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Having a Plant Rep. at your customers location shows your commitment to your customer. Your plant rep. knows the people and systems and can help cut through the red tape and save valuable time. 

The cost of  having a rep. there is small compared to the cost of sending someone from your own company. You can easily spend $1000-$1500 a week on expenses alone. Our rep. is close by and is available virtually 24 hours a day.

QSSI prefers long term contracts. This guarantees that we have a stable cash flow and that you will have our undivided attention when you need our help. Long term contracts can be based on hours per Week/Month/Year. Rates may be negotiable depending on total planned hours. A Long term contract is basically an "insurance policy" that will keep you covered in the event of a Quality Emergency.

Short term contracts are fine, and are what many of our customers prefer. We invoice short term work on a per man hour basis from $20-$40 USD per hour depending on the type of work required.

Sorting is invoiced at $25 per man hour. Rework cost is determined based on what is required, tools, skills, etc. rework costs will be invoiced on a per man hour basis and the hourly rate will be determined and approved by you before any rework has begun.

Why Toluca? There are approximately 122,000 manufacturing locations in Toluca Mexico. QSSI strives for one thing, Quality service for our customers. By keeping our people in one area we can better serve you. Many companies such as ours have people spread all over the country. We specialize in the Toluca/Mexico City area and you can depend on us being there when the need arises.

When you send someone from your location there is something not getting done at your company. Of course any time you do need to send someone from your company, your QSSI Rep. will be there to pick them up at the airport, help with translation, hotels, and other things that will make their trip safe and productive.

Launch support at an automotive plant is invaluable. From Prototype / Pilot builds through production launch, if you have a rep. on site you are able to keep someone with the "history" of the program and product on top of any developing issues or concerns. When the inevitable problem pops up there is someone right there ready to handle whatever needs to be done.

QSSI can take care of almost anything your Quality people can do. Your Quality staff should be helping to solve problems in your plant. There are times when your customer will demand that you send someone from your company, but most issues can be handled by your QSSI Rep. Good communication is the key to a satisfied customer.

QSSI will complete a detailed account of all work performed and the hours required to complete the project. Data collection requests will be completed quickly and accurately with results in your email overnight or even sooner if required. Short term, or long term, you will always be able to take comfort in the fact that you are getting top quality service, and the most value for your dollar anywhere in the business.

Call us today for quotes on Long Term representation. Start seeing the benefits from your commitment in the form of return orders and new business. Customer satisfaction is our goal and should be your goal as well. 

Together we can make your company shine!

Last Updated: December 3rd, 2002