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All the matches with results, goal scorers and reports.

Curtain raiser of the 2002 season 15th Football Association (F.A) Cup 3rd Male' League 52nd National Soccer Tournament 16th President of Maldives Invitation Soccer (POMIS) Cup 7th Cup Winners' Cup 3rd Dhivehi League Asian Football Confederation ( AFC ) Champions League 2002 |


Curtain raiser of the 2002 Soccer season

4th March 2002 Monday
Valencia  01
Victory    01 (Penalty)
Scorer :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
* Valencia lost 3-4 on Penalties
Score summary
Goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 40:00) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
(A penalty competition is an aspect that almost works against Club Valencia. In other words a penalty competition is inversely proportional to Club Valencia. Valencia managed to overcome a penalty competition only once and that was back in 1997 when they overwhelm Hurriyya Sports Club. Valencia lost a penalty competition to Victory in the last Cup Winners' Cup Final and nevertheless a replica happened in the curtain raiser of the 2002 season too. The battle between the 2001 top team Valencia and the 2nd team Victory ended in a 1-1 draw. Victory could only net its goal from a spot kick courtesy by Thoddoo's younger brother Ibrahim Shiyam. Valencia played a wonderful game of football in the first half. Ali-Shiham, who crowned the 2001 top goal scorer and Maldivian player of the year, scored in the first half from a combination between Captain Thoddoo, Ali-Umar and Ali-Shiham. Seconds later Ali-Shiham came near to score as his powerful shot managed to drift by inches over the bar. The most open chance in the match was wasted by Ali-Shiham in the droning second half. The Huraa born striker couldn't score to an empty net when a Thoddoo cross beat the keeper Imran. Ali-Shiham merely got a touch onto it with his back heel that managed to change the course. Valencia lost its attacking strength when the speedy Ali-Umar was substituted by Dhagandey)

Penalty Shoot-Out

Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) IN
Ismail Mahfooz (Imma) SAVED
Mohamed Nazim (Fanthoshi) SAVED
Ahmed Naseem (Ammadey) SAVED
Ali-Shiham (Ayya) IN

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7th Cup Winners' Cup

8th March 2002 Friday
Valencia         03
Adventurous   01
Scorers :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 2 goals) and N. Samara Wickrama
(Club Valencia started the 2002 season with a new look team that included few veterans. Assad, Bimma and Fanthoshi did not step on the ground. Silachi came in for Dhagandey when the team lost its feeding machine to the attackers. Ali-Umar and Imma did not play in the second half due to injuries. But Valencia managed to win over the reigning 2nd division champions Adventurous by 3-1. Ali-Shiham opened the scoring account with a superb header that was provided by Ali-Umar. Minutes later Ali-Umar, with a fine solo run effort released the ball to Ali-Shiham, who found the net again as the 2001 top goal scorer seemed to be on the right path for the triumph again. Thoddoo was overwhelming. Thoddoo's brilliant corner in the second half saw the Sri Lankan player Samara Wickrama netting his first goal in his first ever match in Maldives. But Valencia wasted several goal scoring opportunities from Thoddoo and Ali-Umar. Both teams had difficulties in the second half as they played under thick heavy rain for most of the time)


12th March 2002 Tuesday
Valencia          00
New Radiant   00
(Despite having a goalless draw, the crowd did enjoy an attacking fascinating football match. None of the teams dominated over the other but varied from period to period. Aslam of Valencia was in high form and looked irresistible through out the game as he blocked New Radiant's numerous nerve jangling shots. Imma, who came in the second half, showed his brilliantness too in the last couple of minutes. New Radiant had most of the shots on target but Modey, Assad, Anwar, Ali-Shiham, Thoddoo and Ali-Umar also came near to break the deadlock. In this match Modey and Samara Wickrama did an excellent job to deny New Radiant's assault. A draw for Valencia in their next game against Victory is enough for them to guarantee a place in the Rf, 100,000 Final match)


15h March 2002 Friday
Valencia    03
Victory      01
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 2 goals) and Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
(We haven't seen a much enthusiastic, attacking and an inspired game than this as Valencia came from behind to conquer reigning Cup Winners' Cup champions Victory 3-1 to book a place in the final match, courtesy of goals from Thoddoo and Ali-Shiham. Valencia just needed a point to book them a place in the upcoming final match. Victory scored its only goal from Valencia Captain Thoddoo's younger brother, Ibrahim Shiyam in the first half. Imma came near to score but two of his shots went just wide of the right post. Silachi Ayya also came near to break the dead lock but his powerful shot was ceased by Hassan Rasheed (Hasanaa). In the second half Valencia missed several goal scoring easy opportunities. Victory's keeper Hasanaa, who played for Valencia from 1996 to 1999, saved Ali-Shiham's powerful shot and he couldn't score in the rebound too. Minutes later Ali-Umar skipped 5-6 defenders and released the ball to Ammadey, who was left unmarked, hit to South when the goal was at North. Ali-Umar was outstanding in this game. Ali-Umar, yet to open his scoring account this year, missed a golden chance when his shot missed the target from close range. Valencia continued its assault and this time it was Dhagandey who missed a simple touch when a low Ali-Umar cross beat the keeper. Valencia supporters became frustrated as they wasted too many chances in consecutive periods. But it was completely a different drama in the last 10-15 minutes. Valencia's morale was as high up to their reputation and it was Thoddoo who annihilated Victory's white wash in the tournament. In the 77th minute Ali-Umar gave the ball to Ali-Shiham and he found Thoddoo, who was running forward that saw Valencia scoring the important goal with a superb one touch. A minute later he scored a thundering goal that beat Hasanaa from long range. Overwhelming crowd was inspired as Ali-Shiham scored his goal past Hasanaa from a well executed pass by Ali-Umar in the final minutes. In the very last minute Thoddoo could have scored his hat-trick as he was alone with the big empty net waiting for a simple touch but managed to hit straight to the keeper. It was indeed an irresistible implementation to beat a power house when the club was trailing until the 80th minute)


Team  Played Won Lost Draw For Against GD POINTS
1 Valencia 3 2 0 1 6 2 +4 7
2 Victory 3 2 1 0 10 4 +6 6
3 X New Radiant 3 1 1 1 4 3 +1 4
4 X Adventurous 3 0 3 0 2 13 -11 0
* = Qualified for the FINAL match

X = Failed to play in the 7th Cup Winners' Cup Final


Valencia  03
Victory    04
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) and Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 2 goals)
Score summary
1st goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 36:00) -> Assist :- Assad Abdul Ghany
2nd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 82:00) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
3rd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 91:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
MAN OF THE TOURNAMENT :- MOHAMED NIZAM (THODDOO, Received a sum of Rf.15000 and a shield)
(Club Valencia, yet to conquer the Cup Winner's Cup since they clinched the coveted trophy 3 times in a row back in 1995, 1996 and in 1998, took a massive blow as Valencia lost to Victory Sports Club 3-4 in an epic final match thanks to some dubious officiating. Right from the start Valencia started its normal onslaught and in the 4th minute a Thoddoo header was denied by the referee in which the ball did cross the line from a spectacular Bimma cross. Many people near us told the ball would have cleared the line and that would have indeed been difficult to judge for the referee. Aslam's gaffe let Victory score its first goal in the 5th minute. Aslam had a touch onto it but even though the ball went in. At minute 12, Modey came near to score but his two attempts were twice blocked by Victory defenders. In the 15th minute, from a Silachi pass Ali-Shiham tried at the first attempt, but went just wide of the right post. In the 17th minute Katey of Victory managed to save a Bimma cross by hands but unfortunately referee didn't award a clear penalty for Valencia. The replay also suggested that it was a clear penalty. Victory never came up to their reputation as Valencia was playing almost in the Victory's half for most of the time. At minute 17, from a Thoddoo corner Fanthoshi's bullet kick was well saved by Imran. In the 26th minute Assad's powerful strike went just wide off the target. The fruit for what Valencia had been seeking was awarded in the 36th minute from their impressive captain Thoddoo Nizam. He made a connection with Assad that bulged into the back of the net with an astounding skill. Commentator Imad added, "You won't see such a cool finish, especially in a final match." In the 42nd minute Sobaah pulled Ali-Umar when he was left alone. Had Sobaah didn't foul; Ali-Umar was likely to score as he had no barrier in front of him to deny. First half ended in a 1-1 draw. Valencia dominated the first half, especially in first 30-35 minutes.

Second half initiated with some disarray for Valencia as Victory scored three goals past Aslam inside the first 7 minutes. An unmarked Sobaah resulted to score Victory's second. Third goal from Isse was a baby finish as Aslam couldn't save that easy slow shot that went past under his stomach. Modey had been accused by the commentator for what had happened early in the second half. With these setbacks even, Valencia played with great determination. In the 54th minute Dhagandey's shot was well denied by Imran. At minute 15, an Assad cross was well punched away by Imran. At the other end Aslam saved a brilliant Dhona shot to deny his solo effort in jubilant in the 62nd minute. At minute 64, Imran saved Dhagandey's shot that went like a bullet. Eight minutes later Anil of Victory was unlucky to see his shot denied by the right post. At minute 77, Thoddoo's shot went just over the bar and earlier at minute 74, Silachi's powerful strike was again denied by Imran. In the 82nd minute from a Thoddoo pass, Ali-Shiham scored a consolation goal from long-range. That was indeed a brilliant goal that he ran from the half way line. In the nail-biting last 10 minutes, Thoddoo's shot was well blocked by Imran and Silachi was not at the correct position to score at the rebound in the 85th minute. The some what droning spectators came to live when Ali-Shiham scored his second of the day in the 91st minute from a brilliant Ali-Umar pass that beat Kappi in a cool style. The match ended 3-4 in favour of Victory, who did not play a consistent game, but due to Aslam's lack of match concentration and some dubious decisions lead them for the triumph)

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15th Football Association (F.A) Cup

20th April 2002 Saturday
Valencia                           08 
Sports Club Mekaano      02 (1 Penalty)
Scorers :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya), Assad Abdul Ghany, Ali-Rasheed (Silachi Ayya), Ahmed Naseem (Ammadey, 3 goals), Chathura Madhuranga and an own goal by Hussain Rasheed
(Valencia made a bright F.A Cup start as they trounced 2nd division Mekaano 8-2. Valencia rested several valued veterans with the likes of Thoddoo Nizam, Bimma Abdulla Waheed and Imma. Thoddoo had been suspended for a second caution received in the Cup Winners' Cup Final. Defender Abdulla Hassan made a come back having served a year with Island Football Club (IFC). Sri Lankan National team's captain Dudley Steinvol and midfielder Chathura Madhuranga played their first ever match with Valencia. Chathura was at his top form with some marvellous individual skills made difficult for the Mekaano side. Ali-Umar missed several goal scoring easy opportunities. Valencia could have scored more than 10 goals as Ali-Umar's superb header in the second half was denied by the post. Dudley's free kick and Assad's powerful shot in the first half had been too denied by the left and right post respectively. Valencia continued its pacey assault through out the game despite without some of its stars)


25th April 2002 Thursday
Valencia     06
Maaziya     00
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 3 goals), Chathura Madhuranga, Hamzath Ahmed and Mohamed Nazim (Fanthoshi)
(Valencia cruised a mammoth 6-0 victory over the second division giant Maaziya. The two sides met in the last FA Cup's Quarter Final also in which Valencia won the match narrowly by 2-1. Thoddoo Nizam made a pulsating come back after serving a one match ban by scoring a hat trick. He had been absolutely phenomenal through out the game. As a result of this win Valencia will face a tough opposition IFC, in what could be an epic Semi Final clash. Valencia thrashed IFC by 4-0 in the previous FA Cup's Semi Final and this time the opposition have enhanced a lot. In this game against Maaziya, Thoddoo opened the scoring with a fine blast in the 16th minute. Chathura scored his second in the competition from a brilliant long-range effort just out side the box. In this half the lethal "Ali" duo missed several chances. Ali-Umar twice came neat to score but his shots went just wide of the left post. Ali-Shiham was also unlucky to see his shot denied by the bar. Thoddoo made it 3-0 just minutes before the half time. In the second half Thoddoo completed his hat trick by converting a free kick into the left corner. A substitute Hamzath then scored from a brilliant chip over the keeper. Before the final whistle Fanthoshi made it 6-0 from a Chahura corner that was put into the net by a superb header. Imma returned to the field in the second half and was as usual with his trademark passes. Thoddoo missed a second free kick by hitting the post and Bimma, who was alone just near the goal, missed an easy rebound. In this game Maaziya's keeper made numerous flabbergasting saves that prevented Valencia from scoring over 10 goals. Ali-Umar continues his miserable season as once again he failed to net and yet to open his account in his 6 appearances)


29th April 2002 Monday
Valencia                                01
Island Football Club (IFC)    01
* Valencia lost 4-5 on Penalties
Scorer :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
(Valencia lost to Island Football Club (IFC) in another penalty competition to restrict them making a 7th straight final in a dubious match. Referee and the two linesmen had been the key to put Valencia out of the competition. Valencia played with out their versatile midfielder Imma. Mohamed Jameel, who played for Valencia last year, broke the dead-lock after a fine solo run. Minutes later referee didn't give a penalty as Ali-Shiham was brought down inside the box. The replay also suggested that the defender fouled on the player, not the ball. Even more bad calls were made. Minutes later, Thoddoo's brilliant header from a superb Ali-Umar cross was ruled offside by Hakeem. TV replay also suggested that he did not appear to be offside. "I don't understand why the linesman Hakeem ruled that ball off-side," Commentator Imad said. IFC, who beat a 3rd division club Lazer by 20-0 and a 3rd division club Oceans by 22-0 in the previous F.A Cup, played a defensive game and made counter attacks in this match. Valencia continued its assault in the first half and 42nd minutes into the first half, from a brilliant Ali-Umar pass, Ali-Shiham revoked Jameel's opener to level the game 1-1 and brought the game into a pulsating one. The rhythm of the second half was much slower than the first half. In the second half also the other linesman, Umeedh ruled Ali-Shiham's brilliant goal. Ali-Shiham was behind two defenders when the pass was made to him. As he ran through the defenders and put the ball into the back of the net past Ishaq, Umeedh raised the flag. In the dying minutes Fanthoshi could have sealed Valencia a dramatic win but he missed the target from close range. Before that Ali-Umar's header completely beat IFC keeper Ishaq, but not the defender at the near post that cleared the ball off the goal line. Valencia dominated the whole match as we did see many fouls from IFC. Due to a continuous provoke by Ali-Umar on KD, KD was sent-off for a second book able offence. If the lights had been working there would have been a 30 minutes golden goal period and Valencia was the likely team to go past as IFC had to play with ten men. In this game Sri Lankan midfielder Chathura Madhuranga had been so phenomenal and was deservedly awarded the Man of the match. With him a total of five Sri Lankan National team players played in this Semi-Final clash. Valencia won its last F.A Cup back in 1999 and in that triumph; Valencia managed to beat Hurriyya and New Radiant in the Semi-Final and Final respectively on golden goals. If the lights weren't working in 1999, Valencia would not have won that F.A Cup since penalty competition works almost against Valencia. So, just to recap the match, Valencia could have been actually 3-1 or 4-1 up had the match officials not ruled the 2 clear goals and a penalty. In the Cup Winners' Cup Final match also referee disallowed a Thoddoo header and denied a penalty. If there had been UEFA referees and linemen, Valencia would have clinched this year's Cup Winners' Cup and F.A Cup Semi-Final match)


Penalty Shoot-Out

Ali-Umar (Ayya) IN
Ali-Shiham (Ayya) IN
Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) IN
Assad Abdul Ghany OUT
Dudley Steinvol OUT


2nd May 2002 Thursday
Valencia    02
Hurriyya    00
Scorer :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 2 goals)
(Valencia beat Hurriyya Sports Club by 2-0 thanks to the Huraa born striker Ali-Shiham's two goals in the first half. Ali-Umar finished the first two tournaments (Valencia's 8 matches) without scoring a goal but his assists had been vital. In this match Ali-Umar was the key for Ali-Shiham's two goals. Valencia rested Fanthoshi Nazim and Bimma Abdulla Waheed for this match. The player to watch for the forthcoming tournaments will definitely be Ali-Umar as the 2000 top goal scorer and 2001 second top goal scorer is yet to net a goal past the keeper)

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3rd Male' League

20th May 2002 Monday
Valencia    00
Victory      01
(Club Valencia lost to Victory Sports Club 1-0 in the 3rd Male' League despite having played a stunning game. Without the versatile and veteran Imma, Valencia dominated the game, especially in the second half but, they were just unlucky not to break the dead lock through several brilliantly created chances. Valencia created several easy tapping chances when the keeper had been completely beaten even but there were no avails. Ali-Shiham, Ali-Umar and Hamzath were just unfortunate to boost for the club. The clear answer for how much Valencia had the shots on target was that Victory's keeper Imran was adjudged Man-of-the-match for saving numerous nail-biting saves. "We indeed played very badly today," confessed Victory coach Maattey. Ali-Umar couldn't inspire Valencia fans as he couldn't find the net though he got simple golden opportunities to get off his tally)


23rd May 2002 Thursday
Valencia    04
Hurriyya    02 (1 Penalty)
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 2 goals), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) and Assad Abdul Ghany
(Club Valencia defeated Hurriyya Sports Club in an epic match after a hard fight back. Injuries kept sweeper Dudley out of this crucial match. Hurriyya opened the scoring in the first half but Ali-Shiham blasted just minutes before the break when he made a connection with Imma. In the second half Valencia played much better with Imma, Assad, Thoddoo and Chathura flooding in the Huraa's half. Imma played brilliantly with consistent determination. Huraa took a shock 2-1 lead from a spot kick and put Valencia an impossible task to overcome a defensive Hurriyya. But Valencia's assault couldn't bear for the Huraa side as Valencia bounced back to score another three goals from their inspired captain Thoddoo Nizam and Assad Abdul Ghany. Thoddoo's first goal came from a Chathura cross and his second was assisted by Imma that saw Thoddoo curling into the top left corner after a cool stylish skill. Huraa conceded a red card in the dying minutes. Assad's header from a Chathura free-kick ended the day but it was Ali-Umar who once again failed to grasp a goal as he couldn't find a formula to open his scoring account this season in 10 matches)


29th May 2002 Wednesday
Valencia            03 (1 Penalty)
New Radiant     00
Scorers :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) and Chathura Madhuranga
(You won't see a much exhilarating and an embarrassing tie than this as the match produced some histories. In the first half Valencia could have scored more than two-three goals as they dominated the half with determined versatility. Most notably from an Ali-Shiham pass, Ali-Umar put his shot over the bar from close-range when the goal was wide open. Earlier Ali-Shiham also missed the target from close-range on a swift counter attack. Later his shot narrowly missed the target as the ball drifted inches away from the left post. Imma's brilliant shot was denied by Zariyand after he past several defenders in a fine solo effort. Valencia managed to score only a goal from Chathura when Ali-Umar's shot was blocked by Zariyand. Second half was as exciting as anything as Zariyand lost his temper that forced him to leave the pitch. Ali-Shiham wrote his name into the history books as he scored his first goal against New Radiant Sports Club in a Valencia jersey after missing the target in the previous five occasions (2001 season and this year's Cup Winners Cup). Ali-Shiham easily tapped in from a brilliant assist by Thoddoo in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Before that Thoddoo missed an easy opportunity when he was left only the keeper to beat. New Radiant had a Brazilian coach, a Brazilian striker and a Nigerian midfielder. But it all counted for nothing as Valencia, who had players from Sri-Lanka, looked far better side. The sizzling began when referee Abeer awarded a spot kick for Valencia when Zariyand fouled on Ali-Umar. Zariyand picked up a yellow card for the continuous protesting. Zariyand was sent-off immediately for telling something after Ali-Umar scored his first goal in this season from a spot kick. Ali-Umar unlocked his disarray as he scored his first ever goal in 2002 in his 11 appearances. Zariyand's sending off forced New Radiant to deploy one of its defenders as the goalie. As soon as New Radiant kicked-off followed by Ali-Umar's goal, Janaah was sent-off for drubbing Dhagandey. In the second half, Dhagandey, Ali-Umar, Assad and Ali-Shiham also missed golden chances that could have given Valencia a much convincing win)


8th June 2002 Sunday
Valencia     05
Eagles        00
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 2 goals), Ali-Umar (Ayya), Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and Chathura Madhuranga
(Club Valencia defeated Club Eagles with a 5-0 drubbing under the lights thanks to an entertaining attacking game of soccer. Valencia, without star striker Ali-Shiham, played an attacking game but the keeper and the wood-work prevented Valencia from scoring even more nettings. Valencia opened the account from a brilliant Thoddoo goal from long-range. Impressive Chathura made it 2-0 and just before the half time Dhagandey opened his 2002 tally. In the second half Dhagandey saw his shot denied by the post and mid way through the second half Ali-Umar scored back-to-back goals by tapping a brilliant one touch goal from a well taken cross by Silachi Ayya. Thoddoo scored a free-kick to make it 5-0 and later Ali-Umar could have scored his second but his penalty was well saved by Eagles' keeper. Valencia was awarded with a spot kick when Thoddoo was brought down inside the box but Ali-Umar missed the golden opportunity. This was Ali-Umar's first ever missed penalty since he joined Club Valencia in 1998)


11th June 2002 Tuesday
Valencia              05
Guraidhoo Z. J.   00
Scorers:- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 2 goals), Ali-Umar (Ayya), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) and Chathura Madhuranga
(Almost a replica of the previous game, scorers were almost the same, missed a penalty and a very entertaining attacking game of soccer from the yellow and blues. Ali-Umar opened the scoring from a brilliant cross. This was Ali-Umar's third goal in as many games since the New Radiant clash. Sri-Lankan inspirational midfielder Chathura made it 2-0 just before the half time. Valencia brought in Ali-Shiham in the second half and with his very first touch he found the back of the net with a superb chip over the keeper. Thoddoo then made it 4-0 from a superb header and then finished off the day with a simple strike that made it 5-0. Thoddoo missed his hat-trick chance as he missed a penalty kick. Dhagandey and Assad also missed some very good chances to increase the tally. If Valencia wins over IFC in the next match, they will be well on their way to crown the 3rd Male' League title for the first time since its inception)


 14th June 2002 Friday
Valencia                                   00
Island Football Club (IFC)       01
(A much more anticipated tie was won 1-0 by IFC and hence Valencia failed to win the Male' League for the third time since its inception. Despite losing the match, Valencia dominated the whole 90 minutes, especially in the dying minutes. IFC's goal keeper Ishaq was red carded for wasting time on numerous occasions. In the dying minutes Thoddoo and Assad got golden opportunities but it wasn't their day. The eccentric point in this match was that the referee gave 15 minutes as extra time)


18th June 2002 Tuesday
Valencia               03 (1 Penalty)
STELCO R. C.   00
Scorer :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 3 goals, 1 Penalty)
(Despite losing the title, Valencia finished the 3rd Male' League in style. Ali-Umar gave an exquisite answer for the people who accused him by scoring all three goals against STELCO. Ali-Umar also won the "Man of the match" award for the first time after 19 games - first in 2002. His last "Man of the match" was back on 22nd September 2001 Saturday, the day that Valencia won the 2nd Dhivehi League title. This was Ali-Umar's first hat-trick in 49 matches. His last hat-trick for Valencia was back in 2000 where he scored a double hat-trick against Thinadhoo Sports in the 1st Dhivehi League)


In the 3rd Male' League, each team will play 7 games (face the opposition only once) and the side that leads the table clinches the 3rd Male' League title. Top 6 teams will qualify for the 3rd Dhivehi League and the bottom 2 teams will be relegated to 2nd division.

  Team  Played Won Lost Draw For Against GD POINTS
1C * Island Football Club (IFC) 7 6 0 1 20 2 +18 19
2 * Victory Sports Club 7 5 1 1 15 5 +10 16
3 * Club Valencia 7 5 2 0 20 4 +16 15
4 * New Radiant Sports Club 7 3 3 1 9 12 -3 10
5 * Hurriyya Sports Club  7 2 2 3 11 15 -4 9
6 * STELCO R. C.           7 2 4 1 7 14 -7 7
7 X Guraidhoo Z. J. 7 1 5 1 8 18 -10 4
8 X Club Eagles 7 0 7 0 7 27 -20 0

C = Clinched the 3rd Male' League title

* = Qualified for the 3rd Dhivehi League Tournament

X = Relegated to 2nd division

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3rd Dhivehi League

Top 6 teams from the 3rd Male' League and the 2 finalists of the Inter-Atoll Zone championship will participate in the 3rd Dhivehi League Round 1.

13th July 2002 Saturday
Valencia           02
New Radiant    01
Scorers :- Ali-Umar (Ayya) and Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 9:00) -> Assist :- Assad Abdul Ghany
2nd goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 76:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
(Reigning Dhivehi League Champions Valencia beat New Radiant for the second consecutive time thanks to a brilliant master piece of Ali-Umar. Ali-Umar played his best game this year by scoring a goal, setting up the winner and created many open chances. Valencia played without their versatile Sri Lankan players Chathura Madhuranga and Dudley Steinvol. Valencia dubiously released Dudley after the 3rd Male' League due to a lackluster display by him. But the club expects the midfield dynamo Chathura, who is currently in Lanka for a break, swiftly as the "release" obstructed between him and today's vital action. Ali-Umar opened the account from an Assad long-range pass. The ball went straight at the New goalie Timo but Ali-Umar got the ball before him and after rounding Timo, Ayya unleashed the much more awaited goal with ease. Minutes later he got past two defenders and gave it to Thoddoo, whose shot was saved by Shinaa off the goal line and Dhagandey's header in the rebound was again saved by Shinaa that cleared the ball off the goal line in quick succession. In the second half Dhagandey scored a staggering one touch goal from a brilliant masterful play by Ali-Umar, who beat two defenders as he ran from the half way line. In the dying minutes Dhagandey skipped several defenders but his shot was denied by the keeper. Ali-Shiham missed an easy opportunity in front of the goal from a pass by Ali-Umar. His shot was saved by the keeper from close-range. Though Valencia dominated in terms of scoring opportunities, New Radiant had the ball possession in the entire game until they were down to ten men as Janaah was sent-off for a foul on Ali-Umar. Valencia's attacking impetus was increased after the sending off. Janaah was also sent-off when the two sides met last in the 3rd Male' League. Though Valencia beat New Radiant today, they looked detrimental without the Lankans; especially the vacant Chathura place was dire)


17th July 2002 Wednesday
Valencia                                  02
Island Football Club (IFC)      02
Scorers :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) and Assad Abdul Ghany
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
2nd goal :- Assad Abdul Ghany (82:00) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
(Being trailing twice, Valencia earned a point after a hard fight back thanks to an inspired play by the triple "Ayya" attack. Ali-Umar, Ali-Ashfaq and Ali-Shiham had a marvellous game but were unlucky not to score in the dying minutes. IFC took the lead after a gaffe by Aslam in a rebound. Ali-Shiham scored an exquisite thunderbolt equaliser from a well executed cross by Dhagandey and later Thoddoo's two shots were well saved by Ishaq. Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) made hefty difficulties for IFC in the first half. In the second half Lachchey's header gave IFC a 2-1 lead but Valencia's lethal onslaught resulted to level the game, courtesy the header from Assad from a Thoddoo corner. Just before that goal Ali-Shiham missed a golden opportunity after an Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and Ali-Umar combination. Today also Valencia played without their inspirational midfield engine Chathura Madhuranga. Valencia will miss their impressive Captain Thoddoo Nizam in the next game against Victory through suspension)


20th July 2002 Saturday
Valencia    02
Victory      00
Scorers :- Assad Abdul Ghany and Abdulla Waheed (Bimma)
Score summary
1st goal :- Assad Abdul Ghany (9:00) -> Assist :- Ismail Mahfooz (Imma)
2nd goal :- Abdulla Waheed (Bimma, 90:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
(Valencia, who played without Captain Thoddoo Nizam (suspended) and Chathura Madhuranga (abroad), beat Victory in a thrilling encounter. Imma's accurate free-kick into the area resulted Assad to score his second consecutive header past Imran, Maldivian National keeper, from close-range. Referee booked several players and most notably there were two sending-offs. Silachi Ayya was sent-off in the first half and Kuda Jadaa of Victory was red carded for a foul on Anwar in the second half. Ali-Umar, Ali-Shiham and Imma were also booked. Valencia played almost 35 minutes a man down but under the leadership of Fanthoshi Mohamed Nazim, they were very organized at the back. Valencia had few goal scoring opportunities in this contest. In the second half Ali-Umar skipped several defenders and released the ball to Ali-Shiham, whose firing shot was well saved by Imran. In the dying minutes Ali-Shiham made a fine pass to Bimma, who snatched an elegant goal after rounding Victory's keeper Imran. This was Bimma's first ever goal in 64 matches for the club since he struck a goal back in 2000 against New Radiant in the 1st Male' League and his first goal against Victory since he scored a header in the 10th POMIS Cup Final in 1996. This was Assad's first goal against Victory in a Valencia jersey since he joined in 1998. Valencia will miss prolific goal scorer Ali-Shiham and Silachi Ayya in the next game against Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun through suspension)


27th July 2002 Saturday
Valencia                                       03 (1 Penalty)
Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun   01
Scorers :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty), Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and Abdulla Hassan
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty, 19:00) -> Assist :- Hamzath Ahmed
2nd goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 50:00)
3rd goal :- Abdulla Hassan (88:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
(Certainly it was a battle to make sure to earn a 2nd Round birth and it was indeed the first match followed by the Maldivian Independence Day. A much more depleted Valencia initiated the match but prevailed the in-form Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun by 3-1. Ali-Shiham, who scored a hat-trick against Veymandoo in the 2nd Dhivehi League, veteran Silachi Ayya and Imma missed the vital encounter through suspension. Injuries brushed Assad Abdul Ghany and goal keeper Aslam Abdul Raheem aside. Chathura and Imran haven't joined the club yet. A sick Ali-Umar opened the scoring from a spot kick when a defender fouled on Hamzath Ahmed but Veymandoo equalised just before the half time. Veymandoo keeper Fulhu's first real test was to face Ali-Umar's spot kick. Valencia barely had goal scoring chances in the first 45 minutes. Two second half goals from Dhagandey and Abdulla Hassan saved the day for Valencia. Abdulla Hassan's very first touch found the back of the net within few seconds when he came as a substitute for Hamzath. His goal went through the legs of the keeper thanks to a brilliant executed cross by Dhagandey.  Abdulla Hassan, who used to play as a man marker, played as a striker in this game. Despite having won the match, Valencia had a lackluster first half although they played some what a gritty soccer in the second half. Fanthoshi Nazim had been exceptional in this game. Valencia manager told at the press, "Well, today Valencia had four players injured. Ali-Umar was sick but the coach had no other alternations. I also agree that the midfield lacked the rhythm but we'll try to enhance where we lack the most in order to retain the coveted cup. Well, today the coach said Abdulla Hassan to play as a striker and to score, indeed he scored a goal, and it's as simple as that.")


30th July 2002 Tuesday
Valencia    05 (1 Penalty)
Hurriyya    05 (2 Penalties)
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 2 goals), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya), Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty) and Hamzath Ahmed
Score summary
1st goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
2nd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
3rd goal :- Hamzath Ahmed -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
4th goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
5th goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) -> Assist :- Rameez
(The high profile encounter finally ended in a 5-5 draw thanks for some dubious decisions by the referee Ameez. Thoddoo opened the scoring from a free-kick inside the box, his first in the 3rd Dhivehi League. Ali-Shiham doubled the lead from a Dhagandey pass and Hamzath made it 3-0 from a brilliant Dhagandey pass that skipped two defenders and, looked as if an elated Valencia would thrash Huraa with some more nettings. Aslam conceded three first half goals before he was substituted by Habeeb, who later made some superb saves. Huraa's first two goals should not have been conceded by Aslam as they looked relatively easy but his blunders made it 3-2. Firstly, Aslam should have cleared the ball from a low cross and secondly, he should have punched the cross that let Huraa score with out slightest of difficulties. Huraa's third goal was also a header but there was nothing to be accused in that goal. Second half's first real opportunity was wasted by Hamzath as he only had to beat the keeper from close-range. Ali-Umar scored from a spot kick to make it 4-3 when Dhagandey was brought down but Huraa again leveled the match to make it 4-4 from a penalty too. Ali-Shiham then missed a golden opportunity when the goal was at his mercy as his header went off the target. Thoddoo scored a dazzling goal after skipping two defenders to make it 5-4 but within seconds they conceded a second penalty to end the drama in an exhilarating 5-5 draw. Valencia captain Thoddoo Nizam's second goal in the game (14th in 2002) eventually broke his 2001 goal tally. However, Valencia was unlucky not have two valid penalties, one before the fourth goal and the other in the dying seconds)

Some views about the match.

1) Chathura and Imran are still at Lanka.

2) Valencia missed Assad Abdul Ghany, Silachi Ayya and Bimma Abdul Waheed through injuries.

3) Valencia manager Abdulla Shibaau told at the press that Fanthoshi Nazim and Anwar Abdul Ghany also played for the full 90 minutes with injuries. But Valencia allowed them to play since there had been no alternations.

4) Aslam made two enormous flaws in conceding the first two goals.

5) Valencia coach should not have brought Aslam, who conceded three easy goals, at the start since he wasn't appeared to be fully recovered from an injury and instead, should have brought Habeeb in, who made some decisive saves after he came on as a sub.

6) Referee should have given two penalties for Valencia.

7) Valencia striker Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) was outstanding in this game. He assisted for three goals for Ali-Shiham, Hamzath and Ali-Umar. He was thrice brought down inside the box by Huraa defenders but Valencia was awarded only one penalty that could actually have been three.


5th August 2002 Monday
Valencia               05
STELCO R. C.   01
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 2 goals), Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and an own goal by Hussain Adheel
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
2nd goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
3rd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Hussain Shimaaz
4th goal :- Hussain Adheel (Own Goal) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
5th goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Ismail Mahfooz (Imma)
(Valencia cruised a mammoth 5-1 victory over STELCO, courtesy of goals from Captain Thoddoo Nizam, Ali-Shiham and Ali-Ashfaq. STELCO, which beat New Radiant 2-1 last week, was 1-0 down when Dhagandey scored a header from a Thoddoo free-kick. Minutes later Valencia got a penalty but Ali-Umar couldn't take the advantage. Dhagandey's hurricane shot in the rebound was again denied by the keeper and then Thoddoo clouted a thunder bolt left footer to double the lead. Second half started with a swift rhythm as STELCO managed to pull one back from an unmarked striker but 22 seconds later Ali-Shiham scored a fabulous strike from a Shimaaz cross. Minutes later Ali-Shiham's pass to Ali-Umar was direly deflected by a STELCO defender into his own net. Ali-Shiham finished the day with a cool one touch from an Imma pass. Ali-Umar was unlucky today as he missed a penalty in the first half, his header in the second half was denied by the cross bar and had Dhagandey not made the flaw he made in the dying minutes, Ali-Umar could have snatched a goal with the net at his mercy. But in contrast, a hostile Valencia that has got numerous calibers up front missed too many goal scoring opportunities horrendously, especially in the second half. STELCO had a player sent-off in the second half. Valencia missed Chathura, Imran, Bimma, Aslam and Silachi Ayya for various reasons)


10th August 2002 Saturday
Valencia                  09 (1 Penalty)
Thinadhoo Sports    01
Scorers :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 4 goals, 1 Penalty), Ali-Umar (Ayya, 3 goals) and Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 2 goals)
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
2nd goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
3rd goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
4th goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
5th goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, Penalty) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
6th goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Rameez
7th goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
8th goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
9th goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
(Club Valencia made the Inter Atoll Zone 2002 champions Thinadhoo Sports a humiliating sending-off after a whopping 9-1 win, courtesy of goals from 3 'A's in an intriguing contest. This was Valencia's biggest win this year. Valencia also registered a facile win when they crushed Thinadhoo by 10-1 in the 1st Dhivehi League. Valencia's irresistible triple "Ayya's" onslaught unanimously justified the best strike force in this league with 9 goals between them in one game as the contraption like strikers kept scoring a goal in every 10 minutes rate today. Island Football Club, Victory Sports Club and New Radiant Sports Club, together managed to score 9 goals against Thinadhoo Sports where as Valencia that has got a marvel caliber in its strike force scored 9 goals in which the other top 3 teams could score altogether. The day started from Ali-Shiham, who scored from close-range from a Dhagandey pass. Dhagandey scored a brilliant goal and made it 2-0 after making a fabulous solo run from the half way line. Ali-Umar, who made connection with Dhagandey, scored a left footer that went into the top right corner superbly. Thinadhoo pulled one back after a defensive gaffe and just before the break, Ali-Umar headed past Thinadhoo keeper from a Thoddoo cross. Second half started with Ali-Shiham scoring from the spot kick when he was brought down by Thinadhoo keeper. Ali-Shiham scored his hat-trick from a Rameez pass to make it 6-1. Ali-Umar completed his hat-trick by thumping into the roof of the net from a Dhagandey pass. Dhagandey made it 8-1 as he made connection with Ali-Umar. The triple "Ayya" exuded awesome in getting the final and the 9th goal. First Captain Thoddoo made a pass to Dhagandey. Then Dhagandey made a nice back heel to Ali-Umar. Then Ali-Umar made a flawless pass to Ali-Shiham, who snatched a fourth goal to make it 9-1 - so far the highest margin in this league. Valencia topped the 3rd Dhivehi League Round 1 with 17 points. After the match in a press conference, Valencia manager Shibaau revealed that the club had denied in bringing the foreign players (Chathura and Imran, who were on Valencia's team list). "With regard to the foreign players, it is closer that the club denies bringing them and play with the Maldivians," he added)


In the 3rd Dhivehi League Round 1, each team will play 7 games (face the opposition only once) and the top 6 teams will be qualified for the 3rd Dhivehi League 2nd Round. Bottom 2 teams will be eliminated.

  Team  Played Won Lost Draw For Against GD POINTS
1 * Club Valencia 7 5 0 2 28 11 +17 17
2 * Island Football Club (IFC) 7 5 1 1 16 9 +7 16
3 * Victory Sports Club 7 5 2 0 21 5 +16 15
4 * New Radiant Sports Club 7 3 3 1 13 8 +5 10
5 * Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun 7 3 4 0 8 20 -12 9
6 * Hurriyya Sports Club  7 1 3 3 14 17 -3 6
7 X STELCO R. C.    7 1 5 1 7 18 -11 4
8 X Thinadhoo Sports 7 0 5 2 4 23 -19 2

* = Qualified for the 3rd Dhivehi League Round - 2

X = Eliminated


17th August 2002 Saturday
Valencia    02
Victory      02
Scorers :- Ali-Umar (Ayya) and Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 22:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Rasheed (Silachi Ayya)
2nd goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 52:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
(Defending champions Club Valencia initiated the lucrative second phase with a 2-2 draw against Victory in an intriguing and vital contest. Victory pressed and took an early lead against the fragile Valencia defence through an unmarked player but Ali-Umar clouted an equalizer to make it 1-1 from a Silachi pass. Dhagandey scored an exquisite goal in the second half to make it 2-1 but the lead couldn't last when they conceded a second goal through Dhona to make it 2-2. Victory annulled Valencia's lead when the impressive man marker Fanthoshi was having a treatment out side the pitch. In this game Ali-Shiham made gaffes a trifle. In the first half his timing for an accurate shot came too late as the sweeper won the battle. In the second half, in a one-to-one challenge with the keeper, a complacent Ali-Shiham made a flaw when there were players better positioned in front of an empty net. In that case he should have given a pass to an unmarked Bimma, who could have found the target with ease since there was no obstruction. Nonetheless his open shot in the dying minutes unfortunately hit the edge of the left post. The only positive sign of Ali-Shiham was that he assisted for Dhagandey to score Valencia's second goal. But it was indeed an unlucky day for Valencia)


21st August 2002 Wednesday
Valencia                                       07
Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun   00
Scorers :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 3 goals), Ali-Umar (Ayya, 2 goals), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya) and Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 2:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
2nd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 25:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
3rd goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 26:00)
4th goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 38:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
5th goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
6th goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
7th goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) -> Assist :- Ismail Mahfooz (Imma)
(Club Valencia trounced Veymandoo, who had a 1-1 draw against IFC last Friday, with a 7-0 drubbing. This facile win was behind the Ali trio backed up by Captain Thoddoo. Ali-Umar opened the scoring from a Dhagandey pass. Huraa born prolific goal scorer Ali-Shiham made it 2-0 from an Ali-Umar pass. A minute later, Thoddoo's hurricane shot made it 3-0 and Ali-Umar got his second from a Dhagandey cross just before the break. The youngster Dhagandey got all three goals in the second half to claim his first hat-trick for Valencia. In an interview after the match, Veymandoo coach Anwar said, "They (Valencia) did not play that well to score all seven goals. The weather was awful and the first four goals were gifts." A buoyant Valencia manager contradicted and responded, "Today we came here to play good soccer and score as much as possible. We scored all seven goals because we were better and if the weather had been fine we could have scored even more goals.")


25th August 2002 Sunday
Valencia   04
Hurriyya   03
Scorers :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 2 goals), Ali-Umar (Ayya) and Assad Abdul Ghany
Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 20:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
2nd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 79:00) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
3rd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 82:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
4th goal :- Assad Abdul Ghany (91:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
(Club Valencia recorded a historic win over Hurriyya Sports Club in a pulsating contest. This was probably the most extra ordinary match in this year. Huraa broke the dead lock in the 15th minute but Ali-Umar responded after 5 minutes with a graceful goal from out side of the right foot. Huraa made it 1-2 just before the half time and doubled their lead against Valencia's shaky and frail defence to make it 1-3 in the 51st minute. The crowd then reckoned that Valencia was heading for its first Dhivehi League defeat in two years. Valencia pushed forward in numbers but there was no avail unless they brought Imma and pushed Assad forward a trifle to make a steady driving impetus. Valencia tried to make amends for the setback but fortune was against them as Ali-Shiham's strike was cleared off the line by a Huraa defender and Thoddoo's header denied the cross bar. The fruit for the hectic work was finally awarded in the 79th minute when Ali-Shiham scored his tenth goal against his own island from a Thoddoo pass to make it 2-3. As the match was heading for a Huraa victory, Valencia again pulled one back from Ali-Shiham in the 82nd minute to make it 3-3. Ali-Umar assisted for him but however, it was a fluke. In the dying minutes Huraa's Imad was sent-off for a second book able offence. Finally, the scenario veered when Assad headed past Huraa keeper in the 91st minute after an exquisite play by Dhagandey to seal a dramatic 4-3 victory in an intriguing thriller. A gleeful Valencia never stopped their onslaught as Dhagandey came closer in the dying seconds but his shot was drifted by inches. He could have given a pass to Ali-Shiham as he was better positioned in front of the goal. This was definitely a heroic win as Valencia was 1-3 down with 14 minutes left on the clock (including 3 extra minutes) but bounced back to score three late goals in a space of 12 minutes to end the high profile drama 4-3, which exuded their determination until the very final whistle. Captain Thoddoo and Ali-Umar had an impressive game today. A buoyant Valencia manager Shibaau reiterated about winning the League and said, "Yes, I knew that we'll win the match and I didn't let my hope down until the referee's very final whistle. The players displayed their true mettle with an utmost effort in the last 20 minutes or so and thus Huraa couldn't bandage our assault. Our players had been marvel. The league is on our side provided that we beat both New Radiant and IFC". Shibaau expressed his optimism than apprehension and said, "The race for the league title is very tight but I'll say Valencia will clinch the title with Dhivehi (Maldivian) players. We will win the Dhivehi league 2002 with Dhivehi players." After this fascinating win, Valencia looked well placed in the driving seat to defend the Dhivehi League. If they are to do so they have an up hill task as they have to display a nice fray against New Radiant and as well as IFC in the last two games)


29th August 2002 Thursday
Valencia           02 (1 Penalty)
New Radiant    01
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) and Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty)
Score summary
1st goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 27:00)
2nd goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, Penalty, 76:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
(Club Valencia beat New Radiant Sports Club 2-1 in a pulsating and vital contest and now they are on the brink of defending the title unbeaten in two years. This was a replica score when the two sides met last in the Dhivehi League Round 1 and this was New Radiant's third consecutive defeat at the hands of Valencia. Impressive Valencia captain Thoddoo Nizam unlocked the dead lock with a brilliant goal and just minutes before the break New Radiant pulled a controversial goal back and made it 1-1. Adam Fazeeh (Fadhikko) scored the goal but the player (Mausoom) who assisted for him was off-side. Linesman Hakeem did not raise his flag up but after Fadhikko had scored, Hakeem raised his flag and referee was about to award a goal kick, which was a right decision. Furious New Radiant players abruptly gathered at Hakeem and later a preposterous decision was made by him. Hakeem gave the goal back after just having ruled off-side. Hakeem was the linesman who dubiously ruled Thoddoo's glancing header against IFC in the 15th FA Cup Semi-Final clash. New Radiant looked the better side in the first half but Valencia controlled much possession in the second half. They missed several goal scoring opportunities, especially from the strikers. Valencia's assault could not endure for the New Radiant side as Ali-Shiham was brought down inside the box by Ludda and Ali-Umar scored from the spot kick to register a crucial win. Today's match probably produced the most number and best saves in this league. Zariyand and Habeeb made numerous flabbergasting saves to deny the strikers. Valencia could have scored more than three or four goals had the players played as a unit in the second half. Ali-Umar and Ali-Ashfaq made gaffes as they wanted to score to increase their tallies and not assisting for the players who were better positioned in the front of an empty net on numerous occasions. Valencia captain Thoddoo Nizam's display was astounding today. Anyway, Valencia passed one hurdle and if they are to defend the coveted and prestigious Dhivehi League trophy, they must beat IFC in the next game)


2nd September 2002 Monday
Valencia                                  03
Island Football Club (IFC)      01
Scorers :- Ali Umar (Ayya), Ali Shiham (Huraa Ayya) and Ali Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
(Club Valencia manager Abdulla Shibaau's, "We will win the Dhivehi league 2002 with Dhivehi players," came true as Club Valencia defended the lucrative Dhivehi League after pummeling Island Football Club (IFC) 3-1, courtesy of goals from irresistible and inevitable Ali trio in a glamorous contest. Hence, Valencia will again be participating in the newly structured Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League for the second consecutive time in 2003. Dhivehi League is the most valuable and the vast tournament in the Maldives. The glittering Ali-Umar, Ali-Shiham and Ali-Ashfaq scored exquisite goals that ravaged IFC's hostile back line to register their first win against IFC in seven (7) matches. Valencia's last win over IFC stretches back to 14th FA Cup Semi-Final in 2001. But, Valencia avenged the next six matches' setbacks in the most vital clash of all. Valencia had to beat IFC today; otherwise the trophy would have lifted by the visiting Victory Sports Club. Club Valencia, the only team that played without a foreign player, defended the Dhivehi League undefeated for two years and the record now reads as: 17 games, 13 wins, 4 draws, scoring 62 goals (6 penalties), conceding 22 goals (2 penalties) and Net as +40.

The much anticipated clash started at 16:00 (GMT: 11:00). Valencia played without their first choice left back Rameez due to suspension and their veteran Bimma was about to leave abroad for medication after he suffered a serious injury. But with all that misery, first real chance was created by Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) in the 6th minute. Valencia, which played with new kits, had enormous problems in the first 40 minutes. IFC's Lachchey was unlucky to see his header denied by the bar in the 8th minute. At minute 20, Oppu nearly broke the dead lock but Habeeb denied his shot tremendously. IFC could have been 1-0 up had Shamweel's powerful shot not denied by the right post in the 35th minute. In that period Valencia looked shaky at the back as usual. IFC gave a torrid time for the Valencia side and looked as if Valencia would not defend the title with the way they performed in the first 35-40 minutes and looked in jeopardy. But the tune was about to veer in the 38th minute when Ali-Shiham made connection with Dhagandey on a swift counter attack. Dhagandey's shot was brilliantly ceased by Maboo of IFC. At minute 39, Thoddoo's corner into the area was headed by Dhagandey; the ball that bounced up after hitting the ground was spectacularly scored by Ali-Umar to make it 1-0. This was Ali-Umar's first ever goal against IFC. He couldn't score at the previous seven (7) attempts. Valencia became Valencia after the first goal and at minute 40, Thoddoo's powerful strike was well saved by Maboo and Ali-Shiham's strike, which he received from Thoddoo after the rebound, too was sensationally saved by Maboo. IFC had ample possession in the first half until Valencia found the much awaited goal in the 39th minute. Valencia could only overpower IFC defence in the last 6 minutes. First half ended with Ali-Umar's only name on the score sheet.

Valencia got off to a flying start in the second half as Dhagandey nearly grasped a goal but he clouted a shot to the upright in the 49th minute. Lachchey's shot in the 55th minute went miles away from the goal. IFC came near to level the contest but Oppu's shot in the 58th minute was dramatically saved by Anwar off the goal line when the keeper Habeeb was completely beaten. Valencia players wreaked havoc and outraged IFC in the second half but were very unlucky not to score through several brilliantly created chances. In the 59th minute Thoddoo's powerful shot from a Huraa Ayya pass was well saved by Maboo. At minute 65, Assad found Thoddoo, whose shot was again denied by the IFC bench keeper Maboo. Three minutes later Maboo made a superb save, this time Ali-Umar was denied - Assad made the pass to him. Seconds later Huraa Ayya came near to make it 2-1, but his shot from an Ali-Umar pass was cleared off the goal line by Ismail Naseem (KD). IFC pulled a goal back in the 69th minute from Shamweel Gaasim from a Sunain pass that rescinded Ali-Umar's opener. TV then showed buoyant Victory players just after the equaliser. At minute 71, Assad made a pass to Thoddoo, whose shot was again denied by Maboo and the crowd was enjoying the sort of Maboo they've seen in the early 90's as he was revoking several vital attempts. Seconds later, at the other end, Maboo's opposite man Habeeb grabbed a lusty volley from E. Channa of Sri Lanka. In the 74th minute Thoddoo won the ball from Lachchey and released to an unmarked Huraa Ayya, who unleashed the hard obstacle in Maboo to put the ball into the back of the net without any gaffe. At minute 85, Dhagandey scored a thunderbolt left footer from an Assad pass to end the high profile game 3-1 in favour of Club Valencia. Second half ended with a total of three goals with Valencia only managed to bulge two goals and Maboo saving a hefty chances that prevented IFC getting beaten by a massive score line.

Valencia emulated last year's footsteps and sealed the coveted Dhivehi League title in style with robust triple "A" on target against the last two tournaments' (FA Cup and Male' League) winners IFC. Assad Abdul Ghany of Valencia was deservedly adjudged Man of the match for supplying numerous passes for the strikers. Victory Sports Club, Island Football Club (IFC) and New Radiant Sports Club had expatriates but Valencia, which had all local players, finished the League without a defeat (in Dhivehi League) in two years and that is indeed, a staggering record.

Dhivehi League is the most vital competition of all. The top teams from each atoll will play in the final round in Male'. From the final round, after splitting into groups, the best two teams will reach the final. (Thinadhoo Sports and Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun reached this time). Those two finalists will join with the Male' League's top (6) clubs to play in the Dhivehi League. Now, it is a league between the best clubs in the Maldives. The team that clinches the Dhivehi League will eventually be the top club in the Maldives and as a result, they are honoured to take part in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League the following year)

Score summary
1st goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 39:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey)
2nd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, 74:00) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
3rd goal :- Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 85:00) -> Assist :- Assad Abdul Ghany
3rd Dhivehi League Champions :- Club Valencia

Match summary

Maldives - Dhivehi League 3,   Round 2 - FINAL DAY Male' (Maldives) 
 16:00 September 2
 FT Club Valencia 3 - 1 Island Football Club
  half-time (1 - 0)  
 referee :  
  Ahmed Abeeru (Maldives)  
 match details :
 39' Ali Umar [1 - 0]  
 45'     Mohamed Jameel
 61' Ahmed Naseem    
 69'   [1 - 1] Shamweel Gaasim
 74' Ali Shiham [2 - 1]  
 85' Ali Ashfaq [3 - 1]  

Man of the match: Assad Abdul Ghany

 line-ups :
  Hussain Habeeb   Mohamed Rasheed (Maboo)
  Mohamed Nazim (Fanthoshi)   Ismail Naseem (KD)
  Abdulla Waheed   Ahmed Jazeel
  Anwar Abdul Ghany 73' Mohamed Jameel
77' Ali-Rasheed (Silachi Ayya)   Mohamed Ali
  Assad Abdul Ghany 54' Shaafiu
  Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)   Ahmed Sunain (Suney)
90' Ahmed Naseem (Ammadey)   Fareedh Mohamed
  Ali Umar (Ayya)   Shamweel Gaasim (Bondaa)
  Ali Ashfaq (Dhagandey) 78' Adam Abdul Latheef (Lachchey)
  Ali Shiham (Huraa Ayya)   Ibrahim Fazeel (Oppu)
 substitutions :
77' Hussain Shimaaz 54' E. Channa (Sri Lanka)
 90'  Naashid Abdulla 73' Hamdhaan Jaufar
    78' Ibrahim Mamnoon
3rd Dhivehi League 2002 Champions: Club Valencia


In the 3rd Dhivehi League Round 2, each team will play 5 games (face the opposition only once).

  Team  Played Won Lost Draw For Against GD POINTS
1  Victory Sports Club 5 4 0 1 16 4 +12 13

 Club Valencia

5 4 0 1 18 7 +11 13
3  Island Football Club (IFC) 5 2 2 1 6 6 0 7
4  Hurriyya Sports Club  5 1 3 1 11 16 -5 4
5  New Radiant Sports Club 5 0 3 2 5 9 -4 2
6  Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun 5 0 3 2 5 19 -14 2


The team with the maximum number of points (including Round 1 and Round 2) clinches the lucrative 3rd Dhivehi League title. Top 4 teams will qualify for the 52nd National Soccer Tournament and 16th President of Maldives Invitation Soccer (POMIS) Cup. Bottom 2 teams will be exited from the National Tournament and POMIS Cup.

  Team  Played Won Lost Draw For Against GD POINTS
1C * Club Valencia 12 9 0 3 46 18 +28 30
2 * Victory Sports Club 12 9 2 1 37 9 +28 28
3 * Island Football Club (IFC) 12 7 3 2 22 15 +7 23
4 * New Radiant Sports Club 12 3 6 3 18 17 +1 12
5 X Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun 12 3 7 2 13 39 -26 11
6 X Hurriyya Sports Club  12 2 6 4 25 33 -8 10

C = Clinched the 3rd Dhivehi League title

* = Qualified for the 52nd National Soccer Tournament and 16th President of Maldives Invitation Soccer (POMIS) Cup

X = Failed to play in the 52nd National Soccer Tournament and the POMIS Cup


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 FULL 3rd Dhivehi League 2002 scorecards (July 12 - September 2) EXCLUSIVE!!!

There is no way to see your FAV team's scores, scorers and etc other than hitting the above link!

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52nd National Soccer Tournament

Top 4 teams from the 3rd Dhivehi League Round 2 will participate in the 52nd National Soccer Tournament.

Rules: 3rd Dhivehi League's 1 and 2 will play - WINNER goes to the Final.
3rd Dhivehi League's 3 and 4 will play - LOOSER will be eliminated.
WINNER of 3 and 4 will play a play-off Semi-Final with the LOOSER of 1 and 2 for the second Final spot.


15th October 2002 Tuesday
Club Valencia               00
Victory Sports Club      05
(Dhivehi League champions Club Valencia was comprehensively outplayed by defending National Champions Victory by 5-0. This is believed to be the worst ever defeat for Valencia in the history of soccer. This defeat eventually ends Valencia's prolific unbeaten record. This was Valencia's first loss in 15 matches and this was the first match in 15 matches that they did not score. Valencia last lost to IFC 1-0 and then, they registered an unbeaten record of 14 matches. Between the defeat at the hands of IFC and Victory (today), they played a total of 14 matches. They boasts with a staggering record that bagged 10 wins, 4 draws with 51 goals and conceding 20 goals, including the AFC Champions League away match to Mohun Bagan. In this match, a total of three new bloods were setup in Valencia; they were Yousuf from Nigeria, Hassan Shiyaan, who came from STELCO R. C. and Mohamed Shafreen, who made a switch from Veymandoo Zuvaanunge Gulhun. Victory's 3 goals were scored by the Africans. A Nigerian player named Igwe Irona, who was loaned from the Singapore (S) League Champions Armed Force, scored twice while Kelta Boubacar of Guinea scored a fabulous goal. Valencia also had some very good 3-4 chances. Huraa Ayya couldn't score when he had to beat only the goalie in the first half. Dhagandey was unlucky to see his thunderbolt left strike denied by the cross bar and a penalty appeal was denied in the second half. There were two positive signs for Valencia today; Sobaah of Victory was red carded for slaughtering Dhagandey in the closing minutes and Valencia earned the coveted Dhivehi League shield after the match. Valencia manager Shibaau said, "We would be much happier had the shield given on the day that we beat IFC 3-1 in a match that we had to win. But, today, after a drubbing defeat and receiving the shield exists some mixed feelings, which is indeed not very good. They should have given us the trophy on the day that we won the Dhivehi League. The trophy has to be given on the day of gleeful. We wouldn't be that buoyant if the coveted, prestigious and lucrative trophy was to give few weeks after the day of elation." If Valencia is to advance to the final, they have to beat either New Radiant or IFC in the next play-off Semi Final. Valencia will miss their ever sparkling striker Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey) and the versatile defender Abdulla Waheed for the vital clash due to suspension. The next game might be the last game for Club Valencia in 2002 provided that they get beaten either to IFC or New Radiant)


16th October 2002 Wednesday
New Radiant Sports Club      01
Island Football Club (IFC)     03
Score summary
1st goal :- Mausoom Abdul Gafoor (Maasey, 47:00)
2nd goal :- Ediribandagey Channa (Sri Lanka, 64:00)
2nd goal :- Ediribandagey Channa (Sri Lanka, 87:00)
2nd goal :- Ediribandagey Channa (Sri Lanka, 91:00)


26th October 2002 Saturday
Club Valencia                            05 (1 Penalty)
Island Football Club (IFC)         02
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 2 goals), Ali-Umar (Ayya), Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, Penalty) and Assad Abdul Ghany
Score summary
1st goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 9:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
2nd goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 17:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
3rd goal :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya, Penalty, 34:00) -> Assist :- Ahmed Naseem (Ammadey)
4th goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 74:00) -> Assist :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo)
5th goal :- Assad Abdul Ghany (90:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
(Club Valencia registered the first win in three matches in a do-or-dye semi-final clash with IFC that confirmed its place in the 52nd National final with Victory. Valencia's last win also was against IFC by 3-1 on the final day of the 3rd Dhivehi League. Valencia's last two losses with 5-0 and 3-0 to Victory Sports Club and India's Mohun Bagan respectively, annihilates with this comprehensive and deserved win. Before the match, IFC manager Heena Saleem said, "We are confident of making it to the final, especially after the New Radiant game our fitness and form are at peak. We are optimistic." But, unlike the previous two games, Valencia strikers were irresistible today. Thoddoo Nizam opened the scoring from a Huraa Ayya pass. He doubled the lead with a one touch bullet-like strike that received from Huraa Ayya. IFC captain and veteran Lachchey scored a dazzling goal that made it 2-1 in the 20th minute and then Ali-Shiham scored from the spot kick to make it 3-1 when Ammadey was slaughtered inside the box by Naseem (KD). Huraa Ayya's penalty kick eventually broke his 24 goal record tally in 2001. Minutes later IFC's Jazeel was sent off for a foul on Huraa Ayya. This was IFC's third red card in five games this year against Valencia. IFC also had three red cards in four matches with Valencia in 2001. Thoddoo Nizam missed two glorious opportunities in the latter part of the first half. Imma also couldn't direct the ball into the target in the dying seconds of the first half when a brilliant pass was made to him by Thoddoo. IFC, who beat a 3rd division club Lazer by 20-0 on their first day in 2002 and a 3rd division club Oceans by 22-0 in the 2001 F.A Cup, played an astonishing second half, but could only score one goal by Sunain in the 70th minute. Four minutes later Ali-Umar scored an elegant goal on a counter attack, equalling to his 19-goal tally in 2001. Assad Abdul Ghany made it 5-2. This was the massive number of goals conceded by IFC in a single match since their inception. Next, is the final match and Valencia's first goal will be the 100th goal for Valencia in 2002. The final match will definitely make histories as Valencia will try not to let Victory clinch the National trophy for a record third consecutive time. New Radiant clinched back-to-back National trophies in 1990 and 1991 but were unable to take it in 1992. Valencia clinched back-to-back National trophies in 1993 and 1994 but were unable to take it in 1995. Valencia also clinched back-to-back National trophies in 1998 and 1999 but were unable to grab it in 2000. Victory was the only side to have claimed the National trophy in three successions back in 1983, 1984 and 1985 when Mauroof (Maattey) saved New Radiant's Kuda Moosa's penalty kick on 3rd of December, 1985. What would happen in the 2002 final?)


Club Valencia              02
Victory Sports Club     04
Scorers : Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo) and Ali-Umar (Ayya)
Score summary
1st goal :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 8:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Umar (Ayya)
2nd goal :- Ali-Umar (Ayya, 19:00) -> Assist :- Ali-Shiham (Huraa Ayya)
(Club Valencia lost to Victory Sports Club 2-4 in an historic final match that ensured Victory an unprecedented milestone of winning the National Cup in three successions for the second time. Valencia got off to a blistering start as their captain found the back of the net in the 8th minute from a very well executed cross by Ali Umar. Valencia's goal scoring machine Ali Shiham played as a left wing defender to cover Valencia captain Nizam's younger brother Shiyam (Dhona). Assad also played as a defender. Valencia looked far the better side in the early stages as Ali Umar managed to unlock Victory's defense in the 19th minute to make it 2-0 from an Ali Shiham cross. Prior to that Ali Umar skipped 5 defenders and gave to Ali Shiham, who crossed to Ali Umar for the second goal. In the 22nd minute, Thoddoo got the ball from Victory's keeper and gave the ball to Ali Umar, who fired right at the cross bar after getting past a Victory defender. Valencia was unlucky at that attempt that could have put them into a 3-0 healthy lead only to deny by the cross bar. At minute 42, Ali Umar was unlucky to see his hot saved by Imran from close range. Valencia looked much improvised till the 45th minute and then their only mistake let them down. Fanthoshi Nazim couldn't mark Nigeria's Igwe Irona in the extra time (47th min) that resulted with a goal to make it 2-1 and that was their only gaffe in the first half. Valencia lost its concentration in the latter part of the first half that dearly cost them with a goal. First half ended 2-1 in favour of Valencia.

Valencia made a dire start in the second half as Igwe Irona scored his second goal in the 2nd minute of the second half. Valencia keeper Habeeb got a hand to it even, but in the end it went in. In the 48th minute referee denied a penalty kick as Anil got a hand inside the box. Anil was cautioned in the 50th minute for hitting Ali Umar. Valencia conceded a 3rd goal in the 51st minute as Fauzy managed to score when he received a sublime pass from Igwe Irona. Irona was completely unmarked by Fanthoshi Nazim at the time he received the ball on a counter attack. In the 55th minute, Fanthoshi's header from a Thoddoo free kick was denied by the right post unfortunately. Fortunes were still against Valencia as Dhagandey, who was completely unmarked, hit wide in the rebound when the goal was at his mercy. Valencia pushed forward a trifle after they conceded the 3rd goal. In the 62nd minute Yousuf Mansoor of Nigeria should have scored from close range as he received a sublime pass from Ali Umar. Inspirational midfield dynamo Imma came on for Silachi in the 65th minute. Many were wondering why Imma, who was amazing in the match against IFC, didn't make the starting line up for a crucial match like this final. As the match progressed Valencia got more corners that put Victory under tremendous pressure. At minute 69, Ali Umar's header from a Thoddoo cross just cleared the post. At minute 77, Victory's one of Guinea players Kelta Baubacar, who was already booked, was sent off for thumping a ball out of the ground deliberately. In the 79th minute Ali Umar's header was just magnificently saved by Imran when the goal was wide open. Assad played as a midfielder in the closing minutes to add extra impetus. Victory scored its fourth goal from Sagno Raphael of Guinea in the 85th minute. He managed to score even when there were 5 Valencia defenders near him. In the 93rd minute Ali Shiham, who played a defensive game, managed to hit the target, but was once again denied by Imran who was at his peak in the second half. The match ended 4-2 to Victory after having being 2-0 down.

In this final, Ali Umar was mesmerizing through out the match as he showed a scintillating display with maneuvering skills. We have not seen the Dhagandey that we know in this final as he showed a lackluster performance today. Victory won because of their foreign players. They had two Guinea players and one Nigerian player. Victory's three of four goals were scored by the Africans)

Special interview with Valencia captain Mohamed Nizam

Valencia captain Nizam said that his team members did many (big) errors that he did not even think about they would do it (before the match). "After a healthy 2-0 lead over Victory, Valencia lost the final match 2-4, simply, because we were not cautious about their foreign players," said the player with 21 goals this season. He also said that the last goal (Victory's 4th goal) was a big blunder when the tall Guinea striker Sagno Raphael, who was left unmarked, scored when there were four Valencia defenders. The playmaker said, "We shouldn't let such a striker unmarked." Thoddoo said that Victory's three foreign players did the hectic work for them to win the National Cup for a record third consecutive time. "Two players from Guinea (Sagno Raphael and Kelta Boubacar) and Nigerian player (Igwe Irona) have sealed them the triumph," Nizam said. Both him and Victory coach Maattey agreed that the turning point (after a 2-0 lead) was Victory's first goal that scored in the extra time of the first half. "Victory's first goal by Nigerian Igwe Irona in the extra time was the turning point and that was indeed their luck," Nizam said." After that, the scenario continued horrendously, actually we shouldn't let Igwe Irona unmarked. I always used to tell our brittle defence line that you don't have to leave anyone unmarked, especially the foreign players, who could create chaos at any moment. But our team couldn't do it." Igwe Irona, who was loaned to Victory for only two matches from Singapore's League champion club Armed Force, was the playmaker for his side in Singapore. Valencia lost 5-0 to Victory earlier and, in the final when they had an early 2-0 lead, many would have thought that the score was about to veer in the final to other side, especially after a robust initiation by Valencia into the match. But due to the numerous gaffes made by Valencia defenders, Victory won the cup within matter of minutes into the second half. Asked if the players felt too complacent or swaggering after a 2-0 lead; "No, there were no vestiges of that, the players did not take the match lightly after an early 2-0 lead, we made too many preposterous mistakes and simply that was the reason why we lost to Victory in the final match." Valencia captain Thoddoo Nizam, who is a serious contender for the 'Maldivian Footballer of the year 2002', concluded.



Valencia Victory
Goals 2 (Mohamed Nizam and Ali Umar) 4 (Igwe Irona 2, Sagno Raphael and Ibrahim Fauzy)
Free kicks 21 17
Corners 6 6
Off sides 1 2
Attacks 6 4
Throws 27 28
Fouls 17 21
Yellow cards 1 (Anwar Abdul Ghany) 4 (Boubacar 2, Ismail Anil and Ibrahim Shiyam)
Red cards 0 1 (Kelta Boubacar)

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16th President of Maldives Invitation Soccer (POMIS) Cup

Top 4 teams from the 3rd Dhivehi League Round 2 and 2 foreign clubs will participate in the 16th POMIS Cup.


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Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League 2002

11th September 2002 Wednesday, 1st Leg ( Colombo, Sri Lanka )
SUGATHADESA STADIUM ( Local: 18:00, GMT: 12:00 )
Saunders (Sri Lanka) {00} Vs. Mohun Bagan (India)   {02}
Scorers :- Baichung Bhutia and George Ekeh (Nigeria)
Score summary
Baichung Bhutia (19:00)
George Ekeh (54:00)


22nd September 2002 Sunday, 2nd Leg ( Calcutta, India )
SALT LAKE STADIUM ( Local: 15:30, GMT: 09:00 )
Mohun Bagan (India)   {05} Vs. Saunders (Sri Lanka) {01}
Scorers :- Baichung Bhutia (2 goals), Jose Ramirez Barreto (Brazil), George Ekeh (Nigeria), Jayanta Sen and Sanjay Kumara
Score summary
Baichung Bhutia (17:00)              [ 1 : 0 ]
Baichung Bhutia (25:00)              [ 2 : 0 ]
Jose Ramirez Barreto (33:00)      [ 3 : 0 ]
George Ekeh (41:00)                   [ 4 : 0 ]
Sanjay Kumara (44:00)               [ 4 : 1 ]
Jayanta Sen (59:00)                     [ 5 : 1 ]
*Mohan Bagaan wins the aggregate score 7-1 and will meet Club Valencia (Maldives) in Round 2


Here is a report before the match by Football Association of Maldives (FAM)'s General Secretary Ibrahim Ismail:

The match commissioner of the Mohun Bagan vs. Saunders match, FAM's General Secretary Ibrahim Ismail said, "Valencia should be able to play better than Saunders, who got outclassed by Mohun Bagan 5-1 in the 2nd Leg Round 1 clash. If Valencia keeps an eye on Mohun Bagan's foreign players, then they have a real go." Ibrahim Ismail also revealed that Mohun Bagan's two Brazilian players, striker Jose Ramirez Barreto and defender Amory De Silver are both lethal players. He also said that the Nigerian player George Ekeh is also a key player for Mohun Bagan. "Foreign three players are excellent, especially Barreto is staggering," said Ibrahim Ismail. Barreto, who came from a famous second division team Kavasaaki Frontal of Japan, netted 16 goals for Mohun Bagan in this year's Indian National League. Nonetheless a flabbergasting ingredient is also added to the attacking department. Indian top player Baichung Bhutia, who won the AFC player of the month September, will definitely be a key member. "Bhutia is indeed excellent in scoring," added Ibrahim Ismail. Bhutia scored 4 goals in 3 games for India in the Asian Games against Bangladesh and Turkmenistan. Indian champion team is equipped with five Indian National team players, including Indian captain Bhutia, who had recently joined Bagan from England's Bureau club. He also said," I think around 80, 000 spectators will watch tomorrow's game and had the Indian cricket team not played in the ICC Champions Trophy 2002 Sri Lanka, the spectators would have been 85, 000 for the Mohun Bagan vs. Saunders match." Valencia has an awesome attack line comprising three "A" in Ali-Ashfaq, Ali-Umar and Ali-Shiham. They are capable of beating the Mohun Bagan defence. Ibrahim Ismail said," If would be very nice to see Valencia reducing the deficit or at least getting a draw, so, they can play a much more glamorous tie in the return leg in Male', in front of our people."


9th October 2002 Wednesday, 1st Leg ( Calcutta, India )
SALT LAKE STADIUM ( Local: 15:30, GMT: 09:00 )
Mohun Bagan (India)   {02}


Club Valencia (Maldives)   {02}
Scorers :- Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo), Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey), George Ekeh (Nigeria) and Sunil Chettri
Score summary
Sunil Chettri (33:00)                            [ 1 : 0 ]
George Ekeh (48:00)                           [ 2 : 0 ]
Mohamed Nizam (Thoddoo, 50:00)    [ 2 : 1 ]
Ali-Ashfaq (Dhagandey, 58:00)          [ 2 : 2 ]
(Club Valencia convincingly salvaged a crucial away point after a 2-2 draw with the Indian Champion team Mohun Bagan. Indian number one team had a 2-0 lead but couldn't win the game as they conceded 2 goals in a space of 8 minutes. Having Indian National team 4 players, a Nigerian player and 2 Brazilian players, Mohun Bagan had the edge in beating Valencia but with a 2-2 tie, Valencia has now completed a 14 match unbeaten record. They last lost to IFC 1-0 in the 3rd Male' League. Mohun Bagan scored in the 33rd minute by Sunil Chettri and increased the lead in the 48th minute by George Ekeh of Nigeria to make it 2-0. Valencia Captain Thoddoo Nizam's free kick reduced the deficit just 2 minutes later to make it 2-1. The home team never emulated their 1995 1st Leg win as Dhagandey leveled the contest to make it 2-2. That was indeed Dhagandey's 12th goal (the number on his shirt) for Valencia this year. In the 1995 Asian Club Championship (ACC), Mohun Bagan beat Valencia 2-1 in India. Valencia avenged with a 1-0 win in Male' and advanced to the second phase on away goals rule. Provided that Valencia came from 2-0 down to level the clash 2-2 will definitely leaves an scintillating tie in the return leg in Male' with a vociferous crowd)

Maldivian Daily newspaper "Haveeru" said that the Indian National team players, including Indian captain Baichung Bhutia and other three players couldn't inspire the crowd. Instead, Valencia captain Thoddoo Mohamed Nizam, Ali-Umar, Ali-Shiham, Assad Abdul Ghany and Fanthoshi Mohamed Nazim showed an astounding display. The crowd was less than expected; the Salt Lake giant Stadium's capacity is 120, 000 but there were a hefty number of vacant seats. Indian news papers put their anger directly to Bagan's coach Subrata Bhattacharya. One of the most veteran newspapers, "The Statement", said, "Advantage Valencia." The paper also heavily criticized the Bagan coach. It said the huge gaffe made by the coach was to let the Indian National 4 players play, after having just arrived to Calcutta on Wednesday's morning flight. "The coach let them play in the starting eleven without getting them a rest," the paper quoted. Many people thought that Bhutia would initiate after the break. But, a dull performance by him in the first half prompted him to be replaced after the break. That indeed gave a massive bolster for Club Valencia. "The Statement" also said that Mohun Bagan should not be beaten by an ordinary club in the region, especially at home. The paper also implicated that the Maldivian players are capable of displaying a glamorous show in their own country, Maldives. The best proof is that Maldives was comprehensively beaten by China 10-1 in a World Cup Asia Group-9 qualifier in China but Maldives veered at home to a paltry 1-0 defeat. That would indeed be a dilemma for the Bagan side. The paper also said that the Brazilian striker Jose Ramirez Barreto also couldn't inspire the crowd and all the Mohun Bagan players' fatigues were "ZERO" after the match.

From the AFC Champions League official site:

Maldives side Valencia also put themselves into a good position for a spot in the third round as they came from two goals down to force a 2-2 draw against India's Mohun Bagan in Calcutta.Sunil Chettri's first half goal and George Ekeh's strike five minute after the break had put the Indian side into a commanding position at the Salt Lake Stadium.However, Bagan's decision to field four players (including star striker Baichung Bhuttia) who have just returned from representing India at the Asian Games backfired as Valencia grabbed two goals in eight minutes through Mohammed Nizam and Ali Ashfaq to level the match. It sets up an intriguing return leg in Male on October 23 with Mohun Bagan likely needing an away victory to ensure their passage to the third round.The AFC Champions League, which was launched in August, replaces the Asian Club Championship, the Asian Cup Winners' Cup and the Asian Super Cup. The winning team will take home a first prize of US$500,000. Four qualifiers from East Asia and four from the West will join eight seeded teams in the group stage in March.


22nd October 2002 Tuesday, 2nd Leg ( Male', Maldives )
GALOLHU NATIONAL STADIUM ( Local: 15:50, GMT: 10:50 )
Club Valencia (Maldives)   {00} Vs. Mohun Bagan (India)   {03}
Scorers :- Baichung Bhutia, George Ekeh (Nigeria) and Jose Ramirez Barreto (Brazil)
Score summary
Baiching Bhutia (4:00)                 [ 0 : 1 ]
George Ekeh (35:00)                  [ 0 : 2 ]
Jose Ramirez Barreto( 47:00)      [ 0 : 3 ]
*Mohan Bagaan wins the aggregate score 5-2 and they have advanced to Round 3
(Club Valencia failed to score for the second consecutive time as they lost to Mohun Bagan 3-0 at home after the crowd expected something more out from the home team, especially after having earned an away point in Calcutta. This was Valencia's second straight loss. (5-0 to Victory earlier). Mohun Bagan's three glittering stars have sealed them the victory as Indian top player Baichung Bhutia, Nigeria's Ekeh and Brazilian Barreto were able to put the ball  into the back of the net. Valencia created only one real opportunity in the first half from Dhagandey, who was later substituted after a leg strain, in the 10th minute. Valencia coach made a big blunder as he let Assad play as a sweeper and Fanthoshi in the midfield position. However, he used the usual tactics as soon as they conceded the second goal and hence they were able to get back into their normal rhythm. Mohun Bagan was under tremendous pressure in the second half. Ali-Umar's stunning effort was denied by the cross bar in the 50th minute. Fanthoshi Nazim's superb header was spectacularly blocked by a defender near the left post and if not the ball would have gone inside brilliantly. Silachi Ayya did put the ball into the net in the 61st minute but just before that Yousuf made a foul on the keeper. Ali-Shiham's header from an Ali-Umar pass was well saved by Mohun's keeper. Ali-Umar tried a flying kick but he couldn't hit it precisely. In the dying minutes Ali-Umar made a pass to Ali-Shiham, who couldn't find the net as he was left alone only the keeper to beat. Minutes later Ali-Shiham's header went just wide of the left post. Valencia manager Shibaau said, "Today we have seen a game of two halves. Mohun Bagan played really well in the first half while we were the better side in the second half. We conceded an early goal in the second half but we really came back into the game and we created many goal scoring opportunities. We were not able to convert those opportunities into goals and that's why we lost with a massive score line.")

This is not a humiliation

Valencia manager Abdulla Shibaau said that losing 3-0 to Mohun Bagan is not a humiliation. "This is not a big score against s side like Mohun Bagan. They became a Philip professional team in 1998. The way that we performed today was a positive sign of the standard of the Maldivian soccer, only the score line was wider," Shibaau said. The big advantage that they got was their initiation was better. He said, "In India also we played like this, but today we just couldn't take our chances into goals." He also said that the game plan did not work when Fanthoshi played in the midfield position.

Mohun Bagan praised for Valencia's second half display

Mohun Bagan coach Subrata Bhattacharya said that Valencia played really well and were extremely lethal even though they lost 3-0. Bhattacharya said, "They played very well than we all thought. They created lot of problems for our team. Their players are brilliant but I am very glad with the team for winning the first ever match in the Galolhu National Stadium."

From the AFC Champions League official site:

Indian giants Mohun Bagan fulfilled their aim of reaching the final qualifying round of the AFC Champions League by beating Valencia 3-0 in the Maldives to go through 5-2 on aggregate. The three-time National Football League champions are now likely to play Taejon Citizen in November for a place in the lucrative group stage. The Korean FA Cup winners beat Monte Carlo 5-1 in their first-leg clash in Macau earlier this month. Mohun's clash with Valencia was delicately poised after the Maldivian side clawed their way back from two goals down in Calcutta to earn a 2-2 draw. However, the Indian side's class and determination was apparent from the opening whistle as two goals in the first half quietened the 8,000 home fans in the National Stadium hoping for a famous victory. India captain Baichung Bhutia scored the opener in the fourth minute, turning past a defender before firing home, and George Ekeh scored 10 minutes before half-time following a neat passing move. Mohun's speed and movement had proved too much for Valencia in the first half, and they looked to have sealed the game two minutes into the second period when Brazilian striker Jose Ramirez Barreto made it 3-0. However, Valencia fought hard to rescue the match, and went on to create several clear scoring opportunities, but Maldives international strikers Ali Shiham and Ali Umar were both guilty of spurning opportunities. "We're disappointed with the result, but it was actually a game of two halves. Mohun were good in the first half, while we were the better team in the second. However, we couldn't take our chances - we created plenty but we couldn't convert," said Valencia Team Manager Shibau. "Some say the first leg was a surprise result, but we were expecting it. We were more surprised at this result! Overall, though, I'm happy with the team."


2002 Season Summary



Cup Winners' Cup Runner-Up: Lost to Victory in the final 4-3 after a spectacular performance in the first half. Referee did not award a clear penalty for Valencia in the first half. Valencia was just unlucky on that day. Aslam's 2 huge errors gifted 2 goals for Victory.
FA Cup 3rd team: 2 linesmen put Valencia out of the FA Cup. In the Valencia vs. IFC semi final, Thoddoo's spectacular header was denied by Hakeem and Ummeedhu ruled Ali Shiham's goal in the second half.
Male' League 3rd team: They lost to IFC 1-0 in a match that they had to win. IFC played an ultra-defensive 90-minute game.
Dhivehi League Champion: Valencia clinched the most important competition of all, the Maldivian (Dhivehi) League. As a result, they will be participating in the 2003 AFC Champions League.
National Tournament Runner-Up: Lost 2-4 after being 2-0 ahead to Victory in the final match. It was just an unlucky day as they couldn't convert the open chances into goals. Victory's 3 goals were scored by the Africans. Victory's African 3 players, who were far better that Maldivians, were the main difference between Valencia and Victory. Thoddoo and Maattey said, "Fanthoshi's only mistake in the 1st half that led Victory's 1st goal in the Extra Time, was the turning point."
POMIS Cup Tournament was cancelled.
AFC Champions League An already 2nd round qualified Valencia drew to Mohun Bagan 2-2 in India, but were beaten 0-3 in Maldives after a dazzling second half show.