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We're often asked at K-Rod why anyone would want to buy a custom made fishing rod.  To be honest, it can be expensive and time consuming, for both the customer and rodbuilder. 


The biggest difference is in the quality of the rod.  A company that mass-produces fishing rods needs to create the largest profit margin on each rod possible.  In order to do that, some shortcuts are necessary.  Blanks and guides are not tested on each blank to determine the optimum positioning (nor can they mate a particular reel and line combination to them); instead, an average spacing is determined despite the fact that no two rods (even within a production run) are exactly the same.  Each custom rod we build is both static (for stress distributation) and dynamically (for best casting performance) tested.

Some (not all) manufacturers also cut corners on components.  Smaller and fewer numbers of guides are often used on rods to save a few cents.  A two cent savings on each rod adds up over a production run.  Others use components that may look like their name-brand counterparts, but are of considerably less quality.  You always know what we're putting on your custom build rod, because we discuss it with you before building.  And at K-Rod, while we'll put anything on your rod you want (if we can get it), we will only recommend tried and tested components.

Furthermore, who can say the state of the rodcrafter at the factory at any given moment.  I dont mean to imply that they are not craftspersons, but everyone has a bad day or two at work.  At K-Rod, we never build on bad days.  The advantage to not working at a large company, is that our rodcrafters don't put in 40 hour weeks.  If something is taking our minds away from the rod that we are building, we set it aside and tend to the other problem.  This way, your rod is the only thing on our minds when it is made.

Designed for One Person

Unlike the factory rod, a custom rod is built to accomodate what you want.  The rod can be designed for a specific reel and line (we prefer to do it this way).  We can even shape grips to fit your hand (try getting a department store to do that).  Or, perhaps you'd like that grip to be inlaid with colored cork or even wood.  Finally, finishing touches such as thread colors and distinctive thread art let you identify your rod at a glance.

Orange on Black Spiral Buttwrap

Pride of Ownership

A custom fishing rod says many things about its owner.  It marks the person as an angler who takes his or her sport seriously.  It also says that one places quality and craftsmanship at the top of their list and appriciates the best.

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