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Site Launched: October 2, 2003

I want to share my dating thrills & spills with my adoring fans!
I hope you enjoy some of them more than I did. Debbie Does Dating
is all here. If you enjoy, please put a buck or two in my purse,
because Debbie has all Done Out!

I will update these figures daily.
$75000.00 = Debt I have wiggled myself into
$00000.00 = Help received from readers
$75000.00 = Debt still owed

Put a buck or two in my purse below:

And On With Debbie Does Dating

I plan to add 2 or more escapades each week that I get at least ONE DONATION, so scroll down each visit. Oldest is at top so readers can get background and comparisons to dates previously listed.

The one with the logger:
No Deb isn't looney and hard of hearing, but this guy was such a smoothe talker on the phone that I didn't hear what he was saying! So anyhows, I got all dollied up to date this big city lawyer. He was taking me on the town. A lawyer!! Mrs. Lawyer was dancing in my head. I looked very sophisticated with a hint of sexy. Well...a couple of hints of sexy. When he arrived I made him wait a few seconds before I let him in. Let him think I date lawyers all the time. What's the rush? Let me tell YOU!!! He looked real redneck rough. I wouldn't want this look in court for my worst enemy. What was going on? I cracked a tiny smile and shook his hand. He told me I looked stunning. Why of course. He asked how about him. I coughed and went for a tissue. We got in his loud truck and I could not believe it actually got us to our destination. We listened to music that I wouldn't want my hunting dogs to suffer thru. He took me to a high dollar restaurant and entering we bumped into another lawyer in my town. They were on first name terms so I thought, maybe there is something to this fellow. Then light started to shine. He mumbled about no cheeseburgers on the menu and didn't know what prime rib was. He says he was used to eating a stack of ribs, not just one. I wanted to laugh, but I managed to help him thru the menu. Conversation was not much. If he winks one more time, I might have to excuse myself a minute. I figured we'd talk about his law firm. Here's where my ears must have went bad on the phone that night. He was a LOGGER, not a LAWYER!!!! I asked him how he knew the lawyer we bumped into. He said the man defends him when he gets pulled for drinking. Here I was in a pickle again. Well the food came, so I ate silently as I listened to him smack. And belch. I figured I'd roll over and hit the alarm button anytime, but it wasn't a nightmare. Well atleast I didn't know anyone here. He didn't trust the waiter with his money to pay our bill. Couldn't pound the concept that this was correct, in his logger head. Now I was very glad I knew no one. The ride home was silent except for him trying to howl with the hound dog music. I shook his hand goodnight. He dove in for the kiss, but I told him Deb doesn't first dates. Yeah right! He said he'd call me when he got home. I told him that it was enjoyable, but we just didn't hit it off. He looked so sad walking to his smoking truck, but Deb was glad! Oh well...from lawyer to logger...who would think.

The one with the Firestone fella:
Now Deb's not a gold digger (not always), but when he mentioned Firestone on the phone and that he'd been there twenty years, then well...Deb can always go shopping. This was an older gentleman, and his looks were more than great. The conversation in the car was fantastic til he laughed. O.K. maybe something else could explain that sound. Maybe it was from under the hood. Then it happened again and I was shaking my curly head in disbelief. This man makes that sound when he laughs! Hasn't anyone on earth ever scolded him for this? Did his mama love him? No taunts in school? I needed help here. He didn't think he sounded the least bit strange at all. Well, Deb wasn't going to burst his bubble now. Just get me thru tonight. We went to a family owned local restaurant. I figured I had the perfect plan to make sure this was our first and last date. I was going to do everything in my power to make him not want to date me again. We ordered ice tea. It was too sweet as it was, but I piled the sugar packets in mine and tried to convince him to do his. Dang it all, he did. Now Deb just loves beef liver and onions, but don't order it on first dates because some don't enjoy watching others eat it or the smell. I ordered it and he handed the waitress our menus and said he'd have the same! A girl after his heart. Now I put some Michael Jackson on the juke box. Figured it would be too hip for this old guy. Well guess what? He loved it and said we could go to the disco Saturday night. I needed help here! And of all things I see someone I know. The father of a guy I dated a few times. Yes...Deb does date more than once sometimes. This man had once told me to stay away from his son, that I was too old for him. My, I bet he thinks I'm special and took his advice. I'm here with someone HIS own age. Wonder what went thru his mind. He didn't mind in the least staring. Back to my date, I tried not to say anything funny at all, but I guess he just laughs when he's happy. He joked with the waitress and out came that sound. Only louder. You should have seen her expression. And the table next to us just roared. Well, I got thru dinner and convinced him for us not to see the comedy at the movie house. I picked a sad movie instead. Well, Deb got thru this date and he won't be calling again. I told him I was going back to my ex-husband. What ex??? Hehehehe

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