - Round Bottom Jar
Mar 28 - We Products
May '02 - dadashine
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Computer art by daniel gervais:
        V- Luv and the Grip
        Wrapping Paper
        Ripping Paper Mountains
        3rd Purchase
        door and cavedrawings
        woodgrain (tilepattern)
        bluegreen stage
        Psychedelic Poster Art
        Kissing Cousins
        The Plan Looks Fun
        He Must Have Hit the Floor Hard
        No Pull
        The Damage 2
        Jumping Fish   NEW
        Cutter  NEW
        Sick Day #6  NEW
Bonus art by daniel gervais:
Two Fish Emerging From A Body Which Is Also A Puddle Of Blood
Looking For The Cure
Calvin's Transformation
Standing Behind The Fence, Reaching For The Flying Scissors
Crazy Indian Says "Whaat??"
(Horned) napkin drawing
NEW Star Glow UFO
 Poems by daniel gervais:
"drinker" poems
The Painted Bog
Pulse Epilogue / Sponge Theory
Focus is the Focus
Round Bottom Jar 
Year of the Pine Cone
Showdown Low-Down

Photographs by daniel gervais:
Boy With Gun
Boy With Bazooka
Rayograph 1 (Kirk w/ Dynamite)
Brian Points Brain
Glass Jellyfish
Fire Cloud

a tip of the iceberg preview of an incomplete project: 
   Freezer Breeze
Further Reading of DJG: 
   C you in the Aftermath

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All photos/art copyright Daniel Gervais.