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At K-Rod, we believe that passing the joy of fishing to the next generation can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of a lifetime.  But, smaller hands need smaller rods.

To solve this dilemma, we have created a smaller rod designed to look like an adult rod, yet increase the excitement of catching fish for the youngster.  We start with a special, slow action blank that will bend even when bluegill and crappie strike.  Grips are of durable foam and guides are stainless steel, designed to better handle the incidental bangs and bumps the rods receive at the hands of children.  A small graphite casting handle is perfect for little hands. Finally, we often use bright thread colors, adding a flash to the rod.

OK, these rods do cost a little more than the short, kit specials you often see; and you do have to buy a reel to go with them.  On the plus side, these rods last longer and increase the fun for children.  They also look just like a big rod.  Furthermore, if you have more than one child, get rods with different thread colors and eliminate arguments over which rod belongs to which child.  (I'm a parent too.)

The approximate price (subject to availability and price of components) is $34.45 plus shipping & handling.

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