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Hannah REBECCA HALL b.6 Jan 1905 and died 13 April 1998 married (1) TALMADGE E. FREEMAN images/rebecca2.jpg

Rebecca and Talmadge had 5 children:

I. Warren Freeman born 15 Nov. 1926 and died 22 May 1976 buried at Union Cemetery married Eula Phillips born 31 Dec. 1922 on 31 March 1945. Eula was born 31 Dec. 1922 dau. of Walter. Their children are Brenda, Linda, David ,
Steve, Wayne, and Donnie.


Joyce "Brenda" Freeman born Oct. 7, 1945. Married June 11, 1966 Ronald Eugene Oakley.
Ronald Eugene Oakley Jr., born April 1, 1968
Brenna, born Mar. 8, 1973
Aaron Freeman Oakley born Aug. 10, 1975

Linda Gail Freeman born Feb. 28, 1949. Married on 24 Aug. 1968 to (1) Terry Cureton.
Jennifer, born Nov. 10, 1970 and has one son: Kaleb.
Terry, Jr., born Feb. 4, 1971
Linda married (2) Freddy Early
Mitchell Warren, born May 6, 1988

Rex "David" Freeman, born Sept. 21, 1950. Married on April 3, 1977 to Donna Jane Smelcer, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smelcer
Julie Marie, born Sept. 25, 1984.

Steve, born Nov. 29, 1951, died May 7, 2001. Married on Aug. 24, 1974 Marylyn "Kay" Freeman.
Stevie, born Feb. 16, 1978.

Wayne, b. Jan. 30, 1953. Married on July 18, 1976 to Anne Stephens.
Children: Leigh Anne, born June 25, 1985

Donald Corey Freeman, b. Mar. 7, 1959. Married on July 18, 1984 (1) Sherry Wheeler.
Donald Corey Freeman married (2) Dianna Nadine Lawson dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lawson and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Lawson and Mrs. Ellen Henery Carmon and William A. Henery. They were married 21 August ?.

II. Paul Freeman born 9 May 1928 living married Imogene Nease on 12 July 1947. Imogene was born 8 July 1927. Imogene is the daughter of Leo Nease.

They have one child:

Karen Regenia "Regina" b. 7 Feb. 1949. Regina married on 26 Nov. ca. 1971 to Charles Mason, son of J.L. Mason (son of Princy) and Christine Ramsey Mason (dau. of Garfield and Eula Ramsey). Regina and Charles have one son: Charles "Chuck" Mason Jr. born Mar. 1, 1977.
Chuck has one son: Jackson Freeman

III. Roger Freeman was born 8 Oct. 1935 (twin) and died 27 Dec. 2000 married Joyce Lucille "Mickie" Smith on 14 Feb. 1956. Joyce was born 8 June 1935. Roger is buried at Union Cemetery.
Their children are Victor Jay, Roger Wendell, and Eric Scott.

Victor "Jay" Freeman born Aug. 30, 1956 has never married.

Roger "Wendell" born Oct. 30, 1957. Married on May 9, 1984 Melinda Hall.
Jeremy John born March 26, 1985
Christopher born ?

Eric Scott, born Aug. 10, 1959. Married on Sept. 20, 1981 (1) Rhonda Click Fox.
Justin, born Sept. 15, 1982.
(2) Melissa ? born ? married on ?
child: Megan
(3) Stacy Gregg born ? married on ?
step-children: Dusten and Chase

IV. Rolan E. Freeman was born the twin of Roger 8 Oct. 1935. Rolan married in 1955 Betty Jean Lewis born Oct. 29, 1935. They have one son: Everette Lewis.

Everette Lewis born 3 Jan. 1958 married on 1 Sept. 1979 to Tamara Dawn Thomas, and their children are Jordan and Caitlin Elizabeth b. 9 Aug. 1992.

V. Dan Freeman born Sept.4 1940 married Dorothy McMillan born 14 Oct. 1940 and their two children are: Dawn Michelle born Aug. 11, 1963. Married June 12, 1986 Bruce Campbell
Bret Daniel born Nov. 20, 1964 married (1) Alysson ? and they have one child: "Kyle" Bradford, born April 6, 1992. (2) ?

Rebecca married secondly on 31 Aug. 1948 Allen Turner Glenn Jr born Nov. 26, 1907; died Sept. 14, 1954, and had one child,(Photo) Iris Dale.

VI. Iris Dale Glenn born 12 Dec. 1949 died April 31, 2003 married (1) Jimmy Fox
  Children: Alan Dorsey born Aug. 5, 1971 and Melissa "Missy" Dale born Dec. 11, 1968.
Missy married Jeff Bloomer - Child: Savannah born 31 May 1996.
Iris Dale married on 26 Aug. 1991 to (2) David Wood born 12 Dec. 1959. Iris Dale has one step-son: David III, and one step grand-daughter: Alexis.

My Funeral
April 4 1977--Mother
I wish Ransom to speak, and my friends, nieces, nephews and cousins to sing. Olin and Bea can select those to sing. Rachel knows the songs. Olin lead, and Bea play the piano. Don`t weep, be joyful, laugh, because I`ll be resting and my spirit free. Sing these songs: (Oh it will be glory bye and bye and Happy Reunion Day) I haven`t written with one hand in two years, I prayed to God to restore my ability to write this. Here I am writing with two hands. R.F.G.

The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking. He rescues those who are humbly sorry for their sins-----psalm 34:18

In Gods economy, you must go down into the valley of grief before you can scale the heights of spiritual glory. You must become tired and weary of living alone, before you seek and find the fellowship ot Christ.

You must come to the end of self before you really begin to live. The mourning of inadequacy is a weeping that catches the attention of God. The Bible says the Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart, and saveth such as be a contrite spirit. "The happiest day of my life was when I realized that my own ability, my own goodness and my own morality was insufficient in the sight of God, and I openly acknowledged my need of Christ. I am not exagerating when I say that my mourning was turned to joy, and my sighing into singing. I thank God for the pain, sorrow and tears. I have been drawn closer to my God and comforter." One of my daily bible readings. The words apply to my self. R. Freeman Glenn~~Mom ****Footnote: This was found 4 years after her death in some of her memoirs.********

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