I got lucky for once
Posted on 8.04.03 10:09am

-//hmm i havent updated in a while cause im not suppose to be on the comp but i got on for a lil to update this shit i talked bout it with sum ppl and ill prolly getta stay home and not have to leave but yea its been really boring round here but nitzas suppose to come hang out with me sumtime she was gonna last nite but had no ride home =( oh well not too much to say really ill do more in this shit later so peace.

Thoughts: What shall i do today
Mood: Tired
Listening: DC101
Random Lyric: Drove the children from their chores Handcuffes housewives into whores ~Marilyn Manson
Talking to: Nitza

king of fuckups once again
Posted on 7.26.03 10:43pm

-//i got one thing to say and thats FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKyep once again im king of fuckups a title i didnt want back up well um today i got in a shit load of trouble cause i had ppl over which isnt very coshier with sum of my rules maybe ill get lucky and this will all blow over=\ i shure hope so but ima prolly leaving to go back to a certain place i cant stand and what really pisses me off is i really liked this one chik and i was plannin on askin her out which i like try not to do now adays and i prolly fucked up everythin i coulda had with her for a while at least and i aint even getta say goodbye =( i mean if my sis was just a few minutes later i woulda been fine and all this wouldnt be goin on god i feel like shit and like such an asshole for reason i dont wanna get into GOD im such a fuck up GFDGSDF damnit well if this site dont get updated for a while theres a reason why but ill be back eventually and i will update this if i can even find my way back to it.
Thoughts: how many times can i fuck up before i learn?? and im thinkin about ashley
Mood: pissed off
Listening: 99.1
Random Lyric: not in the mood
Talking to: mimi rinny and anna

Posted on 7.26.03 3:20am

-//yea this is gonna be a short entry cause i am just gonna say if anyone has anything that they feel should be put in my memories page lemme know and i shall add it .

Thought: what time my sister is leaving tomorow
Mood: who knows
Listening: 99.1
Random Lyric: im madly in anger with you ~metallica
Talking to: samir

randomness and thoughts
Posted on 7.25.03 10:44pm

-//ok i have shit on most of my pages. if i dont got your opinion bout me for my "about me" page IM me and give it to me and ill add it in. if i forgot you in my shout outs lemme know and ill fix it. i got off the fone a lil while ago i dont know why but im not a big fone person. especially when im like awake cause i always think too much bout what im sayin. thats why i like AIM cause if i say wrong thing i can be like lol just kiddin cause they cant hear the seriousness in my voice. also i dont like bein on fone when theres ppl around cause i just think there judging everything im sayin. i dont know im just babbling. idk i just really need to get outta my house before i go crazy. ive been in here like almost a month without steppin outside. not shure how much more i can take before i finally snap. yea anyways i really wanna try and go to ozzfest this year. the lineup sounds really good and i wanna go cause last years show sucked or so i think. Rob Zombie was good last year. so was Ozzy but thats about it. in my opinion at least.only 2 good ones outta the shows i saw but im just rambling on now so i guess ill be back later. goin to the only place i can really thinka bout anything important and it also get me clean at the same time. so peace shower time.i took the time to make my periods red just like all yalls chiks are.

Thought: i wonder if she'll call me tonite
Mood: wierd and outta it and confused
Listening: the 12 oz hieniken keg can commercial (spelling??)
Random Lyric: in your arms i long to be ~ audioslave
Talking to: lauren aka mimi

got most of the links up
Posted on 7.25.03 3:06pm

-//ok i finally got most of the links up most of the pages are blank as of now but i have "about me" started ill finish it as i get shit to put in there

Thought: i need to finish this
Mood: bored and amused as only i can be
Listening: DC101
Random Lyric: because im fucked up ~staind i think im listenin to radio so not shure
Talking to: lauren aka mimi

just rolled outta bed
Posted on 7.25.03 12:31pm

-//i just rolled outta bed like no one is on so i thought i would update this. hmm not really to much to say so i dont see why i decided to update this but oh well i needed sumthen to pass sum time. hmm not much goin on with me cause i havent gotten outta the house much for obvious reasons if you dont know em you dont need to .. ima try and get a few of the links workin by tomorow i thinka ima go get sum applejuice and tator tots so peace

Thought: Blank
Mood: tired and shitty
Listening: Dave Matthews Band
Daily Lyric: I'm wide awake the more I sleep you'll understand when I'm dead ~Marilyn Manson
Talking to: Audra Chad Samir

Subject: first entry beeehotch
Posted on 7.25.03 3:03 am

-//hey this is my new site samir helped me set up it. coo aint it. hmm not much to say right now really ive been talkin to ashley W and nitza alot lately but yea anyways ima finish this shit up cause its 3 in the morning and i got a headache and only headache shit i can find will put me to sleep so yea ill work on this shit tomorow so peace bitches

Thought: wish my head would stop hurtin
Mood: tired and bored
Listening: radio: DC101
Daily Lyric: i wish that i could disappear unzip my skin and leave it here ~ staind

Subject here
Posted on 7.24.03

-//Your entry shit goes here

Thought: Shit
Mood: Shit
Listening: Jack Shit
Daily Lyric: You Pieca Shit

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