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So many fish, so little time.  We can taylor that rod for your special needs, no matter if you're fishing for crappie in a pond or pulling smallies from the deep.

Blanks:  We select only the finest graphite and fiberglass blanks on the market today.  Only companies like G-Loomis, St. Croix, Lamiglass, and a select number of Shakespeare blanks meet our standards for performance and sensitivity.

Grips:  We use a variety of material in designing grips for our customers.  Cork, foam, and hypolon are all available, and we can use other materials as well.

Reel Seats:  K-Rod proudly uses reel seats by AFTCO, Fuji, and Pacific Bay.  Or, choose sliding rings to save weight, or perhaps no reel seat at all.

Guides:  We use guides by Fuji and Pacific Bay, with ring material ranging from aluminum oxide variants to titanium carbide.  But, our highest recommendation goes to the new Fuji Concept guides, with either silicone carbide or alconite rings.  For boat rods, AFTCO roller guides are the standard of excellence.

St Croix SCII M2S70MLF2 blank with cork grips, Fuji Guides, and a twist buttwrap - appx. $140

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