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Living Room

Welcome to my living room.
The rocker/recliner is one of the pieces of furniture I brought with me. The entertainment center and T.V. are hand-me-downs from my oldest son. The CD player was on sale at WalMart for $89.00. Someday I hope to buy a VCR.
I paid $3.00 for the coffee table at an estate sale and refinished it.
My good friend Chrissy's ex, Monte, donated the lamps and end tables. I refinished the tables to match the coffee table.
There was no door on the bedroom when I moved here, so I hung one myself.
Rex, my lion friend, followed me home from WalMart one day.
I bought this sofa/recliner from a friend of my sister's for only $50.00. My daughter, Kristy, crocheted the afgan from her own design.
We used to own a wolf/husky mix named Kiya. When I found this picture at AC Liquidators I had to buy it!
I found the rocker in the basement and someday I plan to actually finish reuphostering it `-). I had to buy blinds for this room because my friend didn't have any the right size, but they only cost $35.00.
The page background is my valance fabric. I used the same fabric in different tones for my living room and dining room. I also made all of the throw pillows.


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