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Dining Room

The first few months I lived here this room was basically empty. I bought the chairs at a garage sale for $12.00. The chrome was rusted and tarnished and the seats were dirty and worn. The chair backs were woven rattan and quite beat up. I painted the chrome and recovered the seats and backs for a total cost of $30.00. I found the table at ShopKo. A major find for only $60.00, and it's solid wood.
The painting in the corner was a gift from an artist friend of mine.
I made this page background from drapery fabic.
This is "My corner". You can see why. I saved for ages to buy a new computer. I got mine from a local dealer who builds his own systems. I did quite well for only $520.00 plus a monitor for only $157.00. The printer cabinet is unique in that I built it myself for only $30.00.
I also made the drapes myself from my own design. I live almost next door to a discount fabric store. (Lucky me!)Total cost including the rod was only $42.00!
I love this wall. The desk was a Christmas gift from my daughter, Diana, in 1998. I paid $2.00 for the chair at an estate sale, painted and recovered it for $7.00.
The flag is from my dad's coffin.
The taller book case is one of the pieces of furniture I had when I moved here. I bought the smaller one at a garage sale for $4.00.
The mahogany cribbage board was a gift from some friends who bought an old log home last fall. The cribbage board was hanging outside. I cleaned it up, sanded it and put Danish oil on it. On the back is an inscription "1962".

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