ok im too lazy to describe myself so ima have my friends opinions of me on here

Mimi: humm cammy...=hotness times a million plus one and funny as shit and fun to chill w/ and loves lauren and carla more than his hotness amount..and......humm

Jen: umm your hott annnd =) idk..umm yeah!

Nitza aka zaza: cameron is a fun sexybeast that has a loveship with me

Samir: one word.... pimp

Eekie: funny, crazy, horny, lonely, listens well, my online buddy, keeps meh entertained

Chad: horny gothic wigger

Audra: cammy = cute, funny, sweet, caring, social, fun, good kisser, entertaining.. etc

Anna: interesting and cute

Ashley M: silly goose like hoodlum

ber aka amber: hhmmm Cameron...hott..and um..the horniest little shit i know =) haha gotta love him

Jeremy:i think ur a crazy ass dude....that could give less of a shit about the world...and its cool

ill add more as i get them from my friends if your readin this and know me and i aint ask you yet give it to me cause i prolly forgot